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Incredible Time-Saving Tips

"If you value your time, signing up for ScreenCastsOnline is a no brainer. The number of time-saving 'tips per minute' is frankly incredible."

Michael Shulver

More Helpful Than Any Manual

"Much more helpful than trying to alternate between a book/manual and the keyboard/screen."

Bill Lucke

Save Time And Money

"It keeps me abreast of the latest tools - I've saved HOURS of time with the tips I've obtained."

Jonathan Sanchez-James

Get More Out Of Your Mac

"I switched from Windows so ScreenCastsOnline helps me get more out of my Mac."

Guenther Breitenstein

Can't Find Anywhere Else

"I can get great reviews and 'How-To's' on software that I cannot find anywhere else."

Dan Nelson

Become A Mac Power User

"ScreenCastsOnline is how I have become a Mac Power user, without spending my entire day doing trial and error."

Roper DeGarmo

Learn From Every Show

"I always learn something new and useful in every show - even for applications I have been using for months or even years!"

Don Stark

Great Tutorials

"I feel that technology changes at a rate faster than I can learn how to harness it, so your tutorials help a lot."

Christopher Smith

Get Up To Speed Fast

"Brings me up to speed with the latest and greatest apple software and saves me oodles of stress!"

David Saunders

Become An Expert

"I became a member years ago and now my family think I'm a Mac expert! Don, little do they know, it's all because of you."

Gerald Snodgrass

Go Back And Review

"I really have learned so much from the ScreenCasts videos. I like the way I can go back and re-listen and review as I learn."

Anne Davis

Apple TV App

"The Apple TV app is excellent and easy to navigate... a first class application to view your excellent screencasts."

Mike Collis

Valuable Resource

"ScreenCastsOnline is by far the best and most valuable Mac resource available on the internet."

Chris Burns

Archived Shows

"Really educational, I especially like being able to see archived shows to see if there is a show on something that I want to learn or use"

Chris Whittle

About Us

About the team behind ScreenCastsOnline

About ScreenCastsOnline

ScreenCastsOnline was formed in 2005 by Don McAllister, and is acknowledged as one of the most successful, and well respected online video tutorial services, delivering top quality video tutorials to the Mac and iOS community.

With over 791 video tutorials, ScreenCastsOnline has a large and comprehensive video library, covering a wide range of topics, from OSX, iLife, iWork, iTunes and many of the standard Apple applications, to the very best of third party software and utilities.


The fantastic tutors behind our tutorials.

Don McAllister


In March 2006, Don gave up his day job in Corporate IT and became a full time podcaster and introduced one of the first paid for premium subscription based podcast services.

As well as the weekly ScreenCastsOnline tutorials, Don is in high demand as a video tutorial creator for many of the top Mac and iOS software vendors including The Omni Group, Boinx Software, Smile Software, Cultured Code, 37 Signals and many more.

Not forgetting his podcast roots, Don is also a regular pundit on many Mac related podcasts including MacBreak Weekly, British Tech Mac and the Mac Roundtable. You can also find Don as a regular speaker at Macworld/iWorld, Blogworld & New Media Expo, as well as a regular tutor on the Mac Mania cruises.

Todd Olthoff

Guest Tutor

Todd Olthoff is Mac enthusiast who loves to share his passion for all things Apple by passing along what he has learned to others especially through screencasting. He started his own Youtube Channel in 2011 where he does weekly screencasts on various topics.

His specialty has become teaching others how to use OS X Server and his videos have been used by people all over the world to set up their own personal servers. He also posts his videos, blogs and shares his love of photography at his website

Todd has worked with MacStadium (a Mac Colocation Company) and has made appearances on Mac Power Users and is a regular contributor to ScreenCastsOnline.

Tim Stringer

Guest Tutor

Tim Stringer is a veteran of the technology industry, a professional coach and an experienced yoga and meditation teacher. He graduated with a degree in Engineering (1990) and has worked as a software engineer, development manager and project manager. Tim founded Technically Simple in 2003 and works with individuals and organizations to become productive while making more effective use of technology.

He developed the Holistic Productivity methodology, inspired by the profound lessons he learned when he came face-to-face with an aggressive form of cancer in 2008 and currently shares this approach through video-conferenced online courses and corporate courses. Tim also founded Learn OmniFocus based on years of experience supporting a worldwide client base who use this popular productivity app for Mac and iOS.

Allison Sheridan

Guest Tutor

Allison Sheridan is the host of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast - a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias - which has been running for 10 years with more than 500 episodes. Allison produces the NosillaCast weekly as an audio podcast and an extensive blog at, and she also broadcasts the creation of the show live on video.

You may also have seen or heard Allison on Tech News Today and MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT Network, the Daily Tech News Show, Let’s Talk Photography and Let’s Talk Apple, the Mac Roundtable, Mac Geek Gab, Cordkillers, the Pocket Show and Mac Show on the British Tech Network, the SMR Podcast, Tech’s Message, The Productive Woman Podcast, as a screencaster on ScreenCasts Online and as a columnist in SCO Magazine.

Mike Schmitz

Guest Tutor

Mike is an Apple fanboy, coffee snob, and productivity junkie who creates content for Asian Efficiency where he teaches people how to be more productive. He is also a contributing writer for The Sweet Setup, a site dedicated to reviewing and recommending the very best Mac and iOS apps.

He lives in NE Wisconsin with his wife and 4 crazy boys and is the author of Thou Shalt Hustle. He also co-hosts The Productivity Show and Bookworm podcasts.

Post Production Team

As well as the tutors, ScreenCastsOnline has a crack team of digital assistants who help edit, publish and distribute the tutorials

Nicola McAllister

Post Production Manager

Rob Workman

Magazine Compiler, Post Production & Helpdesk

Mark Kelly

Post Production & Helpdesk


The ScreenCastsOnline website and soon to be launched ScreenCastsOnline Members App has ben designed and developed by the marvellous chaps below...

Jamie Peak

Web Designer & Web Developer

Simon Wolf

Mobile App Developer (Otter Software)

Magazine Contributors

The ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine contains the previous month's worth of video tutorials plus articles, hints and tips plus reviews from our illustrious bunch of contributors.

Allison Sheridan


Wally Cherwinski


Wendy Cherwinski


Katie Floyd


David Sparks


Frank Petrie


Company Progress

Some of the main achievements/notable times for ScreenCastsOnline

Don McAllister Launched ScreencastsOnline as a hobby podcast

August 2005

Left full time job to re-launch ScreenCastsOnline with Memberships

March 2006

ScreenCastsOnline is one of the first to publish iPhone video tutorials

June 2007

iPad launch - Fully covered by ScreenCastsOnline on launch

April 2010

Brand new, state of the art website custom built for ScreenCastsOnline

February 2012

ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine launched in Newsstand

September 2012

300+ 5 star reviews for ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine

September 2013

Re-launch of ScreenCastsOnline Website with completely new design and enhanced functionally

November 2015

Mobile and Apple TV app Launched

January 2016