Transcript of SCOM0717

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[00:00:04.710] - [Todd] Hi this is Todd Olthoff.
[00:00:06.260] Welcome to another addition of ScreenCastsOnline.
[00:00:10.550] This week we will take a look at a powerful project
[00:00:13.050] management application by Note 17 software called Pagico 8.
[00:00:17.123] Pagico 8 includes the ability to add tasks, lists, projects,
[00:00:20.907] and files in one interface.
[00:00:22.813] It also allows you to store your contacts and collaborate
[00:00:25.840] with others who may be working on your projects
[00:00:28.220] and link different tasks and documents to the users
[00:00:31.150] in projects that you're managing.
[00:00:33.160] It also includes a companion iOS application
[00:00:35.880] that lets you take your projects and tasks
[00:00:37.790] with you on the go.
[00:00:39.320] So let's get started with the installation
[00:00:41.190] and setup of Pagico 8.
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[00:00:47.562] So here we are over on the Pagico website.
[00:00:51.170] It's at
[00:00:53.090] You have to go to the website to get the application
[00:00:55.590] for your Mac as it's not available in the Mac App Store.
[00:00:58.610] So you do have to go to the website,
[00:01:00.270] or you can get it as part of your Setapp subscription
[00:01:03.070] which we covered in a previous screencast.
[00:01:05.280] This app may be a reason why you might want to consider
[00:01:07.930] using the service.
[00:01:09.420] For the iOS applications,
[00:01:10.810] you can get those through the iOS App Store but for Mac,
[00:01:14.550] you do have to go to the website right here.
[00:01:17.020] Now, a couple of things about Pagico.
[00:01:18.630] First is that if we just go over here to the Store,
[00:01:21.120] and take a look at the prices,
[00:01:22.700] you can see for a single user for Pagico 8, it is $50.
[00:01:26.764] There is a 15-day free trial which allows you to try it out
[00:01:30.570] before you buy it to get an idea of if you wanna buy it
[00:01:33.210] in the first place.
[00:01:34.160] And then for any additional seats, it is $5.
[00:01:37.237] For any additional computers owned by the same user,
[00:01:40.060] so this is just an extra $5 to add in to those computers.
[00:01:43.060] One of the interesting things about this application
[00:01:45.840] is that it's also available for Windows and for Ubuntu.
[00:01:49.504] They've got you covered on all of the different platforms,
[00:01:52.289] just in case you've got a situation where maybe you've got
[00:01:54.700] a different machine at work, that sort of thing.
[00:01:56.900] You can use this application across those various platforms.
[00:02:01.100] If we just scroll down here all the way to down here
[00:02:04.310] where it says Pagico Plus,
[00:02:05.550] this is for the iOS application.
[00:02:08.076] Again, you can get it from the App Store.
[00:02:10.749] It is free to download the application itself.
[00:02:14.140] But there is a sync charge, which is basically $9.99.
[00:02:18.640] It is a one-time fee but it gives you a sync between
[00:02:22.222] your devices so that whatever you have on your Mac
[00:02:24.980] will sync to your iOS devices like your iPhone or your iPad.
[00:02:28.045] You get the first six months for free to try it out.
[00:02:30.866] I'll show you what it looks like to do the sync.
[00:02:33.550] But just wanted you to be aware of those prices as well.
[00:02:37.260] There is a limit to how much data you can use,
[00:02:39.880] with the initial being 512 megabytes.
[00:02:42.559] As you can see here,
[00:02:44.170] there are other options that you can choose from
[00:02:46.500] depending on what your data needs are for the sync.
[00:02:49.189] Here we are in the startup screen for Pagico.
[00:02:53.130] Just go ahead and click in here.
[00:02:54.660] You can select the language that you want to use
[00:02:57.110] and you can see the various languages
[00:02:58.480] they have available here.
[00:02:59.640] We're just gonna go ahead and leave it at English.
[00:03:01.270] I'm just gonna hit the next arrow there.
[00:03:03.720] Now it's gonna ask me my timezone.
[00:03:05.580] You come in here and you can select your timezone
[00:03:07.620] from this dropdown.
[00:03:09.100] I'm gonna leave it exactly where it's at there.
[00:03:11.900] It's going to activate the application for the first time.
[00:03:14.940] You can see here, it has start your free 15-day trial.
[00:03:19.770] You put in your email address in here if you want to get
[00:03:22.460] tutorials and special offers.
[00:03:24.460] If you have an activation code,
[00:03:25.690] you would just click on that right here,
[00:03:27.400] and set up the activation,
[00:03:28.934] or if you are on the Setapp version of the application,
[00:03:31.630] it will take you directly to the welcome screen.
[00:03:34.500] If you click on pricing and purchase down here,
[00:03:36.810] you can get more information again about the pricing
[00:03:38.770] that I just showed you.
[00:03:39.640] So we're just gonna go ahead
[00:03:40.473] and leave it at that and say next.
[00:03:42.640] Now it's gonna load the application and says that
[00:03:45.300] my activation is complete.
[00:03:47.590] And it refers me to some help articles.
[00:03:49.240] So let's go ahead and just click on Start.
[00:03:51.720] It's gonna load the actual workspace for the first time.
[00:03:54.890] The Pagico interface has a very Mac-like look to it.
[00:03:58.570] You can see over here we have our sidebar.
[00:04:00.709] In the sidebar this is where we'll organise
[00:04:03.530] and put our information for the various tasks
[00:04:06.184] and things that we need to get done.
[00:04:08.380] You can see there's a Collect area over here
[00:04:10.360] where we have an Inbox.
[00:04:11.780] This follows a very standard, Getting Things Done,
[00:04:14.150] or GTD type of methodology where you put all of the things
[00:04:17.720] that you need to get done into the Inbox,
[00:04:19.390] and then you sort them and organise them from there.
[00:04:22.510] Then down below, we have our Library.
[00:04:24.300] This is where we would organise those tasks and items
[00:04:26.780] that we put in our Inbox.
[00:04:27.950] We've got a Dashboard which will give us a visual
[00:04:30.350] of our tasks and projects and things that we're working on.
[00:04:33.718] We have a Projects area here where we can set up
[00:04:36.160] our projects which is a collection of tasks.
[00:04:38.885] Then we have our Contacts and these would be the people
[00:04:41.540] that we are working with or maybe that are handling
[00:04:44.240] different tasks or project areas for us.
[00:04:46.633] We have Workspaces which are areas that we would sync
[00:04:50.090] with our iOS devices.
[00:04:51.610] And then we've got a Trash area so that we can go back
[00:04:54.120] and pull things out of the trash if we need to.
[00:04:56.386] Down below we've got Collections,
[00:04:58.610] which are like smart collections where we would
[00:05:01.340] collect things by type or maybe tag.
[00:05:04.030] And then down here we have Starred Items,
[00:05:05.810] where we can star particular items and have a shortcut
[00:05:08.340] to get to them more quickly.
[00:05:10.300] It's kind of a place where we can add items
[00:05:11.972] to get at 'em quickly and then unstar them
[00:05:14.810] to take them out of this list.
[00:05:16.350] And then down here it's just a little sync status icon.
[00:05:19.360] Across the top is a toolbar and this toolbar gives us access
[00:05:24.380] to all kinds of different settings over here,
[00:05:27.450] which we'll cover a little bit more in depth,
[00:05:29.290] but these are more visuals for your preferences
[00:05:31.730] for the application.
[00:05:33.170] We have a Today view and then we have an area where we can
[00:05:35.810] start to add new tasks or if I just click this,
[00:05:39.560] you can see notes, projects, contacts, and collections.
[00:05:43.097] Let me just go ahead and click off of that.
[00:05:45.710] In the centre is where we would actually see the items
[00:05:48.030] that we've added and as you can see we don't have anything
[00:05:50.290] added to Pagico so we get this nice welcome screen,
[00:05:53.630] with two big buttons that allow us to do new tasks
[00:05:56.070] or new projects as well as a link
[00:05:58.010] to a Getting Started Tutorial.
[00:06:00.079] So it's nice that Pagico has all of those
[00:06:02.310] different basis covered.
[00:06:03.770] There are a number of ways to get tasks
[00:06:07.190] into your Pagico database.
[00:06:09.170] Obviously I can click this New Task button,
[00:06:11.050] but this is only available the first time
[00:06:12.800] I launch the application.
[00:06:14.142] Instead I can come up here to the toolbar
[00:06:16.620] and just click on New Task.
[00:06:18.186] If I wanted to,
[00:06:19.480] I could also use keyboard shortcuts to do that.
[00:06:22.041] If I just come up here to the Help menu item here,
[00:06:25.103] and just click on Show Keyboard Shortcuts,
[00:06:27.537] you can see all of the different keyboard shortcuts
[00:06:30.090] that are available inside of Pagico.
[00:06:32.460] So that if you like keyboard shortcuts,
[00:06:34.010] you can come here and see what's available.
[00:06:35.940] As you can see it would be command T for a new task.
[00:06:38.501] I'm just gonna go ahead and close this window,
[00:06:40.670] but wanted to show you how you could get a hold of that.
[00:06:43.038] Let's go ahead and come up here and just click on New Task.
[00:06:46.566] You'll see I get this new task window.
[00:06:49.351] What I'm gonna do is start to type in a new task
[00:06:52.730] and Pagico does use natural language.
[00:06:55.290] So for our purposes I'm going to be setting up a project
[00:06:58.480] to do a screencast so let's go ahead and say,
[00:07:02.317] we're gonna research new application.
[00:07:05.900] This is what we're gonna use for our screencast.
[00:07:08.463] If I want to put time after it, I'd just start to type,
[00:07:11.365] let's say tomorrow.
[00:07:12.699] You can see that the calendar item down here
[00:07:14.990] changed from today to tomorrow.
[00:07:17.190] If I wanted a specific date,
[00:07:18.670] let's say I could say next Thursday.
[00:07:21.480] Once I type that in,
[00:07:23.310] notice that it's changed to next Thursday.
[00:07:26.085] Again, it's really nice 'cause there is natural language.
[00:07:28.950] If I wanted to I can also add tags to a task.
[00:07:32.567] All I need to do is use the at sign.
