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Readability is a new way of reading and collating your online material.

Whilst there is a lot of great content on the web, more often than not, the great content is surrounded by adverts, banners and all sorts of distractions that detract from the reading experience. Mobile Safari has "Reader" built in to remove the distractions, but Readability takes distraction free reading to the next level, as well as allowing you to collect and store your online reading material is a single reading list. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can even take it offline with you.

This week's iOS show focusses on using Readability via Mobile Safari, the new Readability iOS app, as well as exploring it's integration with other 3rd party iOS apps. If you'd like to know more about using Readability on Mac, check this week's Mac tutorial - Readability on Mac

I take you through the process of setting up a free Readability account using the new Readability iOS app and installing the Readability bookmarklets in Mobile Safari, then demonstrate some of the great features of this really useful service.

The full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Start
  • Introduction
  • Signing up for Readability on iOS
  • Installing Bookmarklets on iOS
  • Using Readability in Mobile Safari
  • Readability iOS App
  • Privacy Settings in Readability
  • Reading Articles in Readability App
  • Readability App on the iPhone
  • Twitter - Tweetbot Integration
  • RSS - Mr Reader Integration
  • RSS - Reeder Integration
  • Wrap Up


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