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Incredible Time-Saving Tips

"If you value your time, signing up for ScreenCastsOnline is a no brainer. The number of time-saving 'tips per minute' is frankly incredible."

Michael Shulver

More Helpful Than Any Manual

"Much more helpful than trying to alternate between a book/manual and the keyboard/screen."

Bill Lucke

Save Time And Money

"It keeps me abreast of the latest tools - I've saved HOURS of time with the tips I've obtained."

Jonathan Sanchez-James

Get More Out Of Your Mac

"I switched from Windows so ScreenCastsOnline helps me get more out of my Mac."

Guenther Breitenstein

Can't Find Anywhere Else

"I can get great reviews and 'How-To's' on software that I cannot find anywhere else."

Dan Nelson

Become A Mac Power User

"ScreenCastsOnline is how I have become a Mac Power user, without spending my entire day doing trial and error."

Roper DeGarmo

Learn From Every Show

"I always learn something new and useful in every show - even for applications I have been using for months or even years!"

Don Stark

Great Tutorials

"I feel that technology changes at a rate faster than I can learn how to harness it, so your tutorials help a lot."

Christopher Smith

Get Up To Speed Fast

"Brings me up to speed with the latest and greatest apple software and saves me oodles of stress!"

David Saunders

Become An Expert

"I became a member years ago and now my family think I'm a Mac expert! Don, little do they know, it's all because of you."

Gerald Snodgrass

Go Back And Review

"I really have learned so much from the ScreenCasts videos. I like the way I can go back and re-listen and review as I learn."

Anne Davis

Apple TV App

"The Apple TV app is excellent and easy to navigate... a first class application to view your excellent screencasts."

Mike Collis

Valuable Resource

"ScreenCastsOnline is by far the best and most valuable Mac resource available on the internet."

Chris Burns

Archived Shows

"Really educational, I especially like being able to see archived shows to see if there is a show on something that I want to learn or use"

Chris Whittle

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ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine

Issue 59 - June 2017 - Now Available

Packed with over 4 hours of easy to follow HD video tutorials covering:

Tip - iOS - WiFi Assist & WiFi Calling
The Finder on macOS
Tip - Photos - Location & Privacy
Disk Repair Utilities
Tip - Automator - Re-scale Action
Pages for macOS & iOS
Tip - Apple Watch - Activity
Tip - macOS - Preview Tips - Pt 4

Plus articles, hints and tips from David Sparks, Katie Floyd, Allison Sheridan, Wally & Wendy Cherwinski, Frank Petrie, Mike Schmitz and more!

ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine for iPad & iPhone

ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine is packed with hints, tips, articles and video tutorials covering all aspects of using your favourite Apple devices and software. The magazine is available for free as part of a full ScreenCastsOnline Membership more Info or as a separate low cost subscription in iTunes - download a trial issue of the magazine for free here

Packed with articles, hints and tips from some of your favourite Apple geeks.

Katie Floyd
Wally Cherwinski
Frank Petrie
Allison Sheridan
David Sparks
Mike Schmitz
Wendy Cherwinski

Get the most out of your Apple devices

Each month’s issue is packed with information, help and instruction, to help you make the most of your Apple devices in a fun and easy to understand way. Covering the latest software for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, ScreenCastsOnline Monthly gives you the edge on making the most of your Apple gadgets.

HD Video Tutorials

With up to 4 hours of HD video tutorials in each issue, ScreenCastsOnline Monthly is a great way to learn all about your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or Apple TV. Just tap the full screen icon and rotate the magazine for the true fullscreen experience. Tutorials have optional English subtitles available at the touch of a button and includes Picture in Picture support plus AirPlay support to view on your Apple TV.

Interactive and Online

Simply swipe your way through the magazine to move from page to page, or tap and hold to bring up thumbnails of all the pages for easy navigation. If you have a smaller iPhone, swap to the full text version of the magazine for easy reading.

Tap on any of the many live links to jump straight to content on the internet, directly from the magazine.

Read Some Of Our Amazing Reviews for ScreenCastsOnline Mag Monthly

Very helpful magazine -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By Tallysw

This magazine is extremely helpful for learning both iOS and OS X. It has many helpful hints regarding these operating systems plus reviews of helpful accessories and apps. I have subscribed to this magazine from its first issue. It is well worth the money.

Best Magazine -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By Matt5968

I have been computer tech for over 25 years. I tried every digital magazine and I can honestly say this is the best digital magazine I have used. It keeps getting better and info is very useful.

Informative and Enjoyable -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By Bubbleclip

I have enjoyed the magazine from the beginning and with each iteration it only gets better. Guest contributors bring there unique insight into all things Apple, plus apps and video tutorials. Don brings it all together with great style. Well worth checking out.

Quite simple the best... anywhere! -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By Sandpipers

Well structured tutorials on interesting and useful software for all Mac/IOS users at all skill levels with outstanding production values. A real jewel.

Definitely a must read each month -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By turtles

Love this online magazine! A great concept well executed each month. When I’ve finished reading the current magazine, I’m looking for the next month’s issue....

Enjoyed -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

By jgboileau

The screencast mag is nothing but a joy to read. Great content and terrific authors. One simply has to read the content creators to appreciate the value of this magazine.

How to get your copy of ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine

There are two ways of receiving the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine each month.

1 - Join as a ScreenCastsOnline member and receive the magazine for free as part of your membership. You’ll also get receive access to brand new weekly tutorials as they are published, access to the ScreenCastsOnline archive and access to the ScreenCastsOnline Members apps for iOS and Apple TV. Full instructions on how to download the magazine for free are included once you become a member. Start your 14 day free trial membership by clicking on the red button below.

2 - If a full membership isn’t for you, you can subscribe to just the magazine only via iTunes. Click on the grey button below and download the free magazine app to your iPad or iPhone. Follow the instructions when you open the app for the first time on how to subscribe.