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MindNode for Mac & iOS

Date: 2nd March 2018

Duration: 46:44

Show ref: SCOM0713

In this week's show, you'll learn how to quickly and easily create digital mind maps for collecting and sorting information and ideas. MindNode is an absolutely beautiful application for Mac and iOS that strikes a balance between form and functionality. With a great user interface that makes mind mapping approachable for anyone, MindNode is a great productivity tool whether you use mind maps for note taking, brainstorming, problem solving, book summaries, or anything else where thinking visually about ideas can be helpful.

With MindNode version 5, every part of the application has been reconsidered. It's a huge upgrade to previous versions, but because many of the changes are subtle, you may not notice it right away. Much of the design and layout has been completely revamped to make it easier to use and to discover the important features.

The full tutorial covers:

MindNode's pricing structure Application preferences Attaching Files and Stickers The Inspector and Toolbar Advanced Features Tasks Export options Styles and Themes Quick Entry iOS interface

This tutorial has been archived

MindNode Pro

Date: 23rd September 2010

Duration: 32:54

Show ref: SCOM0269

This week, I take a look at a technique that's received a lot of kudos in both education and business and that's mind mapping.

This week's show takes you through the basics of mind mapping on the Mac using an application called MindNode Pro.

I take a look at the basic concepts and show you how to use MindNode Pro to create beautiful mind maps.

Many mind mapping tools produce pretty ugly maps but MindNode Pro is very ""Mac like"" in that it allows you to produce very clean and elegant mind maps.