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Tutorial Summary

As promised, this week we start the first in an occasional service covering the setup, configuration and usage of a Networked Storage device (NAS) in your home or small business environment.

Whether it be for local file storage, for local backup, to act as media server, to act as an email server and more, a NAS can provide you with amazing levels of functionality and resiliance for much less than the cost of a dedicated PC or Mac server.

In this episode I take a look at selecting a NAS and the initial setup and configuration in a home enviroment. The episode is based on the Synology DS216+II, an inexpensive, yet very capable Network Attached Storage device.

As well as the initial setup and configuration, I also demonstrate accessing the NAS using DS Finder - an iOS app that allows you to access the NAS locally over across the internet.

UPDATE - It transpires that the hardware video encoding is only applicable for Synology Apps, not the Plex or other 3rd Party video apps. The DS216+II does have a 64bit, Intel processor and will transcode video in software, but if better transcoding performance is required, you need to look at choosing a higher spec processor.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • NAS Selection
  • Unboxing the NAS
  • Setting Up the NAS
  • QuickConnect
  • First Login & UI
  • Storage Manager
  • RAID Reconfiguration
  • DS Finder on iPad
  • DS finder on iPhone

App Store Links:

DS finder - iOS App Store

Show Links:

Synology Disk Station DS216+II 2 Amazon UK

Synology Disk Station DS216+II 2 Amazon US

WD Red 3TB NAS Desktop Hard Disk Drive Amazon UK

WD Red 3TB NAS Desktop Hard Disk Drive Amazon US


(6 comments posted)

Fernando Martinez

Great tutorial! Can't wait to see the next installment. Thanks!

Eric Crofut

Can you go over how to setup Synology to use it like DropBox. I have a small business and my sales guy I would like to sync a folder on his computer that sync back to the Synology


Don McAllister

Will be covering that in part 2

James S


David Leedy

My understanding is that the video transcoding of the hardware does NOT work with Plex. It's only used in the Synology video software itself.


Don McAllister

Hi David, following your comment I did some further research and you are right! I will put an update in the show notes reflecting this. Thanks for the update.

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