Transcript of SCOM0747

[00:00:01.185] (music)
[00:00:04.930] - [Mike] Hello, this is Mike Schimitz
[00:00:07.090] and welcome to another edition
[00:00:08.580] of ScreenCastsOnline.
[00:00:11.290] In this episode, we'll be revisiting
[00:00:12.980] one of my favourite applications OmniFocus.
[00:00:16.760] Version three of OmniFocus for iOS includes
[00:00:19.550] several major improvements to one of the best
[00:00:22.090] task management apps out there
[00:00:24.550] and in this video tutorial
[00:00:25.920] we're gonna look at what's new.
[00:00:28.390] We'll start with a basic overview
[00:00:30.000] of the OmniFocus layout on iOS
[00:00:32.090] for those who are new to the application.
[00:00:35.070] We'll cover the different types of projects
[00:00:37.060] available on OmniFocus.
[00:00:39.260] We'll show you how to use the new
[00:00:40.690] tags feature that replaces the contexts
[00:00:43.500] available in previous versions.
[00:00:45.920] We'll walk you through how to
[00:00:47.110] use the new Forecast perspective
[00:00:49.620] and even show you how to set up
[00:00:50.900] a couple of custom perspectives
[00:00:52.610] using the new perspectives settings.
[00:00:55.110] Be aware though,
[00:00:55.943] this feature does require the Pro version.
[00:00:58.540] We'll also cover the new Inspector settings,
[00:01:01.100] editing group actions, setting up repeating tasks,
[00:01:04.290] Siri capture, and much more.
[00:01:06.950] Let's get started.
[00:01:08.764] (music)
[00:01:13.510] - So, let's start by looking
[00:01:14.912] at the basic interface when you open
[00:01:17.180] OmniFocus Three on your iPad.
[00:01:19.800] On the left, you've got the sidebar,
[00:01:21.820] which is going to show the Forecast perspective.
[00:01:24.690] This is going to display all of your calendar events
[00:01:27.620] and all of your due tasks in line,
[00:01:29.870] so you know what you need to complete today
[00:01:31.720] and also for a specific day in the future.
[00:01:34.500] We've got the Inbox,
[00:01:35.450] which is the place where things go
[00:01:37.380] when you capture them into OmniFocus,
[00:01:39.410] so that you can add additional information to them later,
[00:01:42.460] but at least this way they're in your Inbox
[00:01:44.410] and you don't have to worry about
[00:01:45.510] forgetting that thing anymore.
[00:01:47.610] You've got the Flagged perspective,
[00:01:49.390] which is going to show you
[00:01:50.370] all of your flagged items
[00:01:51.620] and if you flagged items
[00:01:52.730] that you wanted to work on today,
[00:01:54.140] all of those would show up in this Flagged perspective.
[00:01:57.280] Then you've got the Projects perspective,
[00:01:59.150] which is going to group all of the things
[00:02:01.430] you have to do in your OmniFocus instance
[00:02:04.236] according to the project that they're associated with.
[00:02:08.080] Next, you've got the Nearby perspective,
[00:02:10.420] which is going to take the location information
[00:02:12.521] that you may have attached to certain tags
[00:02:15.055] and show you only the tasks that you can do nearby.
[00:02:19.920] Then you've got the Tags perspective,
[00:02:21.590] which is going to display all of the different tags
[00:02:24.440] that you have inside of your OmniFocus instance
[00:02:27.070] and display the tasks accordingly.
[00:02:29.730] And finially, we've got the Review perspective.
[00:02:31.560] This is something that you would use
[00:02:32.810] to review your projects on a consistent basis
[00:02:35.320] to make sure that you're not forgetting anything
[00:02:37.270] and everything is up to date.
[00:02:39.250] There's also a space for other perspectives
[00:02:41.020] and we'll show you a couple that are build in
[00:02:42.358] and walk you through how to create
[00:02:44.210] a couple custom perspectives yourself,
[00:02:45.810] so you can filter the information that's in
[00:02:48.110] OmniFocus the way that you want to see it.
[00:02:51.060] On the right side of the sidebar
[00:02:52.360] is the main interface window
[00:02:53.820] and this is going to display everything
[00:02:55.580] that is in the currently selected perspective.
[00:02:58.020] So in this case we have an Inbox,
[00:03:00.100] but we have nothing in our Inbox.
[00:03:02.900] I can add something to my Inbox
[00:03:04.520] by tapping on the button
[00:03:06.010] in the lower right hand corner,
[00:03:07.520] which is going to bring up
[00:03:08.700] the new Inbox items screen.
[00:03:11.360] From here, I can put in the name of the task
[00:03:13.690] that I want to appear in my OmniFocus Inbox.
[00:03:17.240] Maybe something like
[00:03:18.450] Watch the Latest ScreenCastOnline Tutorial
[00:03:21.940] and then we've got a check circle,
[00:03:23.400] which will indicate whether
[00:03:24.320] the task is completed or not.
[00:03:26.070] If the task was due on a certain day,
[00:03:28.050] it might change the colour.
[00:03:29.130] If it was flagged, it might appear orange.
[00:03:31.760] We've got three different tabs,
[00:03:33.220] which are going to show the info
[00:03:34.740] associated with the task,
[00:03:36.570] a note if we wanted to include some additional information,
[00:03:39.790] and an attachments tag if we wanted
[00:03:41.340] to attach a screenshot or an audio recording.
[00:03:44.130] Now, you can add all of this information
[00:03:46.440] when you add tasks into your Inbox,
[00:03:48.250] but you don't have to,
[00:03:49.260] which is one of the nice things about OmniFocus.
[00:03:52.540] The real thing that OmniFocus is aiming to solve
[00:03:54.890] is giving you a place to capture all of the information
[00:03:57.580] as you're thinking about it
[00:03:58.640] and then you can go back later,
[00:04:00.410] you add this information and you can use
[00:04:02.810] the power of OmniFocus to filter the information
[00:04:05.140] according to the criteria that you've applied to it,
[00:04:07.570] so you see only the things that
[00:04:08.780] you should be thinking about at any one time.
[00:04:11.200] So for the sake of this example,
[00:04:12.507] I'm not going to add
[00:04:14.037] any of this additional information,
[00:04:15.600] I just want to get this in my Inbox.
[00:04:17.870] I've got everything that I need
[00:04:19.460] so I don't forget about this thing.
[00:04:21.630] Now, at this point I've got a couple of different options.
[00:04:23.920] I can tap Save to just save this task into my Inbox
[00:04:27.580] and return to the Inbox view
[00:04:29.379] or I could hit Save plus
[00:04:31.250] if there's something else
[00:04:32.400] that I want to capture to my Inbox as well.
[00:04:34.860] So if I tap on Save plus, I can add another task
[00:04:36.877] like Read the Latest ScreenCastOnline Magazine
[00:04:41.870] and again I've got the Info, Note,
[00:04:43.690] and Attachment tabs in the additional information
[00:04:46.220] that I can apply to this task,
[00:04:47.870] so that OmniFocus knows exactly
[00:04:49.700] when I want to see it.
[00:04:51.590] Again, I'm not really worried
[00:04:52.740] about adding all that stuff right now.
[00:04:54.320] I just want this in my Inbox.
[00:04:57.380] Alright, let's add one more Inbox item,
[00:04:59.260] so we've got a couple different things
[00:05:00.730] that we can play with in this example.
[00:05:02.320] I'll use Listen to the Latest Bookworm Podcast.
[00:05:06.760] Okay, now this is the last thing
[00:05:08.200] that I want to capture right now,
[00:05:09.550] so instead of hitting Save plus this time,
[00:05:11.560] I'm going to tap on Save.
[00:05:14.340] I'm returned to the Inbox view.
[00:05:15.780] I've got three tasks now that are in my Inbox,
[00:05:18.240] but they don't have any additional information
[00:05:20.120] and if I tap on one of these,
[00:05:21.977] it will open the Inspector window,
[00:05:25.090] so we can see here,
[00:05:25.940] here's the Inbox item
[00:05:27.250] Watch the Latest ScreenCastOnline Tutorial
[00:05:29.202] and again I can go in
[00:05:30.840] and change any information associated with the task.