[00:07:35.850] You can see there I'll just say,
[00:07:37.476] let's say, website, for a tag.
[00:07:40.920] So that's gonna add a tag.
[00:07:41.940] I can add as many as I want to with those at signs.
[00:07:44.440] Down here I can choose where I want to put
[00:07:48.160] that particular task.
[00:07:49.360] I can put it in the current contact or in our case,
[00:07:52.040] I want to put it in the Inbox.
[00:07:53.394] As we add more projects,
[00:07:54.943] and contacts and those sorts of things,
[00:07:57.560] they will show up in this dropdown.
[00:07:59.230] But since this is our first task we're gonna go ahead
[00:08:01.180] and just put it in our Inbox.
[00:08:03.410] If I want to I can just say Create Task and be done with it,
[00:08:07.150] but as you notice, if I just click this here,
[00:08:09.180] I have more options available to me,
[00:08:11.600] where I can put in more information.
[00:08:13.540] I can actually add notes to this and I can say
[00:08:15.894] be sure to add documents, let's say.
[00:08:18.710] Let's say I wanna add documents to it.
[00:08:20.270] So I've got a note now that's attached
[00:08:22.500] to this particular task.
[00:08:23.910] I can also attach files.
[00:08:25.676] If I just click this link,
[00:08:27.600] I'll get a sheet with files that I can attach
[00:08:30.100] to this particular task if I wanted to do that.
[00:08:34.128] I can also choose a start and a due date.
[00:08:37.770] Since I've already put in a due date there of March 1st,
[00:08:41.070] I could also put a start date in here as well.
[00:08:43.480] If I just click this icon here,
[00:08:45.410] I get a calendar where I can choose
[00:08:46.833] not only the date of start but even a time
[00:08:50.240] if I had a time where I had a deadline.
[00:08:52.590] So in our case I'm just gonna hit that date there.
[00:08:55.710] Click off of it and you can see I've got a start now
[00:08:58.080] and a due date.
[00:08:59.358] I can also set up repeating tasks in here.
[00:09:01.905] I can say never repeat or every so many
[00:09:05.317] days, weeks, months, or years.
[00:09:08.120] In our case this is just one time,
[00:09:09.990] so I'm just gonna say never repeat.
[00:09:11.830] I can also put a location in here if I wanted to do that.
[00:09:14.750] I can also give it a colour.
[00:09:16.681] So let's just go ahead and make it green in our case.
[00:09:20.110] Once I've got all the information in there,
[00:09:21.850] I just say Create Task.
[00:09:23.900] You can see the dashboard is already gonna change
[00:09:26.030] to show me this task.
[00:09:27.600] I'm gonna show you more about the dashboard in a minute.
[00:09:29.820] But let's go ahead and go into the Inbox
[00:09:31.309] and take a look at how our task looks in the Inbox.
[00:09:34.284] So here we are in the Inbox
[00:09:36.252] with our project that we created.
[00:09:38.620] You notice if I hover over it, it gives me some information.
[00:09:41.530] You can see it tells me when it was modified last
[00:09:44.110] up here in the corner.
[00:09:44.997] It also gives me the option to add an item
[00:09:47.822] in more actions.
[00:09:49.880] You notice with these more actions,
[00:09:51.100] I've got two menu items here.
[00:09:53.160] Over here if I just click on this,
[00:09:55.290] you'll see I get this dropdown and this is the menu item
[00:09:58.580] for the list.
[00:09:59.810] So if I wanted to add new list items I can do that here,
[00:10:02.462] as well as change the colour.
[00:10:04.510] There is a commenting system, I could move it, copy it,
[00:10:06.980] or duplicate it, archive it, copy an item link,
[00:10:10.370] or delete it from here.
[00:10:12.340] So that's what that menu does.
[00:10:13.670] I'm gonna go into more detail in some of these things
[00:10:15.930] as we start to need to move different items around.
[00:10:19.000] And then over here these are more specific to the task.
[00:10:21.830] You notice I've got the same core of things down here
[00:10:24.447] but at the top I do have the option to snooze
[00:10:27.410] any particular task till tomorrow or a few days
[00:10:30.840] or indefinitely or I could even clear the due date in here.
[00:10:34.390] I can also edit the particular task and then I can say
[00:10:37.320] complete an archive.
[00:10:38.630] When it archives, it just causes it not to show
[00:10:40.980] and puts it in an archive.
[00:10:42.821] The other thing I can do is if I just double click on a task
[00:10:45.960] I go into edit mode.
[00:10:47.250] I can come in here and change things.
[00:10:49.660] I can change the notes on it,
[00:10:50.950] I can change the different due dates again,
[00:10:52.610] I get a dropdown here that let's me change it,
[00:10:54.650] just like I did when I added the task.
[00:10:56.550] And again I can come back in here and say,
[00:10:58.810] I wanted to add a location.
[00:11:00.190] Let me just go ahead and paste a location in there.
[00:11:03.220] I can also attach files.
[00:11:04.554] And then when I'm done, I just click on save,
[00:11:07.260] and you can see now, I've added that location there.
[00:11:09.970] One of the nice things is it does integrate with maps.
[00:11:12.530] So if I just click on this,
[00:11:14.710] it'll pull up the maps application and show me on a map
[00:11:18.230] where that particular area is located.
[00:11:21.780] You can see it's right there Apple headquarters.
[00:11:23.810] I'm just gonna go head and put this down and come back
[00:11:26.500] into the application here.
[00:11:28.285] The other thing you'll notice is there our tag
[00:11:30.510] has taken effect on here.
[00:11:32.504] You can see over here,
[00:11:34.090] I can also set alarms when I click in here.
[00:11:36.219] If I wanted to set a reminder,
[00:11:37.890] I can set a reminder to remind me maybe 15 minutes before
[00:11:40.782] or two weeks ahead.
[00:11:42.300] Let's just say, 15 minutes.
[00:11:44.480] I'm gonna go ahead and select that,
[00:11:46.310] and only have 15 minutes.
[00:11:48.390] Then we're gonna go ahead and say Save,
[00:11:50.170] and so now I'm going to be reminded
[00:11:52.140] of that particular event taking place.
[00:11:55.110] So that's what it looks like to add a task.
[00:11:57.300] Now you'll notice it says lists and tasks here.
[00:12:00.300] Let's go ahead and take a look
[00:12:01.510] at what it looks like to add lists.
[00:12:04.310] In addition to tasks,
[00:12:05.300] we also have list that we can add to Pagico.
[00:12:08.132] Lists are areas that need to be completed
[00:12:11.200] that have a series of steps that need to be checked off.
[00:12:14.140] For instance, maybe going to the grocery store,
[00:12:15.940] you'd have all of the different items
[00:12:17.390] you might go and buy at the store.
[00:12:19.554] For our purposes let's go ahead and create a list
[00:12:22.280] for screencast preparation.
[00:12:24.060] I'm just gonna come here and click on the plus.
[00:12:26.540] We're gonna say New List.
[00:12:28.930] In here, we're just gonna call the list,
[00:12:30.466] screencast preparation.
[00:12:32.920] Let's call it Screencast Prep and as soon as I hit enter,
[00:12:36.020] then I get an edit area where I can start
[00:12:37.940] to add my list items.
[00:12:39.434] We may say things like, choose a topic,
[00:12:41.593] we might want to contact the vendor,
[00:12:47.572] we might even wanna do things like outline the screencast.
[00:12:52.740] Things like that and you can see I can continue to add items
[00:12:55.110] if I want to do that.
[00:12:56.152] There's my list, it's all set and ready to go.
[00:12:58.735] If I hover over it, you'll notice a few things.
[00:13:01.450] I can grab this and choose the order that I want,
[00:13:04.420] I can just change it by moving it around.
[00:13:07.698] Just by the various items put 'em exactly
[00:13:10.130] where I want them in order.
[00:13:12.010] The other thing I can do if I hover over each of these,
[00:13:14.300] you'll notice that I can set a start and due date
[00:13:17.020] if I want to do that.
[00:13:18.170] If I just click this, you'll notice I get edit mode.
[00:13:21.186] Inside edit mode, it looks just like a regular task.
[00:13:24.560] So I can add a description, I can attach files,
[00:13:26.901] I can set a start time and an end time.
[00:13:29.430] And you'll notice too it gives me a little hint
[00:13:31.250] that if I put a question mark in there,
[00:13:32.890] it's just gonna be a someday task
[00:13:34.560] that doesn't have a date on it
[00:13:35.719] but it's gonna go into a list of tasks that say
[00:13:38.560] someday I'm going to get to these things.
[00:13:40.566] In our case, I'm just gonna go ahead and say cancel
[00:13:43.000] and leave it alone.
[00:13:44.300] But I just wanted to show you that you could do that.
[00:13:46.540] You can also come in here and collapse the actual list.
[00:13:49.870] You notice when you do that it tells you how many
[00:13:51.760] are things inside that list,
[00:13:53.320] how many are completed, pending, or overdue.
[00:13:55.810] You also have more actions you can take
[00:13:58.140] for the particular list or if you want to add
[00:13:59.900] a new list item and that sort of thing.
[00:14:03.110] In addition to lists and tasks,
[00:14:04.980] we can also add notes into our Pagico database.
[00:14:07.917] I can do that by coming up here and saying New Note.
[00:14:11.540] You can see there's keyboard shortcuts on there,
[00:14:13.530] or I can just come down here and hit the plus.
[00:14:15.930] So I'm just gonna go ahead and hit the plus.
[00:14:17.320] You can see I get a full note here.
[00:14:19.457] I might want to put whatever I want in this particular note.
[00:14:22.823] I'm just gonna put let's say Pagico on here.
[00:14:25.830] I might want to come in
[00:14:26.760] and put some information about Pagico.
[00:14:29.500] Let's say, task management.
[00:14:31.750] I'll just put something in there.
[00:14:34.760] Just like that.
[00:14:35.880] Now you can see I've got formatting that I can do.
[00:14:38.270] So if I wanted to put, let's say I want to bold this,
[00:14:41.260] I can do that, if I wanna underline a part,
[00:14:43.680] I can do that as well.
[00:14:45.480] You can see I've got all kinds of different things
[00:14:46.830] like bulleted list and print options and all of that.
