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My Own Reality – Don’s Apple Wish List

So it’s a new year and Apple will have been working in secret on a new road map for 2017. Every product Apple makes takes years of planning and development, not just in the product design, but also in formulating the manufacturing processes and delivery logistics. Rest assured, the Apple roadmap is already set and ready to roll. So what will 2017 bring?

My Own Reality SCO Magazine

My Own Reality

My new MacBook Pro 13” with Touch Bar arrived a few weeks ago, and as promised, I said I’d jot down some initial impressions.

My Own Reality SCO Magazine

Apple Event – October 2016

Apple finally got around to updating some of the Mac range, but the event left pretty much everyone with mixed feelings. I’ve had a couple of days to ponder just what was announced and what was omitted.

Let’s skip the Apple TV for now – we’ll return to that in the future.