[00:05:33.930] I can add a note if I wanted
[00:05:35.410] to include some additional information for this
[00:05:38.020] and I can also add an attachment.
[00:05:40.160] So, if I wanted to include
[00:05:41.500] either a screenshot or an audio note,
[00:05:43.137] I could attach that straight to the task.
[00:05:45.900] Let's go back to the Info tab.
[00:05:47.100] I want to take a look at some of these different things
[00:05:48.900] and explain what these do.
[00:05:51.100] Now, one of the big differences in OmniFocus Three
[00:05:53.810] versus OmniFocus Two is that it left Contexts behind
[00:05:57.290] and it embraces the idea of tags.
[00:05:59.660] Contexts according to the Getting Things Done
[00:06:01.830] or the GTD methodology are the person, place, tool,
[00:06:05.440] or thing that you need in order to get something done.
[00:06:08.070] And it worked great,
[00:06:08.903] except that you could only have one context
[00:06:11.240] associated with an individual task,
[00:06:13.140] so it was a little bit of a limiting factor.
[00:06:16.270] With tags, you can apply as many different tags as you want
[00:06:18.480] and you can combine the different tags
[00:06:20.430] to add additional filters to the information,
[00:06:22.900] so you only see what you're looking for.
[00:06:25.420] So for example, if I tap on this button
[00:06:27.320] right here to apply some tags,
[00:06:28.979] I can tap on the ones that I want to apply.
[00:06:31.700] So for this one, maybe I want to tap on
[00:06:33.450] Personal, ScreenCastOnline, and then the Do tag.
[00:06:38.820] So these are just things
[00:06:39.710] that I need to do at some point.
[00:06:41.960] You can create these tags however you want.
[00:06:44.260] We'll show you how to do that in just a little bit.
[00:06:46.230] For now, I'm going to tap back on the Inbox item
[00:06:48.832] and return to the Inspector
[00:06:51.370] and you'll see now I've got my tags applied.
[00:06:53.053] Next, let's assign this task a project.
[00:06:55.750] So, we'll tap on Project.
[00:06:57.850] Now, this isn't really something
[00:06:59.610] that I need to flesh out into multiple tasks;
[00:07:01.950] it's just something that I want to do at some point,
[00:07:03.840] so I have a catch all project
[00:07:05.230] and I call it Miscellaneous,
[00:07:06.840] so I'll select that one.
[00:07:08.650] Next, we've got Defer Until and Notifications.
[00:07:11.175] Now, real quickly, the defer date
[00:07:13.260] is kind of like the start date.
[00:07:14.900] This is the date that the task becomes active.
[00:07:18.010] So, if you didn't want to think
[00:07:18.930] about a task for another couple months,
[00:07:20.490] you could put a defer date,
[00:07:21.759] which is going to be a couple months
[00:07:23.410] out into the future.
[00:07:24.400] Then, when you go into your tasks
[00:07:26.250] and you look at the things
[00:07:27.120] that are available to you,
[00:07:28.560] OmniFocus knows this isn't available,
[00:07:30.385] you don't even want to think
[00:07:31.640] about this for another couple months.
[00:07:33.950] The Notifications tab gives you granular control
[00:07:36.610] over what notifications you see.
[00:07:38.370] By default, you'll get a notification
[00:07:40.060] when something is available,
[00:07:41.542] if you have a Defer Until date, or when something is due,
[00:07:45.050] but you can also add your own
[00:07:46.550] custom notifications for any point in the future.
[00:07:49.951] You may notice that there's a lot of things
[00:07:51.860] that are missing from this Inspector window
[00:07:53.810] and that's because we don't want to see everything
[00:07:56.590] every time we create a task.
[00:07:57.910] These are the things that I use most often.
[00:08:00.260] But if we tap on Show More on the bottom,
[00:08:02.660] we'll get the other information,
[00:08:04.030] like Due, the Estimated Duration,
[00:08:05.946] and whether we want this task to repeat.
[00:08:09.410] In this case, I'm gonna add a due date
[00:08:10.910] and I'm gonna put it for today,
[00:08:12.149] but I'm gonna put it eight p.m.
[00:08:14.915] What that does is it takes the check circle
[00:08:17.710] and it makes it yellow,
[00:08:18.730] indicating that this task is not overdue yet,
[00:08:22.070] but it is due at some point today.
[00:08:24.530] You can see in the Forecast view,
[00:08:25.800] I've got a yellow number one now,
[00:08:27.610] which indicates I have one task
[00:08:29.014] that I must complete today
[00:08:30.867] and if we tap on the Flag button to flag this task,
[00:08:34.409] the top half of that check circle turns orange.
[00:08:36.930] We've got a little triangle in the upper right,
[00:08:38.860] which indicates that it is flagged
[00:08:40.283] and we've got a one in the Flagged perspective
[00:08:43.290] back in our sidebar on the left,
[00:08:45.370] indicating that we have one flagged task
[00:08:47.380] that we should work on in that perspective.
[00:08:50.430] You'll also notice that when I added the due date,
[00:08:52.410] it also added a notification.
[00:08:53.850] So if I tap on the notifications,
[00:08:55.258] we've got a notification
[00:08:57.020] which will appear today at eight p.m.
[00:08:58.980] when the thing is due.
[00:09:00.280] But we can also add a notification
[00:09:02.330] before the due notification
[00:09:04.030] or we can add a custom notification.
[00:09:06.017] If we add a custom notification,
[00:09:08.110] we can select any date and time that we want.
[00:09:10.569] We can even select a random one
[00:09:12.380] with the little dice icon there.
[00:09:14.504] Now, I've got another notification
[00:09:16.220] associated with this task.
[00:09:17.370] If I got back to the Inspector,
[00:09:19.140] it's gonna show I have two notifications now.
[00:09:21.810] So, that's a real quick look
[00:09:22.820] at the types of information
[00:09:24.010] you can associate with a task
[00:09:25.630] and now if we go back to our Inbox
[00:09:27.120] and we tap on this broom icon,
[00:09:29.450] this will clean things up.
[00:09:30.720] Remember, things in the Inbox generally
[00:09:33.120] do not have tags or projects associated with them.
[00:09:36.190] This one now does, so if I tap the clean up button,
[00:09:39.530] it's going to remove everything
[00:09:41.434] that has all the information it already needs from my Inbox,
[00:09:45.510] leaving just these two tasks.
[00:09:48.450] So, again, I can go through and I can add the information
[00:09:51.060] that I want to these tasks that are in my Inbox.
[00:09:53.910] If I tap on Read the Latest ScreenCastOnline Magazine,
[00:09:56.560] I can apply tags of Personal,
[00:09:58.360] ScreenCastOnline, and Do.
[00:10:01.620] Also, associate it with the Project of Miscellaneous
[00:10:05.220] and this time, instead of assigning a due date,
[00:10:07.240] we'll assign a Defer date.
[00:10:09.300] So, a Defer date is when
[00:10:10.480] I want to start thinking about this task.
[00:10:13.230] Now, the ScreenCastOnline Magazine has already
[00:10:15.690] been published for this month,
[00:10:17.050] so I'm not going to worry about this until next month.
[00:10:20.580] I'm gonna set a Defer Until date of Sunday,
[00:10:23.480] July first at six a.m.
[00:10:26.480] Now, you can see when I finalise that Defer date
[00:10:29.173] the task itself becomes grey in my Inbox
[00:10:33.200] and that's because it's no longer available.
[00:10:35.990] If I were to clean this up,
[00:10:36.950] it's going to remove that from my view
[00:10:39.440] and I'll show you that in a little bit,
[00:10:40.850] but let's go and apply some information
[00:10:42.810] to our last task in our Inbox
[00:10:44.500] Listen to the Latest Bookworm Podcast.
[00:10:47.200] So, again, I'm gonna add tags of Personal and Do.
[00:10:52.200] I want to create another tag for Bookworm,
[00:10:54.630] which doesn't exist yet,
[00:10:55.750] so I'll just start typing
[00:10:57.160] and as I start typing it'll autocomplete my tags,
[00:10:59.374] but if I don't have any tags,
[00:11:01.240] it'll give me the option to create one,
[00:11:03.080] so I'm gonna create the Bookworm tag
[00:11:05.140] and I'll add one more tag.
