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Tutorial Summary

Two applications in this week's tutorial, both from the same vendor.

The main focus of the tutorial is Drafts, a new application intended to remove the friction of entering short text notes on your iOS device.

Just fire up the app and you'll be presented with a new note - no creating or naming required. Once you've entered the text, you can send it to all sorts of places - Twitter, email, clipboard, etc.

Add in Markdown and TextExpander touch support, and it's earned a place in my doc.

I also take a look at Terminology, a great Dictionary/Thesaurus application with native integration with Drafts and other applications.

The main idea behind Drafts is that it's your go to application for creating quick text notes. You don't have to worry about what you intend to do with the text, just open the application and type away. You don't have to do anything with it, in fact, you can leave your note in Drafts and retrieve it later to edit or action.

If you do want to send it elsewhere, Drafts has built in Twitter integration courtesy of iOS5, the ability to send your note to your Twitter client or to send it as an email or to your clipboard. If you're a Markdown aficionado, you can use this great, lightweight markup language to format your plain text note, then preview in Markdown, send as a formatted email or copy to the clipboard in HTML.

With full TextExpander touch support, Drafts can become your all purpose text entry app on your iOS device.

The tutorial also covers Terminology, with native integration with Drafts and other applications, just select a word in Drafts and either lookup the word in Terminology, or lookup and replace with a new word. All with just a few taps.

Drafts is currently only available as an iPhone app, but works great in 2x mode, especially on the new iPad.

Terminology is available as separate iPhone and iPad apps

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Drafts Overview
  • Basic Usage
  • Terminology Overview
  • Drafts Integration


(2 comments posted)

Kerry Dawson

I have to be honest, I still don't get the purpose of this app. I've had it sitting on bpth my iPad and iPhone for ages as everyone was raging about it. I got it and went ummmm!!!! Even after I watched you're Tutorial twice I'm still missing something. I kind of tend to respond more to things etc as I do research rather than write something without context. As an example, I might write down quickly a phone # in Notestab Pro which will sync it across OSX and IOS but if its a valuable ref # I'm quick to move it into Devonthink where I'll leave it for reference or relate it to something or decide to permanently store it in Contacts. With Drafts I constantly think why wouldn't I just compose my thoughts in the prime environment as opposed to this jumping around and potentially loosing context or not even having context. I'll have to give it another go and see how I can fit it into my workflow but I have a tendency, at times, to make things overly complex - I don't know; I'll give it another go. The one other thing I do is I tend to avoid apps that don't run in OSX and IOS and this would be a first that sits inside of my workflow. If that doesn't matter, I'll buy the app but this Drafts would sit within my workflow. Ummmm??? :)


Don McAllister

It's probably not for everyone Kerry, although some new features added since I covered the app seem useful. I especially like the "Markdown to Evernote" feature. Create a plain text note using Markdown format and send it across to Evernote fully formatted!

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