[00:14:49.658] I can also associate it with a particular due date.
[00:14:52.935] Let's go ahead and just put that in there.
[00:14:55.100] So I've got that due date there.
[00:14:56.450] I can also associate it with a location if I want,
[00:14:58.760] and I can also attach files.
[00:15:00.520] I'm just gonna go ahead and say save and close.
[00:15:03.500] Now I've got that note right there.
[00:15:05.236] I can also collapse the note
[00:15:06.784] if I want to just shrink it down.
[00:15:08.990] And just like I've shown you in other areas
[00:15:11.340] I can edit and snooze and all of that sort of thing
[00:15:13.870] with this dropdown menu.
[00:15:15.838] One of the great things about Pagico is that it allows
[00:15:18.920] you to keep all of your documents, tasks,
[00:15:21.820] project information, all in one place.
[00:15:24.132] It also allows you to add files so that you don't have to go
[00:15:27.640] searching for your files later but you can add them
[00:15:30.010] right into your Pagico database and have them with you.
[00:15:32.860] Let me show you how that works.
[00:15:34.060] You can see down here,
[00:15:35.340] we've got an area where we can add files.
[00:15:37.910] We can either drag and drop files
[00:15:39.193] or if we just click the plus here,
[00:15:41.266] we get a sheet that comes down that allows
[00:15:44.160] us to select files to import.
[00:15:46.051] As you can see I got this dropdown here.
[00:15:48.184] Let's just say I want to come in here and oh I don't know,
[00:15:51.640] let's just say I wanna import a PDF here.
[00:15:54.640] If I just click on Open,
[00:15:56.127] you'll notice that if I just scroll down here,
[00:15:58.540] it shows that PDF and it's imported it for me.
[00:16:01.463] What I can do with this PDF is I can preview it.
[00:16:04.930] If I just click on the Preview button,
[00:16:06.510] it'll give me an open preview of whatever that PDF is.
[00:16:11.700] I also have my actions on here which are similar
[00:16:14.520] to the actions before.
[00:16:15.780] I can set the colours show in the folder,
[00:16:18.369] open, preview, that sort of thing.
[00:16:20.978] I can also come in here and edit.
[00:16:23.650] I can add a description to this.
[00:16:26.580] If I just come in here and say,
[00:16:29.102] info on screencast, let's say.
[00:16:32.720] And say Save and so now I've got that note right there.
[00:16:36.260] I can also add tags in here to this particular file as well.
[00:16:40.370] I'm gonna deal with tags a little bit later
[00:16:42.170] as we look at our projects but I just wanted to show you
[00:16:44.390] that that was available in here.
[00:16:46.281] The other way I can do it is I can drag and drop.
[00:16:49.360] I can do all kinds of different files as well.
[00:16:52.450] Let me just show you.
[00:16:53.283] I can even drag and drop emails into Pagico itself.
[00:16:57.142] I'm just gonna go ahead and pull up mail here.
[00:17:00.270] We're gonna pull up the Mail application.
[00:17:02.217] You see I've got something that says an Article to consider.
[00:17:05.750] So what I'm going to do is just grab this
[00:17:08.482] and I'm just gonna drag it.
[00:17:10.300] You can see I've got the plus there.
[00:17:11.560] I'm just gonna drag it right into Pagico.
[00:17:13.500] And so there's my email that says Articles to consider.
[00:17:17.170] Again if I just hit Preview,
[00:17:18.900] you can see it's gonna pull up the email.
[00:17:20.460] So I've got it with all of the information inside of it.
[00:17:22.760] I can even open it with mail if I want to get at it later.
[00:17:26.620] I can do the same sorts of things to it with tags
[00:17:28.940] and all that sort of thing.
[00:17:30.430] What I can do is if I just hit the little arrow here
[00:17:32.730] I can collapse it if I don't want to see it
[00:17:34.400] with a big icon view so that it's a lot easier to view.
[00:17:37.590] But as you can see now I've got documents inside of here,
[00:17:40.380] I've got emails, I've got PDFs,
[00:17:42.463] I can put in anything that I need that might be necessary
[00:17:46.010] for my particular tasks or my particular projects.
[00:17:49.614] Now that we've got all of our information into our Inbox,
[00:17:53.116] we can change how we view this information to make it easier
[00:17:56.610] for us to sort through it.
[00:17:58.250] You'll notice over here right now we've got everything
[00:18:00.410] shown by type but we can change that.
[00:18:02.380] If we just come up here, we can do it by newest on top.
[00:18:04.790] And so now we get a list of all of the different items
[00:18:07.870] based on time.
[00:18:09.169] Now notice that I can hit this plus here
[00:18:12.070] and from here I can create new tasks, new lists,
[00:18:14.610] new note, insert a file, I can do it right from here
[00:18:17.150] if I'd rather do it that way.
[00:18:18.570] But that's what happens when I go to this particular view.
[00:18:21.200] I can also do it by manual order.
[00:18:23.680] You can see now that I've got them here,
[00:18:25.250] I can drag and drop them pretty much wherever I want them.
[00:18:29.241] I can order them in the way that works best for me
[00:18:32.540] and then I can use that to now sort them
[00:18:34.433] so that I can get them to where I wanna put them.
[00:18:36.960] And so again it's just a nice way of having it set that way.
[00:18:39.830] I'm gonna go back to by type here
[00:18:41.810] so that everything goes back where it was.
[00:18:43.692] The other thing I can do is I can get to specific items
[00:18:46.941] by things like due date.
[00:18:48.870] I can say whether it's overdue or upcoming or whatever.
[00:18:51.930] I can do it by status whether it's checked or unchecked.
[00:18:54.446] I can do it by tag so for instance if I hit the website tag,
[00:18:57.700] you can see the filter is activated.
[00:18:59.250] Now I'm only seeing anything that is tagged with website.
[00:19:02.849] If I just uncheck this, now I can go back and see
[00:19:06.580] all of the items I have in my Inbox in the first place.
[00:19:09.159] So again it gives you a number of different ways
[00:19:11.220] to look at this so that you can sort through things
[00:19:13.230] to make it easier to look at them
[00:19:14.670] and get them where you want them to go.
[00:19:18.610] There are a number of different ways
[00:19:19.930] to create projects with Pagico.
[00:19:22.490] One of the ways I can do it is to obviously come over here
[00:19:25.150] to the Projects area.
[00:19:26.496] You'll notice that when I come in here,
[00:19:28.250] I don't have any projects so I would either click
[00:19:30.300] the New Project button which again is only gonna be here
[00:19:32.980] if I have no projects or you'll notice that the top button
[00:19:36.090] since I'm in the Projects area has changed to New Projects.
[00:19:39.252] The other thing I can do if I just come back into the Inbox
[00:19:42.005] is I can just click this dropdown and you can see right here
[00:19:45.130] I have the option to create a new project,
[00:19:46.820] as well as a keyboard shortcut.
[00:19:48.840] Another thing I can do is if I just come into
[00:19:51.740] one of these items that I've got in my Inbox,
[00:19:53.790] and if I just click on More Actions and let's say
[00:19:56.880] I want to move this to a new project,
[00:19:58.394] I can say move to and then I can start typing a project name
[00:20:02.610] and you can see as I do that,
[00:20:04.120] I can click on create a new project with whatever name
[00:20:07.090] I put in the area up here.
[00:20:09.060] I can also create a new contact this way.
[00:20:11.040] So I just wanted to show you that you can do it
[00:20:12.790] within these various menus as well,
[00:20:14.900] because it's really well-integrated and wherever you're at
[00:20:17.920] you just choose whatever method works best for you.
[00:20:20.590] In our case, I'm just gonna go over to Project over here
[00:20:22.970] in the Library and I'm just gonna click
[00:20:24.650] on the New Project button.
[00:20:26.040] You'll see it's going to give me a title here
[00:20:28.920] that I need to put in.
[00:20:29.930] So I'm gonna put in Screencast,
[00:20:33.600] Screencasting Project.
[00:20:35.554] Just put that up just like that.
[00:20:37.880] We're gonna say Create Project.
[00:20:40.265] So this is the project screen and as you can see here,
[00:20:43.160] we've got our Screencasting Project.
[00:20:44.981] I can edit this at any time just by clicking into it.
[00:20:48.553] I can also get my project a description.
[00:20:51.610] Let's say, SCO Screencasting.
[00:20:54.800] Something like that.
[00:20:56.100] I can give it a title.
[00:20:57.440] I can also add tags.
[00:20:58.760] You see when I click on it I get this tag window.
[00:21:00.980] I can say things like if I wanted to,
[00:21:03.229] let's say, screencasting.
[00:21:08.436] And so now it's gonna add screencasting as a tag.
[00:21:10.670] If I want to add more I can say Edit,
[00:21:12.450] I can say Mac, for instance,
[00:21:14.810] if I want to tell the difference between those.
[00:21:16.939] Just put Mac and if I put a comma,
[00:21:19.050] I can just keep typing in new things.
[00:21:20.840] I can say iOS and put a tag in there.
[00:21:23.218] And then just click on Save and you can see that now
[00:21:26.040] I've got all these tags that are on here.
[00:21:28.038] Using tags in Pagico as you'll see in a little while
[00:21:30.526] is a worthwhile effort if you put those in there
[00:21:33.400] because it will allow you to sort things
[00:21:35.020] and find things more quickly.
[00:21:36.800] You'll notice something else that this project is starred
[00:21:40.020] and it is now sitting under Starred Items.
[00:21:43.030] It will do that when you create a project
[00:21:44.770] because it assumes that's what you want
[00:21:46.200] to work on right away.
[00:21:47.838] If you look down here we can do all of our sorting
[00:21:50.410] like we did before.
[00:21:51.634] We've also got some things with content.
[00:21:53.900] We've got a timeline here
[00:21:55.180] which will give us a timeline of our tasks.
[00:21:57.750] And then we've got an integrated calendar as well
[00:22:00.010] that will show us our tasks on a calendar.
[00:22:02.470] So I'm gonna come back to Content here for a minute.
[00:22:04.438] What I can do is I can add lists and tasks
[00:22:07.830] and notes and files just like I did on the Inbox.