[00:11:06.229] I've got a Podcast tag,
[00:11:07.890] so if I start typing Pod,
[00:11:09.960] it's going to autocomplete
[00:11:11.160] and I can just tap on Podcast.
[00:11:13.533] Alright, so that's good.
[00:11:14.480] I've got four different tags
[00:11:15.470] that are associated with this task now.
[00:11:17.000] Let's go back and assign it a Project.
[00:11:20.130] Again, we'll assign it to Miscellaneous
[00:11:23.330] and we don't need to worry about a Flag, Defer dates,
[00:11:25.652] Notifications, or Due Date at this point,
[00:11:28.230] so I'm just gonna leave all that blank.
[00:11:30.250] Okay, let's go back
[00:11:31.083] and look at the view options.
[00:11:32.110] I mention that we have a task now,
[00:11:33.750] which is currently unavailable.
[00:11:36.047] So, if I tap on the eye icon in the main window,
[00:11:40.410] you can see it's showing
[00:11:41.550] the things that are available.
[00:11:42.920] The other options here are things
[00:11:44.800] that are remaining and then all of the tasks.
[00:11:48.330] So, if I tap on Remaining,
[00:11:49.870] we can see all of the things
[00:11:51.270] that are available sometime in the future.
[00:11:54.060] So, we've got another task,
[00:11:55.320] which is going to appear in my Inbox,
[00:11:56.860] which is deferred until June 18th of this year
[00:12:00.190] and it's due March 27th of next year.
[00:12:03.390] Okay, so that wasn't being shown previously
[00:12:05.660] because it's not even something
[00:12:07.240] that I should be thinking about right now,
[00:12:08.810] but when I select Remaining,
[00:12:10.177] I can see all of the tasks
[00:12:12.500] that go out into the future.
[00:12:14.600] I can also select all the tasks,
[00:12:16.230] so if I wanted to show things that were completed,
[00:12:18.730] like a gravity blanket for my bed.
[00:12:20.480] I was reading about these gravity blankets.
[00:12:22.730] I thought they look kind of cool.
[00:12:23.700] I wanted to make sure that I jotted it down,
[00:12:26.040] so I could make a decision about whether to buy one.
[00:12:28.340] Well, I made a decision and I checked off that task.
[00:12:31.450] That's still in my Inbox though
[00:12:32.920] because that doesn't have
[00:12:33.753] any of the other information associated with it.
[00:12:36.240] Let's go back here and select the Available tab.
[00:12:38.210] This is the one you're gonna use most of the time.
[00:12:40.110] This shows just the tasks
[00:12:41.390] that are available to be worked on right now
[00:12:43.810] and now you can see it's removed the
[00:12:46.100] Read the Latest ScreenCastOnline task from my Inbox
[00:12:48.840] because it doesn't meet that criteria;
[00:12:50.910] it's deferred until some date in the future,
[00:12:52.620] so it's not going to show it to me in my Inbox,
[00:12:55.990] but it's going to update the information
[00:12:57.980] there when I switch views.
[00:12:59.450] So, if you make a mistake
[00:13:00.620] or you apply a change,
[00:13:01.729] you can undo it.
[00:13:03.620] The task is not just going
[00:13:04.940] to magically disappear from before your very eyes.
[00:13:07.290] Although, that is a setting
[00:13:08.210] if you wanted OmniFocus to function that way.
[00:13:11.160] Next, let's take a look at the Project view.
[00:13:13.620] So if I tap on the Projects button in the sidebar,
[00:13:17.716] it's going to show me a list of all of the projects
[00:13:20.490] that I currently have in my OmniFocus instance.
[00:13:23.230] I can tap on any one of these projects
[00:13:25.680] and I can see the tasks
[00:13:27.480] that are associated with that particular project.
[00:13:31.130] The Productivity Show I've got a couple of topics
[00:13:33.260] that I need to finalise for upcoming episodes.
[00:13:36.070] For Macstock, I've got a couple of things
[00:13:38.110] that I need to do
[00:13:38.943] before I take my trip to Woodstock, Illinois.
[00:13:42.060] For the OmniFocus Three iOS Screencast,
[00:13:44.390] I've got a list of tasks that I need to do
[00:13:46.170] before this module's completed.
[00:13:47.916] And looking at these tasks,
[00:13:49.427] I can see that none of these tasks
[00:13:51.920] have tags associated with them,
[00:13:54.360] so I could tap on each individual task
[00:13:57.300] and apply tags that way,
[00:13:58.360] but I could also tap on the Edit button
[00:14:00.250] on the top of the menu bar here
[00:14:01.650] and then select all of the tasks
[00:14:03.330] that I want to apply changes to at once.
[00:14:05.910] So, I'm gonna tap on all seven
[00:14:07.050] of these items in the Inspector,
[00:14:08.650] then I can apply tags
[00:14:09.850] to all of these tasks at the same time.
[00:14:13.020] So, let's tag these with ScreenCastOnline.
[00:14:15.210] Let's create an OmniFocus tag and that's enough,
[00:14:18.150] so let's go back to our Actions here.
[00:14:20.790] I've now added those two tags to all seven tasks,
[00:14:24.160] but I only had to make one change in the Inspector.
[00:14:27.440] So, once we're done editing multiple tasks,
[00:14:29.810] we can tap on the Done button,
[00:14:32.430] go back to the regular view,
[00:14:34.110] and update these tasks,
[00:14:35.640] so I've outlined this module already,
[00:14:37.880] which is why I'm able to create this screencast,
[00:14:39.620] so I'll check that one off.
[00:14:41.370] Recording Screencast, this is something
[00:14:43.020] that I'm working on right now and it's important,
[00:14:45.330] so I'm going to flag this task.
[00:14:47.510] And all the other tasks associated with this project,
[00:14:49.930] I really can't do anything with right now,
[00:14:52.810] so I'm actually going to change the type of project
[00:14:56.460] that is associated with this
[00:14:58.188] OmniFocus Three iOS ScreenCast Project.
[00:15:01.160] If I tap on the project itself,
[00:15:02.930] instead of one of the tasks,
[00:15:04.507] I have settings that pertain
[00:15:06.600] to this particular project.
[00:15:07.972] So, again, we've got Info, Note, and Attachments,
[00:15:10.860] but this time we've got a status bar,
[00:15:12.530] which is showing us whether the project is Active,
[00:15:14.445] On Hold, Completed, or Dropped.
[00:15:17.910] We can change whether we want the task
[00:15:20.020] to be marked completed manually
[00:15:21.898] or it can be marked complete automatically,
[00:15:25.330] as soon as I complete the last action in the project.
[00:15:29.200] We could apply tags to the project level,
[00:15:31.650] which again I'm going to do.
[00:15:38.040] We can flag the project
[00:15:39.027] and we can apply a defer or a due date
[00:15:42.280] to this project as well.
[00:15:44.120] Now the type of project isn't shown here,
[00:15:46.310] so I'm gonna tap on Show More
[00:15:47.670] to see all of the other options
[00:15:49.410] that are available to me inside the Inspector
[00:15:51.790] and you'll see that there's a type of project here
[00:15:54.640] with three different options.
[00:15:56.500] Right now, the middle option is selected
[00:15:58.460] and that is the Parallel Project.
[00:16:00.140] This is a project where all of the tasks in the project
[00:16:03.180] can be completed in any order.
[00:16:05.152] But the one that I want is a Sequential Project,
[00:16:08.660] so I'm gonna tap on the button on the left
[00:16:10.350] and you can see what that does is
[00:16:12.106] it makes everything except the task
[00:16:14.970] that I'm working on right now unavailable.
[00:16:17.632] All of the other tasks beyond Record ScreenCast
[00:16:20.585] are now greyed out.
[00:16:22.816] Now, I want to go back and change the view options
[00:16:25.140] to show you exactly what that did,
[00:16:26.540] but before we do that,
[00:16:27.380] let's show you one other option
[00:16:28.679] with the Pin button for the Inspector.
[00:16:30.810] So if I tap on the Pin button,
[00:16:32.210] what that does is it creates a floating overlay
[00:16:34.623] on the right side of my screen.
