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Tutorial Summary

Twitter is maturing into an indispensable messaging platform for many millions of people. The importance of Twitter has been recognised by Apple by its deep integration with iOS5.

Unfortunately, the official Twitter client leaves a lot to be desired, and the quest for the ultimate Twitter client continues unabated.

This week, I take a look at what may take the title of the ultimate Twitter client, and that's Tweetbot.

Tweetbot by Tapbots had a huge update just a month or so ago and introduced an iPad version of the app. This has met with great critical acclaim and has become widely adopted as the Twitter client of choice by many people.

Another big update in the last few weeks has further enhanced the application and I felt it was time to give it the ScreenCastsOnline treatment.

Features of special note include it's synchronisation between different iOS devices using iCloud. Keep you position in your timeline, even when switching between devices. It has full gesture support and new integration with Storify to make Twitter even more useful.

Even better is the ability to "mute" people, hashtags and even applications, if your timeline is starting to get a little too noisy, or polluted with unwanted tweets.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Installation & Setup
  • iCloud Sync
  • Timeline, Mentions & Messages
  • Using Gestures
  • Details and Conversation Views
  • Sharing a Conversation
  • Replying To Tweets
  • Creating A New Tweet
  • Creating A Direct Message
  • Muting People, Hashtags & Clients
  • Muting People
  • Muting Hashtags
  • Muting Clients


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