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Together 3 for the Mac, and Together Mobile for iOS are apps that allow you to collect and organise all your stuff - together!

With a multitude of capture and organisational features, Together 3 acts as a repository for many different types of files and documents. With the App Store version, it allows you to store your Together 3 library in iCloud, allowing you to sync it across your Macs and also your iOS devices using Together Mobile.

In this episode, Allison Sheridan takes you through many of the complex features of Together 3, and illustrates how you can customise it for your own purposes.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Together for Mac
  • Together Layout
  • Import Files & Folders
  • Organize with Folders and Groups
  • More Import Options
  • Import Using the Shelf
  • Creating New Documents
  • Create Stationery
  • Linking Documents
  • Organizing With Metadata
  • View Options
  • Preferences
  • Together for iOS
  • Encrypting Items
  • Share Sheets

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(20 comments posted)

Gray Hodge

Together is interesting, and I would be curious to see what it does with my Evernote data. However, it seems that this is another app that tries to compete with Evernote, and IMHO, not even as well as OneNote does. (SCOI0159)
For me this app is unlikely to replace Evernote, it seems to be overly complex to learn and implement while also seeming a little limiting in it's ways to add and then search for data.


Allison Sheridan

If you really like Evernote, then I'm not sure Together will work for you. However, if Evernote just never quite feels right, like a shirt where the collar is too tight, then Together might be more to your liking. It is a little bit complex, but much of that is to add flexibility. Once you find the way you want to do it, drag and drop to the shelf vs. import button vs. bookmarklet for example, you're golden.

Norm Gregory

Could I delete the original files put in Together? Doesn't seem sensible to have two copies of everything on the disk.


vaseem salimi

The Podcast states you can choose to have copies of files madder leave them in their original locations. If you copy them over then you can delete the originals, but it would make more sense to set the action to move them over to Together instead, so you don't have two copies. Similarly, if you want to delete the files from Together then you can do this too.


Allison Sheridan

One of the preferences allows you to move the documents into Together's folder structure so there isn't a copy, AND there's a toggle to leave an alias in the old location. Seems the best of both worlds to me.

vaseem salimi

What i find a little concerning is that the app only has a 2 ½ star rating on the Mac App Store. What is even worse however, is that i have to capitalise the letter i when it is typed on it's own which is completely unacceptable Apple!! iOS seems to have figured out a long time ago that the letter i when on it's own should be capitalised but the Mac operating system hasn't caught up yet, even in 2016. Amazing!!


Allison Sheridan

One of the reasons I did this video was because of the low star count. The sad reviews were from people where iCloud kept screwing up. We all have experienced problems with iCloud, right? Sweeping changes have been made in iCloud, and Together 3 takes advantage of those changes. I'm hoping over time the "ratings on latest version" will begin to reflect the stability of the new version.


Allison Sheridan

I agree about the letter "i" Vaseem! I created s TextExpander snippet to make my own autocorrect for it. If you want it let me know!

vaseem salimi

I think it would have helped us all and the developer if there was a 50% off discount code to encourage uptake and hopefully boost the star rating for the app.


Allison Sheridan

Remember there is a free trial of Together 3 at

Kurt Werstein

Allison - I think you talked through a point that you should have demonstrated for us. That is, in Preferences>General, there is an option for behavior when a item is double-clicked. You gave an example of when an mp3 is double-clicked, it can either open up in Quicktime or open a new tab and have the mp3 be played that way. OK, but how does that look? Or, how does that look for a movie file? Are these media files being played in an embedded media player that Together provides?


Kurt Werstein

Don - As an aside, I think it would have helpful in this comment to provide a screen capture to illustrate my point more easily. Just curious if including images in episode comments is something on your radar.


Kurt Werstein

Don - As an aside, I think it would have helpful in this comment to provide a screen capture to illustrate my point more easily. Just curious if including images in episode comments is something on your radar.


Allison Sheridan

Kurt - The tutorial ran longer than normal so "gloss over" could have been stated as "didn't have time for". There's a lot to Together and as I said in the tutorial I didn't have time for all of it. I also mentioned that the developer offers a free trial so you can look into these items yourself to see if it meets your needs.

Kurt Werstein

Allison - Another point. You seem to gloss over notifications in iOS for Together. Since I am typing this remark as I watch this episode, perhaps you cover it later on. However, it would be nice to know what sort of notifications Together offers the user during usage in iOS.

David Bennett

It's interesting but pricey. I'll give it a miss for now but keep it in mind.

I bought Ulysses to curate notes (I don't really have a need for keeping anything else) and ended up using it only for writing multi-chapter documents.

For general notes that sync, I use SimpleNote. It only stores text, but it's free and it syncs.

David Bennett

Once I had decided not to buy the app, I used AppDelete to remove it and I noticed that the rtf file I made was left behind in a folder named 'Documents' that is within my Documents folder and that there there are a bunch of folders within my Documents folder that mirror the types of stuff that Together curates.

Gray Hodge

Thanks Alison, but I don't think I do like Together. I like to have what I call 'worksheets', each worksheet is a project I'm working on, it can contain text, photos, scans, pdf's, drawings etc. I like all these in one document/note, not separated and scattered everywhere. I'd like to find an alternative to Evernote only because I don't like the way they are positioning for a Google takeover, I don't trust Google.
However, Together is not the app to replace it as far as I can see. I've not tried the importer, but if it's as bad as the OneNote importer - well, that was a disaster!

Gray Hodge

After purchasing this app I discover that it will not allow sorting of files by date!!! only alphabetically. This, for me, make it totally useless as anything close to an Evernote replacement. I don't know of any other kind of database that will not allow basic sorting by date.
Waste of money.


Don McAllister

Hi Gray, I'm not sure why you're not able to do this. You can sort files by date by clicking on “Name” above the list of files and choosing Modified from the pop-up menu.

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