[00:16:36.942] You can kind of see behind this overlay
[00:16:39.680] that all the other information now extends
[00:16:41.743] to the far right of the screen,
[00:16:43.650] but the overlay for the Inspector is still in the way.
[00:16:46.490] Because it's pinned though,
[00:16:47.570] I can swipe to remove this
[00:16:49.157] and now I've got more information behind
[00:16:51.920] and, if I wanted to get that back,
[00:16:53.250] I just swipe from the right side of the screen
[00:16:55.360] and I can get at my Inspector again.
[00:16:58.130] But we don't want to look at that right now,
[00:17:00.030] let's go and change the view options here.
[00:17:01.750] In this project, we're seeing all of the actions,
[00:17:04.348] including the ones that are Completed, Dropped,
[00:17:06.610] and ones we can't work on right now.
[00:17:09.000] But if I change this to Available,
[00:17:12.100] it removes everything
[00:17:13.860] except the one that I am working on right now.
[00:17:16.350] And as soon I would finish recording this Screencast
[00:17:18.770] and check that off,
[00:17:19.603] and then the next task is gonna become available.
[00:17:22.560] So, that's the difference with a Sequential Project.
[00:17:24.610] It's only gonna show you the thing
[00:17:25.880] that you should be working on right now.
[00:17:28.570] Okay, so if we wanted to go back
[00:17:30.240] to our complete list of projects,
[00:17:32.490] all we have to do is tap on the currently selected project,
[00:17:36.380] which in this case is OmniFocus Three iOS Screencast,
[00:17:39.070] and then we'll go back
[00:17:40.440] and see a list of all of the projects
[00:17:42.210] that are in our OmniFocus instance.
[00:17:44.454] Now, on the bottom of the main window,
[00:17:46.140] there are a couple of buttons which I want to call out.
[00:17:48.183] The one on the left allows you
[00:17:50.340] to create a new folder inside of your project's hierarchy.
[00:17:53.175] In older versions of OmniFocus,
[00:17:55.080] this was very handy
[00:17:56.010] because you could use this as another way
[00:17:57.996] to classify information into work or personal
[00:18:01.110] without assigning those specific contexts.
[00:18:03.660] You could save your single context
[00:18:05.620] for something for more important.
[00:18:07.360] But with the addition of tags,
[00:18:08.700] this really isn't that useful anymore.
[00:18:10.640] If you really are a folder person,
[00:18:12.380] and you want to create folders
[00:18:14.100] for your different projects,
[00:18:15.070] you can do that, but it isn't really necessary.
[00:18:18.270] The one to the right of that is how
[00:18:19.540] we would add a new project to the list,
[00:18:21.840] so I'm gonna tap on this
[00:18:22.870] and I'm gonna create a new project
[00:18:24.610] and we'll call this Home Office Upgrade.
[00:18:28.110] So, we've got the title of the project.
[00:18:29.660] Again, we can apply the
[00:18:30.660] Info, Note, or Attachments.
[00:18:32.200] We can choose the Status.
[00:18:33.450] We can choose whether we want it
[00:18:34.960] to be marked complete with the last action
[00:18:37.101] or if we want it to be marked complete manually,
[00:18:39.317] apply tags, flag the project,
[00:18:41.318] choose a defer or due date, et cetera.
[00:18:45.130] I'm just gonna leave this for now.
[00:18:46.120] I'm gonna go to the project itself.
[00:18:48.290] I'm gonna tap on the project in the left sidebar
[00:18:51.066] and I'm gonna add some tasks to this project.
[00:18:54.880] The first task I'll put Buy a HomePod.
[00:18:59.380] Next, we'll have Matt build a coffee table.
[00:19:04.440] We'll get some fracture prints
[00:19:05.720] of some of my current projects.
[00:19:09.543] And by adding tasks this way,
[00:19:10.743] by tapping on the plus icon
[00:19:13.230] on the left side of the Inspector,
[00:19:14.620] these tasks go straight into the project
[00:19:16.374] that I'm looking at,
[00:19:18.000] instead of going into the Inbox.
[00:19:19.930] Now, there is an icon on the right side of that window
[00:19:22.210] which would allow me to add tasks directly
[00:19:24.190] to my Inbox as well.
[00:19:25.370] If I'm thinking about something I don't want to forget,
[00:19:27.970] but it doesn't really pertain to this project,
[00:19:29.740] I can send it to the Inbox instead.
[00:19:32.060] But a lot of times when you're looking at a project,
[00:19:33.870] you want to add the tasks directly to that project,
[00:19:35.966] this is the quick way to do that.
[00:19:38.240] Okay, let's go back to our projects again
[00:19:40.406] and let's add one more project
[00:19:44.320] and this is going to cover the last type of project.
[00:19:47.300] We're gonna call this project Grocery List.
[00:19:49.970] Again, we can apply any of the information that we want,
[00:19:52.500] but I want to change the type of project.
[00:19:54.535] I'm gonna tap on Show More
[00:19:56.890] and I'm going to select
[00:19:58.780] the Single Actions type of project,
[00:20:00.910] so these are actions
[00:20:02.090] that really aren't related.
[00:20:03.861] I can complete one of these things
[00:20:06.050] and that thing would be completed;
[00:20:07.559] all of the other things on the list
[00:20:09.487] are kind of independent.
[00:20:11.657] So, as I add things to this list,
[00:20:13.620] I can choose when I'm at the store
[00:20:15.316] whether I want to buy any of these things
[00:20:17.730] and if I leave something unchecked,
[00:20:19.100] if I decide at the time
[00:20:20.300] that this thing really isn't that important,
[00:20:22.700] it's not going to cause the entire project to fail.
[00:20:25.860] So, that's a difference between
[00:20:27.297] a Parallel Project and the Single Actions.
[00:20:30.330] Now, let's tap on Grocery List
[00:20:31.706] and let's apply some tags
[00:20:33.570] to this project just to show you.
[00:20:36.120] If I were to apply Grocery Store and Errands,
[00:20:37.970] for example, now when I add tasks to this project,
[00:20:41.001] all of the tasks inherent the tags
[00:20:44.640] that are associated with that project.
[00:20:47.210] So, as I add Milk, Bread, Lunch Meat,
[00:20:55.625] Spicy Pickles, and Newman O's to my grocery list,
[00:21:01.530] all of those tasks inherent
[00:21:03.200] the Grocery Store and Errands tags.
[00:21:05.840] Speaking of tags, let's take a look
[00:21:07.300] at the Tags Perspective
[00:21:08.370] by tapping on the Home button
[00:21:09.950] and then tapping on the Tags Perspective
[00:21:12.070] to see a list of all of the tags
[00:21:13.980] that we have inside of our OmniFocus.
[00:21:17.210] On the left side, we see all the tags
[00:21:18.900] and we see the little circle icons
[00:21:20.350] indicating the number of tasks
[00:21:21.275] that reside underneath that tag.
[00:21:24.840] There's also a whole bunch of tasks here
[00:21:26.400] at the top which are Untagged,
[00:21:27.890] so these are things that I need to clean up yet,
[00:21:30.270] like this OmniFocus Three Blog Post,
[00:21:32.360] Maybe I need to tag this with Asian Efficiency.
[00:21:36.840] As soon as I apply the tag,
[00:21:37.890] it's no longer under the Untagged section;
[00:21:40.180] it's now under the Asian Efficiency tag.
[00:21:43.200] Just like projects and individual tasks,
[00:21:45.140] the tags themselves have options
[00:21:46.860] that you can control within the Inspector as well.
[00:21:48.900] So, let's tap on Personal
[00:21:50.960] and when we do, we'll see all of the tasks
[00:21:52.585] associated with that particular tag.
[00:21:55.290] If we tap on the Personal section,
[00:21:57.260] we see the Inspector for this tag,
[00:21:59.210] which indicates the status,
[00:22:00.600] whether it's available,
[00:22:02.017] it's on pause, or it's been dropped
[00:22:04.113] and we've also got a section here for a location.
[00:22:06.970] So, if we wanted to use location-based tags,
[00:22:08.960] we could do that.
[00:22:10.440] I don't want a location associated
[00:22:12.070] with this Personal tag,
[00:22:13.360] so I'm just gonna leave this one for now.
