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Continuing on from last week, I continue looking at using GoodReader.

Initially designed as a File Viewer and PDF annotation tool, GoodReader has matured into the "Swiss Army Knife" of file transfer applications.

In this second part, I take you through some of the more advanced file transfer capabilities of this amazing application.

GoodReader has built in support for many different file transfer protocols and as a result, can interface to many, many external services. In this episode, I take a look at searching for and connecting to local Macs using Bonjour and AFP as well as downloading web content via URLs or using the GoodReader browser. As far as external services are concerned, I demonstrate how you can access you DropBox account and set up Sync Folders.

One of the unexpected benefits of syncing HTML files to Goodreader, is that you can run them on the iPad itself, without an Internet connection. I put this, and the ability to create local links to GoodReader files, to good use by creating a local Safari bookmark to run the Cheaters webpages directly from Safari - a bit geeky but it kept me amused!

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Connecting To Local Macs
  • Web Transfers
  • Copying URLs
  • Using "ghttp"" Links
  • GoodReader Web Browser
  • Moving Files
  • File Transfer From External Systems
  • Creating & Using Sync Folders
  • GoodReader Links


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