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This week is all about storage on your iOS device. With the advent of the new Retina Display on the new iPad, the issue of storage becomes critical for many people juggling Apps and Media on their iOS devices.

Apple have provided some useful tools and views to see just what is installed on your iOS device and how much space it is taking up.

This tutorial takes you through the different views, and demonstrates how to manage your storage.

I also take a look at iCloud backups and give you some background and guidance on how to optimise your usage.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Reviewing Local Storage Usage
  • Reviewing iCloud Storage & Backup
  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Buy More Storage


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David Dickey

One of the items the show was "silent" on is the "other" capacity usage. This can be seen when you look at capacity usage for your iOS device on iTunes. The web has several posting on folks having issues with how large that category can get, but no one seems to have a solution to manage it. Any suggestions?

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