[00:22:15.520] But if I scroll down
[00:22:16.370] to something like the Grocery Store,
[00:22:18.740] I can tap on Location
[00:22:22.562] and then I've got six different options.
[00:22:24.500] Here, Anywhere, Search, Address, Contact, or Pin.
[00:22:28.429] So, if I'm in the place
[00:22:29.820] that I want the tag associated with,
[00:22:31.470] tapping on Here is the easiest way to apply location.
[00:22:34.828] I could also Search for a specific location,
[00:22:37.451] like the local grocery store is called Pick 'n Save.
[00:22:40.620] So if I search for Pick 'n Save,
[00:22:41.960] I can find the one that's close to my house.
[00:22:46.410] Now I have a specific location
[00:22:47.662] associated with my task.
[00:22:50.660] There are also a couple of options
[00:22:51.930] for my notification settings,
[00:22:53.054] so I can set my notifications to Off
[00:22:55.720] by selecting the left option.
[00:22:57.159] I can get notifications
[00:22:58.930] when I arrive at the location
[00:23:00.370] by selecting the middle option
[00:23:02.010] or I can get notifications
[00:23:03.312] when I leave the location
[00:23:04.993] by selecting the option on the right.
[00:23:08.200] I can also choose the distance
[00:23:09.790] from that particular point
[00:23:11.040] that the notifications are going to register me
[00:23:13.270] as at that location.
[00:23:14.832] The first dot is the smallest
[00:23:16.510] and this is a radius of about 200 metres
[00:23:18.473] or 650 feet from the location.
[00:23:20.489] The middle dot is about 500 metres
[00:23:22.869] or quarter of a mile
[00:23:24.346] and the large dot is about 10 kilometres
[00:23:26.610] or 6.2 miles.
[00:23:28.650] So, if you wanted to set a context
[00:23:30.140] for a specific town or city,
[00:23:31.680] maybe you use the one on the right.
[00:23:33.086] If you're using it for a specific location
[00:23:35.630] and you drive by the location often,
[00:23:37.160] but you don't want to receive notifications
[00:23:39.040] every time you drive by it,
[00:23:40.153] then maybe you want to use the one on the left.
[00:23:42.180] I only want this notification to go off
[00:23:45.000] when I am physically in the store,
[00:23:46.410] so I'm gonna select the one on the left.
[00:23:50.590] Let's add location data to another tag here.
[00:23:53.160] Let's tap on Studio
[00:23:54.840] and, again, we're going to tap on Location,
[00:23:57.390] but this time we're going to use Here
[00:23:59.690] and we're going to let the GPS
[00:24:01.380] determine exactly where we are.
[00:24:03.440] So, it's going to assign
[00:24:04.450] my specific location to this tag.
[00:24:06.531] I do not want to receive notifications for this
[00:24:09.102] and I want to apply this distance
[00:24:10.966] to the specific location,
[00:24:12.980] so again, I'm gonna select the option on the far left.
[00:24:16.710] And again, we can add tags to our list
[00:24:18.770] by tapping the button on the left side
[00:24:20.260] of the main middle window here.
[00:24:23.410] It's gonna create a new tag,
[00:24:25.030] which is untitled and we can type in a new tag,
[00:24:27.230] so maybe I want to create a tag for reading,
[00:24:29.140] for a list of things that I want to read.
[00:24:32.020] Okay, there's another button
[00:24:32.853] that you may have seen here
[00:24:34.200] in a couple of the views that we've looked at.
[00:24:35.884] Right in the middle, there's an Undo button.
[00:24:38.270] So if I tap on that, it's gonna remove the title
[00:24:41.190] from the tag that I just created.
[00:24:42.900] Now it says Untitled Tag again
[00:24:44.900] and now I've got two different arrows,
[00:24:46.260] pointing in different directions.
[00:24:47.440] If I tap on this again,
[00:24:48.620] I can either redo the title and apply it to the tag
[00:24:51.520] or I can continue to undo things
[00:24:53.116] and go back to the state before I made the mistake.
[00:24:56.130] I'm just gonna tap on Redo
[00:24:57.780] and then the button on the far right
[00:24:59.140] of the middle window here,
[00:25:00.100] this is also something
[00:25:01.310] that's appeared in multiple views,
[00:25:02.820] this allows us to add things directly to our Inbox.
[00:25:05.800] So, no matter what view we happen to be in,
[00:25:07.320] we can tap this button
[00:25:08.250] and we can add something to our Inbox,
[00:25:10.226] like Read Deep Work by Cal Newport.
[00:25:13.890] This is something that I want
[00:25:14.990] to apply the Reading tag that I just created to,
[00:25:17.440] so we'll use the autocomplete
[00:25:19.550] to add the Reading tag, we'll add a Personal tag,
[00:25:22.110] and we'll add a Do tag.
[00:25:24.940] We can also add a project.
[00:25:26.010] We'll add this to the Miscellaneous project
[00:25:29.300] and tap Save.
[00:25:31.470] Now, because I added all that information,
[00:25:33.240] it's not gonna appear in my Inbox
[00:25:34.730] when I go back and look at it.
[00:25:35.820] It's going to automatically file it
[00:25:37.180] in the appropriate project.
[00:25:38.790] In fact, if I tap on the Home button in the upper left,
[00:25:41.224] it's going to show that I have zero items
[00:25:43.850] in my Inbox right now.
[00:25:46.210] Basically meaning that I have zero items
[00:25:47.870] that I need to apply additional information to.
[00:25:49.730] Everything else is filed away
[00:25:51.020] where it's supposed to be.
[00:25:52.910] Related to tags, let's take a look
[00:25:54.400] at the Nearby Perspective.
[00:25:55.880] This is going to use the location data
[00:25:57.780] that we just looked at,
[00:25:58.800] associated with our tags
[00:26:00.320] to show us what we can work on
[00:26:02.220] right now based on where we are.
[00:26:04.930] So, if I tap on the Nearby Perspective,
[00:26:06.710] we see all of the things
[00:26:08.170] that I can do right where I am,
[00:26:09.860] so in my Studio,
[00:26:11.010] which is my current location.
[00:26:12.950] We've also got a list of things
[00:26:14.097] that I can get when I go to the grocery store,
[00:26:17.230] which is only two miles away.
[00:26:19.630] But the things that I need to do
[00:26:20.820] next time I visit a completely different location,
[00:26:23.000] like when I go to Macstock this summer,
[00:26:24.378] those things aren't gonna show up here
[00:26:26.610] because they're associated with a location
[00:26:28.969] that's not anywhere near where I am right now.
[00:26:32.418] The next perspective here is the Flagged Perspective.
[00:26:35.340] As I've mentioned, this shows you all of the things
[00:26:37.710] that are flagged and this is the way
[00:26:39.210] that I personally use OmniFocus to get things done.
[00:26:42.380] I go through, I look at all my tasks,
[00:26:44.360] and I flag the ones that I want to complete today.
[00:26:47.310] So, here we've got two different flagged items for
[00:26:49.340] Watching the Latest ScreenCastOnline Tutorial
[00:26:51.526] and Recording a ScreenCast,
[00:26:54.320] which is what I'm working on right now.
[00:26:56.680] The next perspective we're gonna take a look at
[00:26:58.360] is the Forecast view
[00:26:59.410] and the Forecast view has a lot of changes
[00:27:01.270] in OmniFocus version three.
[00:27:03.810] One of the big changes in the Forecast view is
[00:27:05.881] that it puts the tasks in the appropriate place
[00:27:09.748] in your timeline, between your calendar events,
[00:27:13.040] in your list of things that you need to do.
[00:27:15.059] So, for example, I have here due today
[00:27:18.440] Watch the Latest ScreenCastOnline Tutorial,
[00:27:20.570] which is due at eight p.m.
[00:27:21.795] and then I'm going to a baseball game
[00:27:23.640] with my family from six to nine.
[00:27:25.860] The reason that Watch the Latest ScreenCastOnline Tutorial
[00:27:28.920] is showing up before the baseball game
[00:27:31.540] is that OmniFocus knows
[00:27:33.040] I am going to be busy from six until nine,
[00:27:36.400] so I need to complete Watch the Latest ScreenCastOnline
[00:27:39.560] Tutorial prior to leaving for the baseball game,
[00:27:42.610] if I'm really going to hit my eight p.m. deadline.