[00:22:10.580] So all of that operates the same.
[00:22:12.660] One addition is that I do have what's called
[00:22:14.850] Linked Containers and that's where I will bring things
[00:22:17.160] in from other places in here
[00:22:19.100] so that I can see them in one place.
[00:22:20.810] I'll show you what that looks like
[00:22:21.980] when we get a couple of contacts and things like that up.
[00:22:24.891] If I wanted to add, again, a new list in here,
[00:22:27.560] I would just come here to List, say New List,
[00:22:30.000] and I could start this list and I could call it,
[00:22:32.548] Screencasting Checklist, let's say.
[00:22:36.800] And then start adding my tasks.
[00:22:38.550] Let me go ahead and put a few of those in there.
[00:22:41.372] So now I've got all of those items
[00:22:43.740] in my Screencast Checklist
[00:22:45.240] and I've put some dates with them as well,
[00:22:47.230] and so you can see all of those are all set and ready to go.
[00:22:50.220] I'm just gonna go ahead and collapse this
[00:22:51.710] so that it shows that way.
[00:22:53.410] Now I could also drop some files in here.
[00:22:55.500] One of the things that I need is the background
[00:22:58.080] for my screencast so I'm just gonna hit the plus here
[00:23:01.290] and we'll go find that particular file.
[00:23:03.700] It should be in here.
[00:23:06.140] In our recording setup and there's my wallpaper.
[00:23:08.590] I'm gonna go ahead open that
[00:23:09.850] so that I add that to my project.
[00:23:11.810] So there it is right there, so I've got it ready to go
[00:23:14.030] so that when I do my project the wallpaper is there.
[00:23:16.329] I'm just gonna collapse this as well so that it's there.
[00:23:18.930] So we can see everything on a glance.
[00:23:20.749] There's also some things in my Inbox that I need to add
[00:23:24.040] to this particular project.
[00:23:25.460] In order to do that, let's go back over to my Inbox.
[00:23:28.587] As we know, we've got this Screencast Prep area right here.
[00:23:32.680] If I just go to More Actions,
[00:23:34.513] you see that I can move the item.
[00:23:36.890] That's what I wanna do, I'm gonna say move the item.
[00:23:38.770] And now there's my Screencasting Project.
[00:23:41.270] So all you have to do is select the Screencasting Project,
[00:23:43.930] and say Select.
[00:23:45.790] It's going to move that out of my Inbox now.
[00:23:48.360] If I just go back to the project in here,
[00:23:50.682] you'll see that there is my Screencast Checklist,
[00:23:53.760] and there's my Screencast Prep
[00:23:55.240] that I moved over from my Inbox.
[00:23:57.090] So I've got that all set and ready to go.
[00:23:59.343] Let's just go back into the Inbox again.
[00:24:01.613] We had this Research item that we had here,
[00:24:04.430] so let's go ahead and move that over as well.
[00:24:06.465] You can see how you could go through your different files
[00:24:09.670] and start to move them where you want them.
[00:24:11.720] I'll go ahead and move all of these things to the project
[00:24:14.514] and we'll take a look at what it looks like
[00:24:16.450] with everything on the project screen.
[00:24:18.961] So here we are back on the project screen,
[00:24:21.430] and as you can see I've got everything added in here
[00:24:24.050] that I had in my Inbox.
[00:24:25.390] You can see there's all my files,
[00:24:26.940] I've got my notes in there,
[00:24:28.180] and my different lists of tasks and that sort of thing.
[00:24:31.420] One of the things I can do is I can do
[00:24:33.920] exactly what I did in the Inbox,
[00:24:35.440] is then I can choose how to view these things.
[00:24:37.240] You notice that this bar across the top is the same.
[00:24:39.442] So over here I can view by type, manual, order,
[00:24:42.260] or newest on top.
[00:24:43.730] In our case let's say I want to order these things
[00:24:45.850] by how I wanna view them.
[00:24:47.152] Maybe researching is on the top but maybe I've got my notes
[00:24:51.110] need to come under my Prep
[00:24:53.378] let's say or maybe I need to move the notes down.
[00:24:56.290] Let's put 'em in a spot, let's go right under Prep there.
[00:24:58.670] So now I've got that where I want it.
[00:25:00.370] I can move things to set them up the way
[00:25:02.790] that I need to see them which is really nice
[00:25:04.440] if you're working on a project
[00:25:05.690] so that you don't have to worry about
[00:25:06.893] only viewing it the way they present it.
[00:25:09.420] You do have some flexibility there.
[00:25:11.296] Another part of flexibility in Pagico and some of the things
[00:25:15.130] that really make it a great application are,
[00:25:17.400] how you view your projects right here.
[00:25:19.450] This is the Content view which shows me everything I need,
[00:25:21.920] including my files and that sort of thing.
[00:25:23.821] But I've also got a Timeline view.
[00:25:26.030] In this Timeline view I've got several views that I can
[00:25:28.420] look at to view my projects and my tasks.
[00:25:30.667] This is the List view and you can see here
[00:25:32.880] here are my completed items.
[00:25:35.310] If I scroll down I've got this week the things
[00:25:37.150] that I need to do, I've got things that are due in March,
[00:25:39.240] and it's all based on these due dates that I've set up
[00:25:41.280] over here where the time span within
[00:25:43.350] which I'm going to work on these different items.
[00:25:45.608] I can also view it by a Gantt chart.
[00:25:48.630] If I just come in here, if you notice,
[00:25:50.020] I've got this 6-Week chart here,
[00:25:52.070] that lays out for me when projects start and when they end.
[00:25:55.413] At a glance, just kind of looking at six weeks,
[00:25:58.190] I can see what I need to work on.
[00:25:59.700] And down below it tells me what's remaining,
[00:26:01.549] how many I've completed and how many are overdue.
[00:26:04.224] If I just hover over this timeline,
[00:26:06.260] it'll show me kind of where I'm at by different days
[00:26:08.610] as well depending on what I'm working on.
[00:26:10.120] You can see that I've got a total of nine over there,
[00:26:12.750] five here, you can see as I go,
[00:26:14.484] it tells me what things are due and what I need to work on.
[00:26:17.870] So again, it's just a nice way of looking at it.
[00:26:19.846] What I can also do if this is too scrunched up,
[00:26:22.820] and I want to see it from my farther view,
[00:26:24.410] I can go by Quarter.
[00:26:25.650] You can see that it pushes it out now,
[00:26:27.360] and I've got more view there or I could go by Year.
[00:26:29.722] It'll show me where my tasks fit in a year,
[00:26:31.960] which is helpful if you're doing
[00:26:33.130] all kinds of things throughout the year,
[00:26:34.540] it's all the set the way that you want it.
[00:26:36.246] If I just go back to six weeks,
[00:26:38.486] I can also use this slider here
[00:26:40.980] to expand or shrink the space if I wanna kinda get a view
[00:26:43.904] one direction or the other, I can do that.
[00:26:47.120] I can choose to say Show completed which will show
[00:26:49.580] anything that I've actually completed and gotten done.
[00:26:51.999] If I uncheck that, they go away.
[00:26:54.257] Right within this particular Timeline view,
[00:26:57.642] I can also move things around.
[00:27:00.226] I can kind of move them where I wanna
[00:27:02.190] start them or finish them.
[00:27:03.630] I can also click on this and I get a popup here,
[00:27:07.004] that shows me more details about that particular task.
[00:27:10.260] If I just come in here and hit Edit,
[00:27:12.310] I can also change any information
[00:27:14.650] that I want about that task.
[00:27:15.850] For instance, maybe I don't want to start it on 2/6.
[00:27:18.660] That seems a little bit too far out.
[00:27:20.520] So let's say that I start it on 2/24 instead.
[00:27:23.461] If I just click off of this, I've changed that.
[00:27:25.970] I'm gonna say Save.
[00:27:27.560] Now it's adjusted that and brought it in
[00:27:29.230] to where it's suppose to start.
[00:27:30.580] I can change the end or I can change anything else about it
[00:27:33.100] that I want but at least it gives you an idea
[00:27:35.410] of how to manoeuvre those thing around.
[00:27:37.530] So I can do them visually as well as in a list.
[00:27:42.236] In addition to the content in Timeline view,
[00:27:45.060] there's also a Calendar view within the project here.
[00:27:47.482] If I just click on Calendar,
[00:27:49.080] you'll notice I get a full calendar
[00:27:50.490] with all of my different project items
[00:27:53.360] laid out on the calendar.
[00:27:54.560] These are the ones I have dates for.
[00:27:56.090] They're right here on the calendar itself.
[00:27:57.990] I can choose to view by Month if I want to do that,
[00:28:00.540] or I can view by Week and I can also scroll
[00:28:03.080] through the various weeks to see what's coming up.
[00:28:05.303] If I ever want to get back to today,
[00:28:07.210] I just click on Today here and it'll take me right back
[00:28:09.650] to today's date.
[00:28:10.880] I'm just gonna go back to Month for a minute.
[00:28:12.710] I can also take action on the various items
[00:28:15.150] that are here as well.
[00:28:16.060] If I just click on any one of these tasks,
[00:28:18.047] it will bring up a card here
[00:28:19.812] that allows me to take action on it.
[00:28:21.900] I can edit, if I hit Edit, you'll notice I have access
[00:28:24.740] to all of the different items
[00:28:26.280] that need to be edited in here.
[00:28:27.890] I can change dates, I can choose to make it a repeating task
[00:28:31.730] or location or put a colour to it if I wanna do that.
[00:28:34.240] For instance, let's just put blue on here.
[00:28:35.991] I can save it and now you can see,
[00:28:37.820] it's coloured that task blue,
[00:28:39.550] and the blue shows up across the calendar timeline.
[00:28:42.884] I can also delete it, I can link it to something else,
[00:28:45.730] I can move it to another project,
[00:28:47.050] and I can also just have quick access
[00:28:48.822] to wherever the project is that I'm working on.
[00:28:51.830] So again, the nice thing is no matter what view I choose,
[00:28:54.610] I can take action on any of the items that are in that view.
[00:28:57.426] Now that we've set up the basics of our project in Pagico,
[00:29:00.820] now let's take a look at how contacts work
[00:29:02.970] and how we can work with contacts
[00:29:04.281] in relation to our projects and our other tasks.
