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If you're a fan of LaunchBar or Alfred on the Mac, you'll love this iOS application.

Launch Center Pro is both an application and task launcher. Install it in your iOS dock and get immediate access to all your favourite applications as well and your most commonly used tasks.

No need to hunt or search for an app, open it and then find the required function. With Launch Center Pro, you can configure these right in the application, all just a tap or a swipe away.

Launch Center Pro comes preconfigured with some common (and some not so common) applications launchers and tasks set up, and I take you through these default settings. The real power of the app becomes apparent when you configure it for your own personal needs.

The tutorial takes you through customising and configuring Launch Center Pro to turn it into your own personal productivity powerhouse.


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John Russell

I noticed 1Password to be one of the included apps in the list compatible with LCP. Anyone know whether that works smoothly? That would be a deal-maker or deal-breaker for me.

Brent Coyle

Thanks for the great app review-Love app launchers! I read how some of the apps are not supported in the url framework. Is there any way of guessing what might work or other work arounds? E.g. I'm a physician and would love to quickly launch Epocrates. Thanks.

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