[00:27:45.928] This is a small detail,
[00:27:47.192] but it makes the Forecast view
[00:27:49.040] a lot more usable in my opinion.
[00:27:51.311] Another change in the Forecast view
[00:27:53.400] is the options,
[00:27:54.840] so if I tap on the View icon
[00:27:56.113] at the top of the screen,
[00:27:57.481] it's gonna show me the View Options.
[00:27:59.650] Right now, I've got my Calendar Events showing.
[00:28:01.500] I could turn that off if I wanted to.
[00:28:03.650] I could also tap to show my deferred items,
[00:28:06.460] so this is something new in OmniFocus Three as well.
[00:28:09.910] If I tap to add the deferred items,
[00:28:12.645] these items show up in a separate section
[00:28:15.410] in the Forecast view
[00:28:17.100] because these are not actually due at a specific time.
[00:28:19.570] They're just things that I want
[00:28:20.600] to start thinking about working on,
[00:28:22.840] on this particular day.
[00:28:24.208] Now, when I select Deferred Items,
[00:28:26.210] I don't have any items that are deferred to today,
[00:28:28.530] so let's create a new task
[00:28:31.470] by closing the view options
[00:28:33.780] and tapping on the new Inbox item.
[00:28:36.500] I'm gonna create a new task of
[00:28:37.910] Send Joe Proof of T-shirt Design
[00:28:41.400] and I'm going to defer this
[00:28:42.920] until today at four p.m.
[00:28:46.410] Now, when I do that,
[00:28:47.490] you can see it creates a new deferred grouping
[00:28:49.670] in my Forecast view and the task from my Inbox of
[00:28:52.610] Send Joe Proof of T-shirt Design
[00:28:54.420] is showing up, but it's not showing
[00:28:56.010] in-line with the other things
[00:28:57.240] that I absolutely have to do today.
[00:28:59.930] You can also apply specific tags
[00:29:01.940] that will show up in your Forecast view.
[00:29:03.500] So, if I tap on the view options again,
[00:29:05.570] let's get rid of the deferred items,
[00:29:07.450] clean this up a little bit,
[00:29:09.150] and then let's add a tag
[00:29:10.820] and we'll include all items
[00:29:12.560] which are tagged with ScreenCastOnline.
[00:29:16.220] So, again, when I apply this,
[00:29:18.020] it's going to create a separate grouping
[00:29:20.220] of all of the tasks that are tagged with the tag
[00:29:22.290] that I want to include in my Forecast view.
[00:29:25.660] So, if you wanted to use a separate tag
[00:29:27.860] instead of flagging items,
[00:29:29.240] you could do that and have those things
[00:29:30.481] go straight to your Forecast view
[00:29:32.571] and use that as your To Do list,
[00:29:34.630] if you wanted to work that way.
[00:29:36.710] Last thing we've gotta look at
[00:29:37.980] in the standard sidebar here
[00:29:39.460] is the Review perspective,
[00:29:40.880] which is one of the things that sets OmniFocus apart
[00:29:45.020] is this ability to review your projects
[00:29:47.040] and your tasks easily.
[00:29:48.930] If I tap on the Review perspective,
[00:29:50.410] it's gonna show me all of the projects
[00:29:52.280] that I should pay some attention to.
[00:29:53.820] These are things
[00:29:54.653] that I really haven't looked at for quite awhile.
[00:29:57.640] In this case, I've got two;
[00:29:58.840] my Miscellaneous project and my SomedayMaybe list.
[00:30:02.860] In reviewing a project is easy.
[00:30:04.600] All you have to do is look at the things
[00:30:06.650] that are associated with this project.
[00:30:09.150] I could tap on Miscellaneous
[00:30:10.990] and I could look at all the options in the Inspector.
[00:30:13.900] I could go through here
[00:30:14.790] and I could delete things that aren't necessary
[00:30:17.260] or I could defer them to some point in the future.
[00:30:20.720] And on iOS, it's very easy to make changes to these
[00:30:23.130] because you can swipe on the individual items.
[00:30:25.900] If I swipe from right to left, for example,
[00:30:28.780] I've got the option to change the due
[00:30:31.510] or the deferred date or to delete the item.
[00:30:33.650] I want to delete this one
[00:30:34.890] about watching the hacking Amazon videos.
[00:30:38.330] And if I swipe from left to right,
[00:30:40.480] I've got the option to apply a tag
[00:30:42.480] or to flag the item.
[00:30:44.600] So, if I wanted to flag this
[00:30:46.850] Make a List of Five Things I Don't Want to Do Anymore
[00:30:48.860] because I want to identify the things
[00:30:50.420] that I could delegate to a virtual assistant,
[00:30:52.397] I just swipe and I select the option to flag
[00:30:55.160] that particular task.
[00:30:56.910] I could also tap to check off
[00:30:58.260] the things that I've completed.
[00:31:00.120] So, I've setup my Curbi.
[00:31:01.440] If I scroll down here,
[00:31:03.370] I can see some additional tasks,
[00:31:04.860] some of these are repeating,
[00:31:06.760] and if I tap on any of these individual tasks,
[00:31:08.570] I can see all of the additional information
[00:31:10.497] that I can update for those tasks.
[00:31:13.057] So, here's one on Check out Zen and The Art of Work,
[00:31:15.680] the Exercises for Mastery.
[00:31:17.600] I can look at the tags.
[00:31:18.610] I can look at the projects.
[00:31:19.610] I can look at the defer or due dates,
[00:31:21.270] the notifications, the flag status,
[00:31:23.590] and once I decide that everything in this project
[00:31:26.180] is the way that I want it,
[00:31:27.459] all I've got to do is tap on the Reviewed button
[00:31:31.110] at the bottom of the screen.
[00:31:33.130] That's going to mark the project as reviewed
[00:31:35.700] and that's gonna tell OmniFocus
[00:31:37.089] that this one's good now for a set period of time
[00:31:39.970] and you can change how long the intervals are
[00:31:41.629] on a per-project basis
[00:31:43.130] that you want to review them.
[00:31:44.250] Some more complicated projects,
[00:31:46.100] you're gonna want to review every week.
[00:31:47.860] Some things that you're just kind of picking at,
[00:31:50.040] but you're not really making a tonne of progress on it
[00:31:51.940] because it's a side project,
[00:31:53.140] you only have to review those maybe once every month.
[00:31:55.610] But in the Review perspective,
[00:31:56.810] you can just go through the ones
[00:31:57.930] that require your attention
[00:31:59.000] instead of having to comb through
[00:32:00.340] everything in your OmniFocus database.
[00:32:02.100] It makes the review process much more efficient.
[00:32:06.100] Okay, so looking at my Somedaymaybe list,
[00:32:08.080] these are things I want to do
[00:32:09.164] at some point in the future,
[00:32:10.750] maybe I decide that there's absolutely nothing
[00:32:13.030] I need to do with these right now.
[00:32:15.060] I'm still not in a place
[00:32:16.180] to take action on either of these,
[00:32:17.590] so I just tap the button to mark it as reviewed
[00:32:19.852] and now I've got no projects
[00:32:21.830] that are due to be reviewed.
[00:32:23.230] I've reviewed everything,
[00:32:24.210] everything in my OmniFocus database is now up to date,
[00:32:27.430] but the Review perspective has made it very easy
[00:32:29.890] to confirm that that actually is the case.
[00:32:32.690] Now, there are a couple other perspectives
[00:32:34.520] which aren't part of the main sidebar,
[00:32:36.390] which I want to show you,
[00:32:37.350] and then we'll also take a look
[00:32:38.580] at some custom perspectives.
[00:32:40.000] So let's tap on the Home button
[00:32:43.050] to go back and see our sidebar
[00:32:45.230] and we'll tap on Show under Other perspectives.
[00:32:48.280] There's a couple here that are built in.
[00:32:50.330] The first one is Changed.
[00:32:51.969] By tapping on this perspective,
[00:32:53.730] you can see all of the tasks
[00:32:55.683] that were changed on a specific day.