[00:29:09.430] Here we are in the Contacts area of our Library.
[00:29:12.317] So there's a number of ways
[00:29:14.190] that I can add contacts to Pagico.
[00:29:16.672] One of the ways is I can just come up here
[00:29:19.220] and say New Contact.
[00:29:20.430] If I do that I'm adding a brand new contact
[00:29:22.480] that I'm gonna fill out information for.
[00:29:24.454] I can also Launch Address Book and just drag contacts
[00:29:27.689] in from my address book or vCard or CSV files.
[00:29:31.530] Let's just go ahead and start there.
[00:29:33.010] I'm gonna Launch Address Book,
[00:29:34.280] and so it's gonna bring that up here.
[00:29:36.030] What I need to do now is add some people in here.
[00:29:38.920] In working with my screencast, obviously I need to add
[00:29:41.557] Don McAllister in there because I'll be working with Don.
[00:29:44.391] If I just drop the card down there,
[00:29:45.861] what you'll notice is that now I've got this full contact
[00:29:48.960] card here for Don McAllister.
[00:29:50.610] You can see all his contact info is down the side.
[00:29:53.150] I can add a photo here if I want to and that sort of thing.
[00:29:56.312] But what you'll notice is you'll notice again,
[00:29:58.730] we have a very familiar looking area right here
[00:30:01.130] with Linked Containers, and Lists and Tasks,
[00:30:03.450] and Notes, and Files.
[00:30:04.530] What's nice is there consistency across
[00:30:07.570] all of these different areas in our Library,
[00:30:09.711] where once you learn this, you'll kind of see how it works
[00:30:13.020] and functions across each of these specific areas.
[00:30:15.760] So I've got Don in there.
[00:30:16.956] Let's go ahead and if I just click the back arrow here,
[00:30:21.070] you'll see that when I come to the main screen,
[00:30:22.660] now I've got a list of my contacts.
[00:30:24.920] Let's go ahead and add couple more people.
[00:30:28.080] Let's go ahead and add JF in there,
[00:30:30.239] 'cause he helps us with all of our video production
[00:30:32.910] and so I'm sure I'll be in touch with him.
[00:30:36.120] Let's go ahead and go back.
[00:30:36.953] So now we have JF and Don there.
[00:30:38.390] And then let's just go ahead and add Allison in there.
[00:30:42.025] Let's just say I'll have interactions with her on this
[00:30:44.410] so we'll add her in there.
[00:30:45.580] Let me just close my address book.
[00:30:47.790] Let's go back to the main page.
[00:30:49.610] So as you can see I've got this list now of contacts
[00:30:52.390] that's in my Pagico database that I can start to work with.
[00:30:57.200] Now if I want to add a new contact
[00:30:58.830] that's not in my address book,
[00:31:00.330] I just come up here and hit New Contact.
[00:31:02.290] I put a name in here, so let's say Joe Bloggs.
[00:31:06.691] And we'll say Create Contact.
[00:31:08.839] So now it takes me in here.
[00:31:10.420] You'll notice I don't have any contact information for him
[00:31:12.750] 'cause I've just added him, so I need to add this myself.
[00:31:15.170] If I just double click into the email area here,
[00:31:17.262] I can just put his email.
[00:31:19.310] Say, I hit enter,
[00:31:22.702] and so now it's added that email.
[00:31:24.575] You'll notice I can write other things but I need to put
[00:31:27.500] my own titling on it.
[00:31:28.730] Email was already there for me but in here,
[00:31:30.610] I may need to put things like telephone.
[00:31:33.350] I can put 999-999-9999, like that, hit enter,
[00:31:37.620] and now I've added a telephone for him.
[00:31:39.270] I can just keep going and adding whatever content
[00:31:41.490] I wanna add in here for Joe Bloggs as a contact.
[00:31:45.036] When I've done that, then if I go back, you'll see that
[00:31:47.800] it starts to populate that information in here.
[00:31:50.010] See I've got his email and all of that.
[00:31:51.660] I just don't have an address and that sort of thing.
[00:31:53.634] So that's how you would add contacts into Pagico.
[00:31:58.538] Another thing that I can do is I can group
[00:32:01.500] contacts together by common things.
[00:32:04.090] Let me show you how that works.
[00:32:05.020] Let's go in here to JF's area.
[00:32:06.743] What you'll notice is if I hover over these items,
[00:32:09.780] you'll notice that I've got the two heads right here,
[00:32:12.450] and you'll notice those show up for anything that I add
[00:32:15.330] into these fields over here.
[00:32:17.280] What that does is that allows me to group contacts
[00:32:19.950] by just about anything I want.
[00:32:21.420] I can do it by business, address, cell phone, website,
[00:32:24.590] that sort of thing.
[00:32:25.504] In our case, let's go ahead and group
[00:32:27.420] all the ScreenCastsOnline people together.
[00:32:29.450] If I just click on those two little heads there,
[00:32:31.513] you can see that Auto-Grouping is enabled for business.
[00:32:34.788] So you'll notice that now I have this
[00:32:36.350] little business area here.
[00:32:37.520] If I just click on that, you'll notice that now everybody
[00:32:39.860] with ScreenCastsOnline is in there.
[00:32:41.550] Now Joe Bloggs wasn't,
[00:32:42.710] so that's why he's not showing up there.
[00:32:44.510] But you can see it's under the business tag there
[00:32:46.660] and it knows that it's ScreenCastsOnline
[00:32:48.640] because that's what's been populated in there.
[00:32:50.840] So again you can do it by address, by phone numbers,
[00:32:53.170] by whatever you want but you can group things together
[00:32:55.590] that way by any of those items in the Contact area.
[00:32:59.750] One of the areas where Pagico really shines
[00:33:02.660] is in its ability to collaborate across your contacts
[00:33:06.590] and your projects and the way it handles
[00:33:08.230] all of that to make it easy to manage.
[00:33:10.124] Let me show you how that works.
[00:33:12.420] If I just go into let's say, JF for a second here,
[00:33:15.120] I can actually add different tasks and things to him
[00:33:18.360] right here on his individual contact screen.
[00:33:20.610] If I just hit the plus here, I can say New Task.
[00:33:23.603] Let me just paste this in there.
[00:33:25.080] Let's say I want him to review a screencast,
[00:33:26.879] I can even from here really assign it anywhere I want to,
[00:33:29.770] but I'm just gonna assign it to him.
[00:33:31.470] I'm gonna say Create Task and so now the task
[00:33:33.770] shows up there for him.
[00:33:35.020] And now I could just manage it by a contact basis,
[00:33:38.280] so if I went to the Timeline,
[00:33:39.670] I could see where it's at in terms of the projects
[00:33:41.810] he's assigned to or the tasks.
[00:33:43.175] I can come over here and look at his calendar,
[00:33:45.090] see how busy he is.
[00:33:46.161] So I could do that within the contact itself.
[00:33:48.950] But one of the great things I can do is I can also do it
[00:33:51.360] from the actual project file.
[00:33:53.230] If I come over to the project and you can see
[00:33:54.940] here's all the different things I've got to do
[00:33:56.520] for my Screencasting Project.
[00:33:58.159] Let's just say I want to move this note over to him.
[00:34:01.860] So I don't want to keep it in the project but I wanna
[00:34:03.870] actually just move it over to him.
[00:34:05.610] What I would do is I'd just hit More Actions here,
[00:34:07.750] where I can also control click to get to this menu.
[00:34:09.933] I come down and just say Move To,
[00:34:12.310] and then I'm gonna select JF there, say Select.
[00:34:16.336] You'll notice the item now disappears,
[00:34:18.520] 'cause I actually moved it over to him.
[00:34:20.432] But let's say instead
[00:34:22.030] that I just want to assign a task to him.
[00:34:24.350] I want to keep it in my project but I want to assign it
[00:34:26.580] to him and have it show up on his screen.
[00:34:28.080] So I want to link it this time.
[00:34:29.606] Let's say I want him to finalise the screenflow file.
[00:34:33.150] I'm just going to control click here and I get this menu.
[00:34:35.792] I'm gonna say link with and I'm gonna select him right here
[00:34:40.150] and say Select.
[00:34:41.077] You'll notice that what happens is his name just shows
[00:34:43.980] up here with this particular task assigned to it.
[00:34:46.784] I can also assign a task while I'm typing the task itself.
[00:34:51.400] Let me just show you what that looks like.
[00:34:52.700] If I just double click in here to edit it,
[00:34:54.950] what I would do is normally if I put an at sign,
[00:34:57.450] I'd put a tag after something I'm typing in.
[00:34:59.880] Instead I can just put brackets and then put the name
[00:35:02.930] of the person in there and close the brackets
[00:35:05.350] and then save it and you can see now
[00:35:07.610] that's also been assigned to JF.
[00:35:09.750] So he's got that task as well.
[00:35:11.880] If we just click on this, I get this card that comes up.
[00:35:14.687] It shows me information about JF as well as things
[00:35:18.170] he's got pending, overdue, completed, or someday.
[00:35:20.940] I can add a new task right from here or if I just open,
[00:35:23.810] it'll take me right to his screen.
[00:35:25.600] And you can see that now I've got those two tasks
[00:35:28.100] that I've assigned to him.
[00:35:29.590] These tasks also show up here on his Timeline.
[00:35:32.700] You can see they've been added right here,
[00:35:34.360] and on his Calendar.
[00:35:35.810] If I come down, you can see they're right down there.
[00:35:37.894] So again, this is one way to use collaboration across
[00:35:41.720] your contacts and your projects.
[00:35:43.905] If I just come back to the project,
[00:35:46.160] let's just say that I want to add,
[00:35:48.010] and I'm just going to go by type here.
[00:35:50.579] Let's say that I want to add my users,
[00:35:52.764] the people that I'm going to be working with the contacts,
[00:35:55.760] into the field here.
[00:35:57.210] If I just hit plus, and you can see that I can add,
[00:36:00.110] let's say I add JF, I'm gonna select him.
[00:36:02.259] You'll see that now his card is added as a linked container
[00:36:06.210] on my Screencasting Project.
