Macworld Expo is No More

Saddened to hear that Macworld Expo is in hiatus.

I suppose that really means it is finished for good, at least in its most recent format.

I’ve been a regular attendee and speaker at Macworld Expo since 2007, the year the iPhone was launched.

Yes, I was there at the famous iPhone launch, except I wasn’t.

As it was my first Macworld Expo, I was unfamiliar with the arrangements and bought a show floor pass. Little did I realise that this did not give me access to the keynote. Even worse, I discovered on arrival that the keynote was not even broadcast to all attendees.

So my first Macworld Expo keynote, the blooming iPhone unveil no less, was followed just as I would at home, via multiple live blogs on my laptop. The only difference was the venue was less than 100 yards away as I ended up in the Starbucks right next to the Moscone centre.

The famous live call Steve made on stage to order coffee for the audience was allegedly made to the same Starbucks I was actually sitting in, although I have to say, I never heard a phone ring. At least I did get to see the iPhone in its domed glass enclosures when the show floor opened.

I was fortunate to attend every Macworld Expo since and once knowing the ropes, I even got to see all the keynotes. I even didn’t have to queue up at some ungodly hour some years due to speakers privileges!

I’d be the first to admit that it was a body blow when Apple pulled out and Macworld did lose some of its sparkle. But despite all adversity, it bounced back with a vengeance and morphed into a different kind of event.

My main take away from Macworld has always been the people.

I’ve met my heroes, made lifelong friends and generally had a blast.

So long Macworld Expo and thanks for all the fish.

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