[00:32:59.280] And if you wanted to change the settings
[00:33:01.070] of this Changed perspective,
[00:33:02.670] you could tap on the Perspective Options
[00:33:05.760] and you can edit this perspective.
[00:33:07.210] So you could edit the name and the icon.
[00:33:08.770] You could choose whether you want
[00:33:09.870] to use the project hierarchy.
[00:33:11.880] You change how the tasks are filtered
[00:33:14.490] and you can change how they are presented.
[00:33:17.260] Now, this is inheriting the settings
[00:33:18.960] from OmniFocus Two,
[00:33:20.390] so there's also a button here
[00:33:21.680] to upgrade your perspective.
[00:33:24.110] That's gonna give you a whole bunch
[00:33:25.180] of other options inside of OmniFocus Three,
[00:33:27.280] but it's not going to display
[00:33:28.910] this then in OmniFocus Two.
[00:33:30.790] So, if you're using OmniFocus Three for iOS,
[00:33:32.760] but you're using OmniFocus Two for Mac,
[00:33:34.865] if you upgrade your perspective,
[00:33:37.265] you're not gonna be able
[00:33:38.630] to see that in OmniFocus Two.
[00:33:40.440] So, we'll leave this one for now.
[00:33:42.260] The other perspective here that's built in
[00:33:43.603] is the Completed tasks
[00:33:45.330] and again, this is going to do exactly what it says.
[00:33:48.570] It's going to show you all of the completed tasks
[00:33:51.210] and it's going to show you the date
[00:33:52.520] that the item was completed.
[00:33:54.720] One of the more powerful features in OmniFocus
[00:33:57.060] is the Custom perspectives.
[00:33:58.320] This is going to require the Pro version,
[00:34:00.093] but these allow you to create custom filters
[00:34:02.858] for displaying which tasks you want to be seeing
[00:34:06.100] at any given moment.
[00:34:07.670] So, let's walk through how you can create
[00:34:10.136] a couple of custom perspectives.
[00:34:13.750] First, I'm gonna tap on the button in the lower left
[00:34:15.670] to create a new perspective
[00:34:18.200] and let's create a Planning perspective.
[00:34:19.940] This will show us all the things
[00:34:21.053] that we should be considering
[00:34:22.500] when we're selecting the tasks
[00:34:23.910] that we want to work on as we plan our day.
[00:34:26.500] I'm gonna select a new icon for this perspective
[00:34:30.390] and, before I select the icon,
[00:34:31.590] I'm gonna change the colour.
[00:34:32.440] I'm gonna make it orange.
[00:34:34.180] Okay, and I'm going to select this chess piece right here
[00:34:38.120] and then we've got the Filter Rules.
[00:34:39.630] So, the Filter Rules are what we're going to use
[00:34:41.820] to filter the information and the tasks
[00:34:43.560] that are going to be displayed in this perspective.
[00:34:46.440] So we've got Availability Remaining
[00:34:48.850] and if I wanted to change that, I could.
[00:34:50.560] I could make it First Available.
[00:34:51.830] I could make it things that are available,
[00:34:53.470] things that are remaining to be done,
[00:34:54.910] or things that are completed.
[00:34:56.616] In this case, I want to use
[00:34:58.330] things that are available.
[00:35:01.350] Next, we're going to add a new rule
[00:35:02.790] and we're going to create
[00:35:03.623] a couple new groupings actually.
[00:35:05.130] So, I'm going to scroll down to the bottom
[00:35:06.590] and select All of the Following.
[00:35:09.750] Then, underneath All of the Following
[00:35:11.360] I'm going to add a new rule
[00:35:12.990] and I'm going to set this rule
[00:35:14.100] so that it's going to show anything
[00:35:16.090] that is tagged with a couple specific tags.
[00:35:18.740] I'm gonna put in the major areas
[00:35:20.820] of responsibility that I have;
[00:35:22.085] Asian Efficiency, ScreenCastOnline.
[00:35:25.720] I'll tap these and they'll be checked.
[00:35:28.660] Next, we're gonna add another rule.
[00:35:30.060] We're going to select Any of the Following.
[00:35:32.610] We're gonna put a couple of conditions in here.
[00:35:35.840] Okay and we're going to select a filter rule of
[00:35:40.033] Has an Active Project Which Has Available Actions.
[00:35:45.467] We'll also select In the Inbox.
[00:35:47.630] So, what this means is that if something is either
[00:35:50.520] in the Inbox or has an active project,
[00:35:52.870] which has available actions,
[00:35:54.050] it will show up in this planning perspective.
[00:35:57.060] Next, let's create another grouping.
[00:35:58.490] We'll select None of the Following
[00:35:59.988] and we will select Status Flagged.
[00:36:02.360] So, this will remove items
[00:36:04.060] that are flagged from our perspective.
[00:36:07.440] Here is our Planning perspective
[00:36:08.950] and it's only showing one item,
[00:36:10.550] but that's partly due to the view options
[00:36:12.700] that we created earlier,
[00:36:13.770] so I'm gonna go back into my projects,
[00:36:15.490] go into OmniFocus Three iOS Screencast,
[00:36:19.160] and change this from a Sequential Project
[00:36:21.030] to a Parallel Project,
[00:36:22.080] which is going to add
[00:36:22.913] a whole bunch of available tasks
[00:36:24.850] and, if I go back now to my Planning perspective,
[00:36:26.945] you can see I've got a lot of different things available
[00:36:29.460] that I can work on.
[00:36:30.870] So, hopefully you're starting to see
[00:36:32.230] how the way that you classify these tasks
[00:36:35.000] will determine what you're available to see
[00:36:37.176] at any given moment.
[00:36:39.130] Okay, let's go back to these perspective settings
[00:36:41.230] and look at the last part here,
[00:36:42.700] which is the presentation.
[00:36:43.800] We didn't look at this earlier.
[00:36:44.913] We can change how these tasks show up,
[00:36:47.290] so right now they're kind of all in a big list,
[00:36:49.505] but if I go into the presentation,
[00:36:52.120] I can select Group and Sort
[00:36:53.510] and change from Individual Actions
[00:36:55.060] to Entire Projects
[00:36:56.680] and then I can group my projects by a certain order
[00:36:58.990] or sort my projects by a specific order.
[00:37:01.680] I'm just gonna use the projects order.
[00:37:03.640] That's the order that's available
[00:37:04.910] inside the Projects Perspective.
[00:37:07.270] But by grouping them by Entire Projects,
[00:37:09.380] now when I look at my perspective,
[00:37:11.010] I can that these things are more organised.
[00:37:12.810] I can see which areas of responsibility
[00:37:14.610] they're broken down into
[00:37:15.690] and which ones I really want to be focusing on
[00:37:18.220] at this particular moment.
[00:37:20.070] So that's how the Planning Perspective works.
[00:37:21.830] Let's create another custom perspective
[00:37:23.508] and let's call this one TLC.
[00:37:26.800] I'm gonna change the colour
[00:37:27.860] and I'm gonna pick the heart icon.
[00:37:30.800] For the filter rules,
[00:37:31.665] we'll leave All of the Following,
[00:37:33.670] Availability Remaining, and we'll add a new rule.
[00:37:37.150] This time we'll select a different criteria.
[00:37:39.110] We'll say Has an Active Project
[00:37:41.110] Which Has No Remaining Actions In It.
[00:37:44.220] So, this is something that obviously
[00:37:46.160] I need to define the next action
[00:37:47.137] in order for it to be worked on.
[00:37:49.580] In other words, this is a project
[00:37:50.820] that needs a little TLC.
[00:37:53.910] Alright, again, I can change the presentation settings,
[00:37:56.030] but I'm just gonna leave this for now.
[00:37:57.314] I'm gonna apply this perspective
[00:37:59.650] and you can see I've got a project here of Mike 2.0,
[00:38:01.860] which doesn't have any tasks associated with it.
[00:38:05.090] So, I'm going to build out this project
[00:38:07.850] and add the tasks that should've been there
[00:38:09.720] in the first place.
[00:38:11.570] Now, if I were to add tasks to this perspective,
[00:38:15.410] it's not going to put them in the project.