[00:36:08.027] Let's say I wanna do the same thing for, let's say Don.
[00:36:12.894] And let's do one more,
[00:36:14.290] let's go ahead and put Allison in there as well.
[00:36:17.170] So that way I've got quick access to those cards
[00:36:19.760] when I need them right here inside the project file itself.
[00:36:23.339] As you can see, Pagico is really powerful in its ability
[00:36:27.260] to link things together and to help you
[00:36:29.420] really collaborate on projects,
[00:36:31.200] to assign it to different contacts,
[00:36:32.715] and to really get things done.
[00:36:35.843] One very important thing about project management
[00:36:38.740] is to be able to stay on top of all of your
[00:36:40.680] tasks and projects all in one place.
[00:36:43.190] And Pagico does that for you.
[00:36:45.245] You'll notice over here in the Library, we have a Dashboard.
[00:36:47.810] If I just click on the Dashboard,
[00:36:49.367] what you get is an overall view of everything
[00:36:52.310] that you have happening in your Pagico database.
[00:36:54.930] So for instance you can see from January to March
[00:36:57.110] here on the List view,
[00:36:58.380] I've got one item that's been completed,
[00:37:00.130] I've got things that are coming up this week,
[00:37:02.070] you can even see who's assigned and where it's coming from.
[00:37:04.285] I've got recent items down here too,
[00:37:06.470] and these are the ones that I've been working with recently
[00:37:08.520] and how long ago I've worked with them.
[00:37:10.520] If I go to the 6-Week view,
[00:37:11.980] you can see I get a nice chart here.
[00:37:13.949] A nice graph and if I just hit the dropdown,
[00:37:16.740] I can see specifics about that graph.
[00:37:18.920] You can see that I can see specifics about what JF
[00:37:21.790] is working on and I can edit them right in here.
[00:37:24.460] I can do the same thing with my
[00:37:25.630] Screencasting Project overall.
[00:37:27.390] So I get this nice overview of what's being worked on.
[00:37:30.453] I've got the same information down here.
[00:37:32.330] You can see I had no tasks, now I have two,
[00:37:35.100] I have one completed and then it just kind of follows
[00:37:37.610] all the way down and can give me a visual
[00:37:39.300] of all the different things I've got
[00:37:40.530] coming up on my calendar.
[00:37:42.270] Again I can view it by Quarter, I can view it by Year,
[00:37:44.769] just like I could before.
[00:37:46.492] I can go back to the 6-Week.
[00:37:48.620] So that's one way that I can view those tasks.
[00:37:50.760] You'll notice under here,
[00:37:51.640] if I want to specifically view it by calendar,
[00:37:53.520] I can do that as well.
[00:37:54.910] You can see all the different things
[00:37:56.020] that I have on a calendar.
[00:37:57.050] I can click into these items.
[00:37:58.460] It brings up a card, even shows me who's assigned to it.
[00:38:01.290] If I want to set alerts, I can do that by editing it.
[00:38:04.550] I can move it, link it, delete it,
[00:38:05.989] right here from the Calendar view.
[00:38:07.880] So everything is integrated
[00:38:09.130] so that no matter where you click on it,
[00:38:10.770] you get these cards that allow you to work with them.
[00:38:13.140] Let me just close that down.
[00:38:14.820] I can also see all of my tasks as well that are coming up.
[00:38:17.634] You can see what I have coming up this week and next week.
[00:38:20.360] I can also look at anything that I have someday.
[00:38:23.440] That's just something that maybe I don't have a date on
[00:38:25.490] but I'm gonna get to eventually.
[00:38:26.830] And then I can see my completed tasks right here,
[00:38:29.300] and the ones that I have checked off.
[00:38:30.660] You can see that I have one that's set right there.
[00:38:32.831] So the Dashboard is a really great place to monitor
[00:38:36.210] all the different projects and things
[00:38:37.710] that you have going on in your database.
[00:38:40.190] Another thing that you have available to you,
[00:38:41.950] is the Today area.
[00:38:43.330] If I just click on Today,
[00:38:44.750] it will show me specifically what needs to be done today,
[00:38:47.552] and what's upcoming and what's happening someday,
[00:38:50.790] so that I can go through here
[00:38:52.230] and at a glance see what I need to work on.
[00:38:54.560] I can move them around and edit them from here as well.
[00:38:56.990] See the card comes up, now I can change them
[00:38:58.929] for where I want them, maybe I don't wanna work on it today
[00:39:01.930] so I can defer it to some other time.
[00:39:04.639] I can just come in here and say Edit.
[00:39:07.270] And then off of here,
[00:39:08.160] I can change it to wherever I want to have it start.
[00:39:10.650] I can edit right from the Today's screen as well.
[00:39:13.590] Again it's just a nice way to get an overview
[00:39:16.150] of what's happening for me today
[00:39:17.840] with all the different tasks and projects that I'm running.
[00:39:21.260] Now searching and finding items in Pagico is very easy
[00:39:25.090] 'cause it does have robust search.
[00:39:27.010] You can search on various things
[00:39:29.060] inside your Pagico database.
[00:39:30.958] One of the ways you can do that is through tags.
[00:39:33.794] Everything in Pagico can be tagged.
[00:39:36.260] As you see down here, I've added tags to all these files.
[00:39:38.500] If I wanted to add a tag again to this file,
[00:39:40.980] if I just come in here and type the at sign,
[00:39:43.220] you can see all the tags I have existing show up there.
[00:39:46.012] So maybe I say, I'm doing the research on my iOS device,
[00:39:49.398] I say Save and now it's gonna add that tag.
[00:39:52.140] I can tag every one of my items here as well as
[00:39:55.320] if I come over to contacts and let's just go in here.
[00:39:58.560] I can also tag contacts right over here on the side
[00:40:01.230] and I would just do it the same way by typing in here
[00:40:03.310] and adding these tags.
[00:40:04.470] Everything in the database can be tagged.
[00:40:06.636] If I just go back, I'm going to go to my main project here.
[00:40:10.520] If I wanted to do a search, I can search a couple of ways.
[00:40:13.060] I can start to type in here.
[00:40:14.750] So if I type Allison for instance,
[00:40:16.540] you can see her name comes up,
[00:40:17.874] and I've got that there.
[00:40:19.400] I can pull that out.
[00:40:21.050] I can also search just by clicking on tags.
[00:40:23.355] I can hit that and it'll show me everything
[00:40:25.430] that has an iOS tag on it.
[00:40:27.120] You can see I've got that one right there.
[00:40:29.150] I can also go and hit another one here and search by Mac.
[00:40:32.500] So anything that has a Mac tag is there.
[00:40:34.230] And let's just say that I want to save
[00:40:36.390] that particular search 'cause I want to be able to go back
[00:40:38.830] and look at everything related to my Mac
[00:40:40.640] so that when I'm on my Mac, I can do those particular items.
[00:40:43.529] All I need to do is click on save this search.
[00:40:46.121] So now it's saved it as a collection,
[00:40:48.830] and you can see it tells me there's eight items in here.
[00:40:50.848] In this Mac collection here,
[00:40:53.310] here's everything with a Mac tag on it,
[00:40:55.210] so that I've got all that I front of me
[00:40:56.590] so that when I sit down at my Mac I can start to work on it.
[00:40:59.290] And again I can sort by default or modified time,
[00:41:02.470] whatever I want to,
[00:41:03.303] but I've got the same features available.
[00:41:05.390] I've got my timeline for these items, I've got my calendar,
[00:41:07.952] and I can even do various settings.
[00:41:10.410] I can choose to have it be a Smart Collection if I want to.
[00:41:13.439] I can also set up a Static Collection
[00:41:16.580] if I don't want it to be a Smart Collection.
[00:41:18.560] So let me show you how to do that.
[00:41:20.050] If I just come up here,
[00:41:21.250] you can see it says New Collection.
[00:41:22.937] It gives me again this box that comes up.
[00:41:26.150] I can choose to say whether it's a Static Collection
[00:41:28.550] or a Smart Collection.
[00:41:29.752] Now Static Collection is one where I'm just going to add
[00:41:33.180] things like projects or contacts by myself,
[00:41:36.516] as opposed to doing it based on a search.
[00:41:38.918] This could be a Static Collection right here,
[00:41:42.000] and I'd just have to put a title for it.
[00:41:44.467] I'll just call it Project 1.
[00:41:47.360] I can create this particular collection.
[00:41:50.020] So now it's created this Project 1 Static Collection.
[00:41:53.040] You can see it even tells me there
[00:41:54.160] that it's a Static Collection.
[00:41:55.640] If I just click on add items in here,
[00:41:57.410] then I can choose to add things
[00:41:58.590] like maybe the screencast project I'm going to add.
[00:42:01.200] You can see I've added that there or I can add in Allison
[00:42:04.420] for instance and select her and add her in there.
[00:42:06.735] I can add all of these things in a static type of collection
[00:42:10.080] so that I can access them the way I want to.
[00:42:12.140] Again the Static Collection is a little bit more limited
[00:42:14.500] than the Smart Collection though because I can do that
[00:42:17.550] based on tag in the various items that I'm looking for.
[00:42:20.577] That's a quick way to get access to those things.
[00:42:23.770] If I had multiple projects, if I come into the Project area,
[00:42:26.570] this is where tags comes in handy as well,
[00:42:28.710] because I can start to search across the various tags.
[00:42:31.610] You can see there's iOS, and I want to find it in
[00:42:33.860] screencasting and you can see now those two show up
[00:42:37.100] and it's gonna give me search results right here,
[00:42:39.218] based on my just kind of combing through the various tags
[00:42:42.530] that I have on items.
[00:42:44.000] So Pagico does provide some really good ways to get at
[00:42:47.390] specifics in your database which comes in handy
[00:42:49.680] especially when it gets more complex.
[00:42:53.220] Now Pagico does include a Workspaces feature that allows
[00:42:57.310] you to sync particular projects and the data in them
[00:43:00.633] with your other devices such as an iPhone or an iPad
[00:43:04.780] or something like that.
[00:43:05.936] Built into the service you get six months
[00:43:08.930] of free 512 megabytes of storage that you can use to try out
[00:43:14.550] the service and then it's a one-time $9.99 fee
[00:43:18.040] to continue to use that indefinitely.
