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Hints & Tips From Allison SCO Magazine

Doing the Dongle Dance

The tech press would have you believe that the new MacBook Pros are the first machines ever made that required dongles and the machines are a disaster as a result. I’ve got a slightly different perspective on that.

Hints & Tips From Allison SCO Magazine

Holiday Gift Guide – for YOU!

Every year there are a lot of holiday gift guides to help you buy for the geeks in your life, but I thought it might be fun to turn it around this year. How about if we make *your* holiday gift list? Your friends and family would be happy if you gave them guidance and maybe we can make sure Uncle Marvin doesn’t get you a Zip Drive because he heard that they were the new hotness.

Hints & Tips From Allison SCO Magazine

Create Helpful Tutorials with Clarify

If you’re reading SCO Magazine, you’re pretty good at this computer stuff. I’m betting that people ask you how to do things all the time on the iPhone and Mac. If you’re anything like me, you like helping them. But some people ask the same question over and over again, or a lot of people …