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iOS 8 – The Lull Before the Storm

I’ve been using iOS 8 as a beta user since it came out. Initially, very infrequently on test devices, but more recently on my main iPhone 5s and iPad mini.

I’ve been very happy with the beta and it’s been very stable with only the odd application crashing, but it’s been more stable than the iOS 7 betas ever were.

But I’m still not using it to it’s full potential, and when you first download it tomorrow, it’s possible you might feel a little disappointed.

Yes, some of the tweaks to the built in apps are nice – Mail swipe gestures, Mobile Safari on the iPad, the iOS 8 camera app, the new one handed UI for sending messages and lots more.

But the true game changing nature of iOS 8 won’t be immediately apparent, at least not just with the public release of iOS 8.

The real deal will be with the release of updated apps from the talented pool of iOS developers.

The majority of the work of the developer community has been hidden from view in all but a handful of cases. We’ve seen the 1Password preview, the TextExpander preview, the Transmit preview and now a faster way to save with Pocket 5.6 preview.

But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Tomorrow, the flood gates will open and we’ll see a torrent of updated apps with new functionality built on the updated core infrastructure of iOS 8, then we’ll see just how game  changing iOS 8 will be.

Of course, that’s not the end of the story.

On Friday, we’ll get the updated iPhones with bigger screens, increased storage and faster performance.

We may even see new updated iPads with, as of yet, unannounced functionality by the end of the year.

In October, we’ll also see the launch of OSX Yosemite, and that will introduce another wave of functionality with closer integration between Desktop and Mobile than has ever been seen before.

I can not wait to see what the app developers have done with iOS 8.

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