[00:43:20.200] And then as I showed you earlier there are various tiers
[00:43:22.980] depending on how much space you need.
[00:43:24.910] So if you come into the Workspaces area over here
[00:43:27.120] to get started you can sign in with a Pagico ID,
[00:43:30.340] or sign up for one.
[00:43:31.730] Since we don't have one, we're gonna sign up.
[00:43:34.260] You could also join an existing workspace or create one,
[00:43:37.370] but what we're gonna do is just go ahead and sign up first.
[00:43:40.280] Here you're gonna put your first and last name,
[00:43:43.050] and so I'm just gonna put that information in here right now
[00:43:45.880] and then you put in an email.
[00:43:49.451] And then you'll put in a password,
[00:43:51.380] whatever kind of password you want to put in there.
[00:43:53.210] You have to have at least eight characters,
[00:43:55.280] so I'll put one in.
[00:43:57.130] You can also choose your preferred server or region,
[00:44:00.000] so they've got West Coast or East Coast here.
[00:44:02.200] And then you just agree to the terms and conditions,
[00:44:04.151] and then you sign up.
[00:44:07.902] You can see it's working, it's signing me in.
[00:44:10.800] It says my Pagico ID is ready.
[00:44:12.966] I just click the check mark
[00:44:14.820] and you see I get this Personal Sync area right here.
[00:44:19.190] You'll notice it says I have an untitled workstation.
[00:44:21.400] If I wanted to change that
[00:44:22.600] I could come up here and change it.
[00:44:24.066] I'm gonna change it to let's say Macbook Pro,
[00:44:27.110] so that's more descriptive.
[00:44:28.450] I'm gonna go ahead say Save
[00:44:29.950] and you can see now it's saved it right there.
[00:44:31.818] Now I have this personal workspace that's now in sync.
[00:44:35.850] You can see down here I've got the Personal Sync down here.
[00:44:39.235] So I can actually go into this or if I want to,
[00:44:42.180] if I just click sync over here,
[00:44:43.655] I get to choose what I want to have in sync.
[00:44:47.452] What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna say add items.
[00:44:50.105] I'm going to sync the Screencasting Project.
[00:44:53.420] I'm gonna say select and you can see that it's working.
[00:44:55.478] It's now syncing this particular project,
[00:44:57.956] and so everything's there.
[00:44:59.715] You can see down here, I've got one device that I'm using,
[00:45:02.760] which is just this particular device.
[00:45:04.466] It was last updated a few seconds ago,
[00:45:06.940] and you can see the space that I'm using.
[00:45:09.160] It'll be in the process of syncing that information.
[00:45:13.089] So again, if I come over here,
[00:45:14.930] you can see I've got one synced item.
[00:45:16.390] You see I've got a timeline for these items,
[00:45:18.550] the calendar information and activity feed
[00:45:21.750] as well as settings.
[00:45:23.560] I can have this be my default workspace
[00:45:25.650] if I want it to be that and so that means that new projects
[00:45:28.900] and contacts are automatically gonna be added
[00:45:30.780] to this workspace and so I'm gonna say yes and select that.
[00:45:33.849] You'll notice down here that it now has that little fan icon
[00:45:37.370] that means that this particular item is in sync now
[00:45:40.310] with my workspaces area,
[00:45:41.758] so that it shows that for you.
[00:45:43.960] You can see all the different information that I've got here
[00:45:46.430] there's the expiration for when I'm gonna have to pay.
[00:45:48.552] And then I can talk about who the owners are,
[00:45:50.593] and I can also invite people to collaborate with me.
[00:45:54.160] I'm just gonna say Save Settings.
[00:45:55.597] So now I've got that setting set and ready to go.
[00:45:58.360] Let's just go all the way back to this workspace.
[00:46:01.320] So now I've got that set, it's in sync.
[00:46:03.922] You can see down here the space I'm using,
[00:46:06.420] there's hardly anything 'cause I don't have much in there.
[00:46:08.770] If I wanted to invite somebody I would just hit this,
[00:46:11.310] and I would give them this code.
[00:46:13.610] This would be the invitation code to the workspace
[00:46:15.800] that they would put in their Pagico App.
[00:46:17.560] And then they would be in sync with it.
[00:46:19.791] So I'm just gonna put that down.
[00:46:22.150] Now that I've got the syncing ready to go,
[00:46:23.740] you'll notice over here on the side that I get this fan
[00:46:26.620] in the background so that just kind of alerts me
[00:46:28.780] that it's in sync.
[00:46:29.613] Everything else looks the same otherwise.
[00:46:31.600] And you can see over here I've got this fan.
[00:46:33.779] One of the great benefits of this is not only sync across
[00:46:36.940] your different devices but I can actually share this.
[00:46:39.740] If I hit share, I can share it with a public link.
[00:46:43.903] I'm gonna go ahead and get the public link.
[00:46:47.010] So here it is and I'm gonna open this in the browser
[00:46:49.390] so I can show you what it looks like.
[00:46:50.970] Because you can send this link to anybody so that they can
[00:46:53.500] view the actual project files in a web browser
[00:46:56.067] without having Pagico.
[00:46:58.010] Now it is view-only, as you can see here.
[00:47:00.620] So all the information is there in a view-only fashion.
[00:47:03.540] But at least they get an overview of what's happening
[00:47:05.750] in the project and what's going on there.
[00:47:08.390] There are all the files here that they can download
[00:47:10.680] so if you do put files up there
[00:47:12.180] they can get those downloaded.
[00:47:13.673] But again it's just another way to collaborate
[00:47:16.350] and to show your project.
[00:47:18.044] Let's just go ahead and put that down,
[00:47:20.429] and we'll go ahead and close this off.
[00:47:24.070] Now that we've got the web spaces all set up and ready to go
[00:47:27.458] let me just show you in the Preferences over here,
[00:47:30.228] where that is also located.
[00:47:32.040] You can also get status of everything over here
[00:47:34.430] to make sure that everything's up and running.
[00:47:35.960] You can sign out here.
[00:47:37.651] You can choose to sync it.
[00:47:39.420] What I would do too is enable a Myself Contact,
[00:47:42.655] when you do this so that way it will actually add you
[00:47:46.040] to your contacts on there,
[00:47:48.140] so that you have yourself and you can tell the difference
[00:47:50.330] between you and other people 'cause it's assuming
[00:47:52.210] you're gonna want to collaborate.
[00:47:53.600] And then you can setup a Personal Web Calendar Feed as well,
[00:47:57.480] if you wanted to do that.
[00:47:59.100] It'd be set up kind of like a Google Calendar
[00:48:00.900] type of a setup.
[00:48:02.250] So now that I've got that set and ready to go,
[00:48:04.950] let's just over to contacts real quick.
[00:48:07.150] You can see it has set me up over here
[00:48:09.630] so now it's got me as T Olthoff so that I can collaborate
[00:48:13.560] using myself as opposed to just adding myself later.
[00:48:16.960] Now that I've got workspaces set up,
[00:48:19.110] let's go ahead and take a look at what it looks like
[00:48:20.960] over on an iOS device.
[00:48:23.392] So here we are over on my iPhone X.
[00:48:26.790] This is Pagico Mobile.
[00:48:28.160] I'm in the App Store right now.
[00:48:30.420] Pagico Mobile is a free application,
[00:48:32.970] and so you can get it free with your
[00:48:35.540] Pagico desktop application.
[00:48:37.451] It's not feature complete so it doesn't have
[00:48:39.920] every single thing that's on the desktop application.
[00:48:42.480] So that's why I thought I'd show it side by side here,
[00:48:44.801] just so you can get an idea of what you can take with you
[00:48:47.840] and how to use the settings so that everything is in sync.
[00:48:51.160] We're gonna go ahead and tap Open
[00:48:52.360] 'cause we're gonna open the application.
[00:48:54.260] It asks if we want to use Face ID,
[00:48:56.350] and so I'll go ahead and say okay so it will secure it.
[00:49:00.923] Once it does that it takes us to the login screen.
[00:49:03.937] Here on the login screen you're gonna put in your
[00:49:06.280] Pagico ID email and the password
[00:49:08.670] that you set up in the Pagico application.
[00:49:10.580] So let me go ahead and do that right now.
[00:49:12.710] Okay, now that I have that information in there,
[00:49:14.560] I just tap on Sign In to sign in to the application
[00:49:18.926] and so it's gonna start the sync process.
[00:49:21.370] You can see it down there on the bottom left corner,
[00:49:23.137] and now all the information is showing up
[00:49:25.560] actually here on my iPhone.
[00:49:27.810] As you can see I'm greeted with a Calendar view
[00:49:30.190] with all of the different items down below
[00:49:32.563] that I need to work on.
[00:49:34.724] If I just tap into one of the items,
[00:49:37.690] for instance I'll just tap into the top one there,
[00:49:39.820] you can see that I've got all kinds of information on it.
[00:49:42.620] I've got research new application,
[00:49:44.420] I've got my tags in there, I can put things like location,
[00:49:48.918] you can see when it's due and all of that,
[00:49:50.900] and you can also add colours to it if I wanted to.
[00:49:53.540] I can make it green if I wanted to add a colour to it.
[00:49:56.450] Down below, I can choose to snooze, edit,
[00:49:58.976] add a new list item, move it, or delete it.
[00:50:02.620] I'm just gonna leave it with green there
[00:50:04.369] since I changed that and you can see that now
[00:50:06.730] there's a green outline next to the research area
[00:50:10.010] in the side there.
[00:50:11.670] Now a few things as you look at this.
[00:50:13.460] Down along the bottom, you see I've got my Inbox.
[00:50:15.634] I've got nothing in my Inbox 'cause I didn't have anything
[00:50:18.410] there with my personal sync.
[00:50:20.240] If I tap here into the workspaces into the projects area,
[00:50:23.892] you can see that I've got my Screencasting Project there.
[00:50:27.130] So if I just tap on that,
[00:50:28.850] it takes me into the project itself.
[00:50:30.959] What you'll notice right away
[00:50:32.670] is there's three contacts missing.
[00:50:34.510] You can see that Don and JF and Allison are not there.
[00:50:37.565] That's because I actually have to add them
[00:50:39.720] to get them to sync so if I just come back over here,
[00:50:42.456] what I'm going to do is I need to add those people
[00:50:46.340] into this area here.
[00:50:47.780] If I say share an existing item,
[00:50:49.452] I can come in and add Allison.
[00:50:51.660] I'm gonna select her so I'm gonna add her to that list.
[00:50:54.349] And I'll come over here as well and add JF,
[00:50:57.240] so that he's in here and then I'm gonna share another item.
[00:51:02.240] If I scroll down, there's Don, so I can add Don in here.
[00:51:05.685] That way I've got all of them added into the information
[00:51:09.440] that I'm going to sync with my iPhone.
[00:51:11.370] Oops let me just tap back here for a minute.
[00:51:13.580] So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go out of the project,
[00:51:16.013] I'm gonna go back over to the side area here.
[00:51:18.726] At the very top where I've got those bars,
[00:51:21.520] if I just tap on that you can see the sync information
[00:51:24.010] down there at the bottom.
[00:51:24.843] I'm just gonna tap it to sync.
[00:51:26.830] So that's gonna start syncing that information.
[00:51:29.339] Now if I tap off of it,
[00:51:31.590] let me just go ahead and go back into my project here,
[00:51:35.240] and so now you can see that all of the people are there now.
[00:51:38.250] All my linked contact are showing because I added them.
[00:51:41.250] You can see how it's also kind of in sync across
[00:51:43.720] to the application itself.
[00:51:46.448] Other things I can do with this Screencasting Project,
[00:51:49.910] if I just tap on edit you'll see that I can do things like
[00:51:52.500] add a colour to it, let's go ahead and make it red.
[00:51:55.430] I can also change the name,
[00:51:57.610] and I can also add new items to it.
[00:51:59.850] I can also delete the project if I wanted to
[00:52:02.050] but since we've got it on red
[00:52:03.210] I'll just say Done and you can see now
[00:52:04.700] it's made the project red for me.
[00:52:06.734] The other things I can do is if I actually scroll down here
[00:52:10.990] and go let's see, all the way to the bottom,
[00:52:13.820] you can see that I've got my attachments there.
[00:52:16.270] If I just choose to tap into the email attachment
[00:52:19.696] that I put with my project,
[00:52:21.510] you see I can do some edits on it as well,
[00:52:23.500] in terms of a description and tags and all of that.
[00:52:26.300] But I also have preview button at the bottom
[00:52:28.750] where I can actually preview the email itself.
[00:52:31.600] Let me just tap on Done.
[00:52:33.170] I can delete it and I can also tap on add to
[00:52:35.710] and I can add it to a new task with a file
[00:52:37.700] or a new note with a file.
[00:52:39.000] Let me just cancel and come out of there.
[00:52:40.930] And then just tap back.
[00:52:42.490] So that gives you an idea of how that might work
[00:52:45.060] when you're working with projects.
[00:52:46.280] Again, not quite everything that you can do across the board
[00:52:48.731] but you at least have access to it so you can see it.
[00:52:51.440] If I just tap the arrow back,
[00:52:53.199] I got back to these workspaces now.
[00:52:55.516] What I can also do if I tap into the contacts,
[00:52:58.850] you see I have all of my contacts in here.
[00:53:00.827] If I just tap on Don for instance,
[00:53:02.960] it'll bring up all kinds of information on his contacts
[00:53:05.480] so I've got his information with me.
[00:53:07.716] I can edit this by tapping Edit and just add whatever I want
[00:53:11.690] and edit it right here on the actual iOS application.
[00:53:14.535] I'm just gonna tap Done.
[00:53:16.960] If I go back to the Inbox here,
[00:53:19.875] let's go ahead and add an item.
[00:53:21.630] If I just tap the big plus there,
[00:53:23.400] I can add a new task or list, a new note,
[00:53:25.810] or I can import files and photos.
[00:53:27.958] Let me just show you the import files and photos
[00:53:30.440] for a minute because it allows you to import
[00:53:32.240] from your camera or your albums locally on your phone
[00:53:35.714] but it also allows you to import from different
[00:53:38.340] cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
[00:53:41.130] So that is a nice feature that's been added.
[00:53:43.500] I'm just gonna say cancel there.
[00:53:45.360] If I just tap the plus here,
[00:53:47.110] I can add again, a new note or a new task,
[00:53:49.480] and so I'm just gonna say a new note.
[00:53:51.179] Here I can put a test note in.
[00:53:53.329] Let's just go ahead and put that in.
[00:53:55.630] I can put a location or just body.
[00:53:57.510] I'm just gonna say testing,
[00:53:59.860] right there.
[00:54:00.980] I can tap to set a time and a date.
[00:54:04.060] I'm just put it right there.
[00:54:05.799] I can also choose where to put it,
[00:54:07.540] either in the Inbox, in a project,
[00:54:09.760] or on a particular contact.
[00:54:12.500] So on this case let's just go ahead and put it in the Inbox.
[00:54:15.670] I'm gonna say Done.
[00:54:17.310] We're just gonna tap Save on the upper right hand side,
[00:54:19.610] and so now we've got this task of testing
[00:54:22.050] or this note of testing actually right in our Inbox.
[00:54:25.010] That way we have access to it when we get back to the actual
[00:54:28.630] desktop application once all of this syncs.
[00:54:31.320] If I just go back to the Calendar area here,
[00:54:33.852] you'll notice if I press into one of these,
[00:54:37.710] you'll see I can snooze a particular item
[00:54:40.590] or delete it with pressing it in,
[00:54:42.485] or if I just tap into it, I can go through and edit this.
[00:54:46.486] I can snooze it, I can add it to a list,
[00:54:49.080] I can move it or I can delete it if I want to do that.
[00:54:52.020] So again if I tap move,
[00:54:53.446] then I can choose where I want to move it
[00:54:55.470] and I've got this information down below
[00:54:57.230] and I can assign to whoever I want.
[00:54:59.700] I'm gonna say Done and just tap out of it though
[00:55:01.850] 'cause I don't need to do that.
[00:55:03.785] I can have alerts up on the top right.
[00:55:06.441] So if I had any alerts of things that were overdue,
[00:55:09.060] or were due someday, I could get access to it there.
[00:55:11.881] There is some search built in as well,
[00:55:14.340] where I can search by either the items here or by tag.
[00:55:19.909] So I put in screen, you can see that it's showing me
[00:55:22.760] in all the places it shows up, where it shows up in lists,
[00:55:26.380] where it shows up in projects, contacts, and files.
[00:55:29.823] It does have some nice search that will allow me
[00:55:32.670] to find things inside those various items
[00:55:34.990] that I have in my database.
[00:55:37.100] One more thing I want to show you is just
[00:55:39.270] if I hit the bars there,
[00:55:40.450] you can see it shows recently accessed items,
[00:55:42.960] so I can get quick access to them.
[00:55:45.230] I can always sync just by tapping the sync icon down there.
[00:55:49.300] Finally on the settings down on the bottom,
[00:55:52.050] I can set when the week starts,
[00:55:53.691] what to do with tasks when they're completed,
[00:55:55.810] that sort of thing.
[00:55:56.980] So that's Pagico for iOS that allows you to take some
[00:55:59.810] of your projects and tasks and contacts with you on the go.
[00:56:04.617] Here we are back on the desktop application.
[00:56:07.650] There's just a couple more things
[00:56:08.840] I want to show you before we go.
[00:56:10.640] The first is that you can have
[00:56:12.130] more than one Pagico database.
[00:56:13.930] If you just come up here and click this icon here,
[00:56:16.300] you'll notice that now we've got our Pagico database
[00:56:19.300] right here but I can create a new database right here
[00:56:21.640] if I want to as well.
[00:56:22.960] So if you wanted to have multiple databases
[00:56:24.830] for different projects you've got
[00:56:26.290] or different roles you play, you could do that.
[00:56:28.540] And then you would just come to this page,
[00:56:30.330] click into the actual database that you want to use,
[00:56:32.610] and it would launch and take you
[00:56:33.830] right into the Pagico application.
[00:56:35.930] So that's one thing I wanted to point out.
[00:56:38.040] If you wanted to access also to the different preferences,
[00:56:41.220] you would just click the Preferences or Settings button
[00:56:43.820] right here and it would give you access
[00:56:45.870] to some of the basic preferences,
[00:56:47.540] database specific preferences,
[00:56:49.290] including a password protecting the database.
[00:56:51.800] And then just information about your Pagico instal
[00:56:54.570] if you needed that information.
[00:56:56.773] One more thing I want to show you
[00:56:58.680] is that you can with Pagico being closed,
[00:57:01.182] add items to your database.
[00:57:03.370] If you notice up here in the toolbar,
[00:57:05.300] I've got this little icon.
[00:57:06.450] If I click on it, you'll notice that I can add a new note,
[00:57:09.460] a new task, or a new file, or open Pagico,
[00:57:12.210] or get right to the Preferences.
[00:57:14.320] If I just click on new note for instance,
[00:57:16.500] it's gonna bring up this new note window,
[00:57:18.400] that allows me to add a note and put it in my database.
[00:57:21.680] You'll notice it's not as detailed as the ones inside Pagico
[00:57:25.010] itself but it is a way to get items quickly
[00:57:27.900] into your Pagico database.
[00:57:33.89] (music)
[00:57:35.020] So that's Pagico 8,
[00:57:36.450] an excellent productivity application,
[00:57:38.500] which allows you to see all of your tasks, lists, projects,
[00:57:41.890] people and documents in one simple interface,
[00:57:44.583] that gives you the ability to link those items
[00:57:47.250] so that you can choose the best view to get the job done.
[00:57:50.290] With its collaboration and delegation features,
[00:57:53.090] along with a companion iOS application,
[00:57:55.437] Pagico is a great way to manage the projects in your life.
[00:57:59.112] So hopefully that gives you a better understanding
[00:58:01.490] of how Pagico 8 works so that you can determine
[00:58:03.950] if it will work with your project management workflow.
[00:58:07.700] So that's it for this week.
[00:58:08.910] We'll speak to you next time.
[00:58:11.448] (music)