[00:38:17.130] In fact, if I tap on the plus button
[00:38:18.818] in the lower left of the main window,
[00:38:20.460] it's gonna create a task above my project here.
[00:38:23.510] That's not what I want,
[00:38:24.650] so I'm gonna delete this.
[00:38:26.060] Instead, I am going to go back to my projects view
[00:38:29.075] and select the project Mike 2.0.
[00:38:33.210] Now, from here, I want to create a couple of tasks,
[00:38:35.660] but I want to group them together
[00:38:37.300] under one main task,
[00:38:38.920] which I'm gonna call Morning Ritual.
[00:38:40.900] Before I can do that,
[00:38:41.750] I have to create the tasks themselves,
[00:38:43.410] so I'm gonna create a task for every item
[00:38:46.460] in my Morning Ritual.
[00:38:48.650] Once I have all five of these,
[00:38:50.230] I can tap the Edit button,
[00:38:52.110] select all of them at once,
[00:38:54.026] and then tap the More button,
[00:38:56.330] and select Group.
[00:38:57.767] Now, what that's gonna do is
[00:38:59.070] it is going to group all five of those tasks
[00:39:02.184] under a main task,
[00:39:03.540] so they are now subtasks
[00:39:05.219] and I'm gonna call the main task Morning Routine.
[00:39:08.710] So, this is a list of things
[00:39:09.940] that I want to do in the morning after I wake up.
[00:39:12.850] I'm gonna defer it until six a.m.
[00:39:15.950] and I'm going to make it due by eight a.m.
[00:39:18.110] So, that's typically
[00:39:18.943] when I'm gonna start my work day,
[00:39:20.750] so I've got a two hour window
[00:39:21.990] in order to get these things done.
[00:39:23.900] They're already associated
[00:39:25.100] with the project Mike 2.0.
[00:39:26.675] I'm gonna add a couple of tags,
[00:39:28.900] a Personal and Do.
[00:39:32.400] And because this is something
[00:39:33.430] that I want to do every, single day,
[00:39:35.230] this is also a great opportunity
[00:39:36.810] to show you what's new with the repeating tasks
[00:39:39.430] inside of OmniFocus Three for iOS.
[00:39:42.030] Repeating tasks have gotten a lot better
[00:39:44.030] in this version of OmniFocus,
[00:39:45.260] so if I scroll down in the Inspector,
[00:39:46.862] we can select to repeat these tasks.
[00:39:49.358] I'm gonna toggle this on.
[00:39:51.770] Then, we select the interval that we want to use,
[00:39:53.750] whether it's hours, days, weeks, or months.
[00:39:56.300] I'm going to select every one day
[00:39:58.770] and then I can select to repeat
[00:40:00.050] from this item's completion
[00:40:01.430] or the assigned dates.
[00:40:02.960] I want to have these go off
[00:40:05.040] at the exact same time every day,
[00:40:06.850] so I'm gonna select Assign Dates
[00:40:08.687] and the next repetition then
[00:40:10.590] is gonna be deferred at six a.m. tomorrow
[00:40:13.040] and due at eight a.m. tomorrow.
[00:40:15.030] So, it's gonna apply that to all of my tasks.
[00:40:17.270] Those are now overdue,
[00:40:18.860] but since I did these already this morning,
[00:40:20.700] I'm gonna tap the one check circle for Morning Routine,
[00:40:24.600] which is going to check all of these off.
[00:40:26.965] So, now everything
[00:40:28.610] that I could work on today is done.
[00:40:31.320] There's nothing else available
[00:40:32.760] because it's deferred
[00:40:33.630] until tomorrow morning remember?
[00:40:34.930] So, if I tap on the Projects View Options,
[00:40:38.090] and I switch from Available to Remaining,
[00:40:39.770] that's the only way I'm gonna see the tasks
[00:40:41.078] that are available to me tomorrow.
[00:40:43.350] But you can see, these are all deferred until tomorrow,
[00:40:45.190] they're all due tomorrow.
[00:40:46.152] The three ellipses inside of the main check circle
[00:40:49.400] for the Morning Routine indicates
[00:40:50.900] that this is a repeating task
[00:40:52.088] and this is gonna carry on forever now,
[00:40:54.360] until I go and I change the repeat settings.
[00:40:57.000] But this is an example of repeating tasks,
[00:40:59.060] which are actually fairly complex,
[00:41:01.230] but as you can see,
[00:41:02.380] the new repeat settings in OmniFocus Three for iOS
[00:41:04.890] make setting up repeating tasks like this a breeze.
[00:41:08.730] Alright, so we're covered quite a few
[00:41:10.030] of the basics of OmniFocus Three,
[00:41:11.500] but let's dig in to some of the settings
[00:41:13.404] you can customise by tapping on the gear icon
[00:41:17.090] in the upper left.
[00:41:18.770] So, here we've got the Settings overlay
[00:41:20.670] and I'll just walk you through
[00:41:21.810] some of these options very quickly.
[00:41:23.250] About OmniFocus,
[00:41:24.300] this is gonna show the information
[00:41:25.950] for this particular build of OmniFocus.
[00:41:28.820] There's an In-App Purchases section,
[00:41:30.410] which is where you can unlock
[00:41:32.380] either the Standard or the Pro version of OmniFocus.
[00:41:36.450] So, OmniFocus is a free download from the App Store.
[00:41:40.310] There's a free two week trial,
[00:41:41.890] where you can use all of the features
[00:41:43.300] of Standard and Pro without buying anything.
[00:41:45.058] Then you have to decide
[00:41:46.430] if you want to pay the 39.99 U.S. dollars
[00:41:50.250] for the Standard version
[00:41:51.410] or 59.99 U.S. dollars for the Pro version.
[00:41:55.570] The Pro version gives you a couple additional features,
[00:41:58.080] like the custom sidebar and home screen,
[00:42:00.380] the tag that you can apply to the Forecast view
[00:42:03.560] and the Custom perspectives,
[00:42:05.040] which we showed you earlier.
[00:42:07.210] Next is the Help section,
[00:42:08.480] which has a lot of useful links
[00:42:10.280] that explain how to use specific features
[00:42:12.517] in OmniFocus.
[00:42:14.301] There's also options for Release Notes,
[00:42:16.360] contacting the Omni Group,
[00:42:17.630] or signing up for the Omni Newsletter.
[00:42:19.990] Underneath that, we've got sync options,
[00:42:21.670] so we can choose the sync method
[00:42:23.150] that we want to use.
[00:42:24.560] The OmniFocus Sync Server is the easiest way
[00:42:27.540] to sync all of your data
[00:42:28.600] between your different instances of OmniFocus.
[00:42:31.550] You can sign up for a new account,
[00:42:32.866] free, from this screen.
[00:42:35.410] Or you can enter your credentials
[00:42:36.650] if you already have a sync account.
[00:42:38.580] You can also tap the Sync button in the upper right
[00:42:40.830] to manually sync your database.
[00:42:44.720] If you go back to the Settings menu,
[00:42:46.040] the next option is Encryption.
[00:42:47.930] So, we can choose whether
[00:42:48.950] we want all of the information
[00:42:50.190] in our OmniFocus database to be encrypted.
[00:42:53.000] Right now, I've got it set
[00:42:54.110] so my data is encrypted,
[00:42:55.620] but the passwords are linked
[00:42:57.130] between my database and my sync account.
[00:42:59.670] If I wanted to use a separate passphrase
[00:43:02.030] specifically for my data,
[00:43:03.517] I could do that.
[00:43:04.510] Just type in the password right here.
[00:43:06.460] I don't really want to do that,
[00:43:07.461] so I'm going to leave that for now.
[00:43:09.150] Go back to the Settings menu
[00:43:10.770] and the next option is Push.
[00:43:12.302] In Push, we can turn on Push Notifications.
[00:43:15.370] We can see the server status
[00:43:17.440] for the Push Notifications
[00:43:18.760] and we can see some additional details
[00:43:20.440] if we really wanted to get nerdy
[00:43:22.280] about where these are coming from.
[00:43:24.010] Next, it's gonna show us the last time
[00:43:25.940] that we synced this database
[00:43:27.450] and if we tap on that,
[00:43:28.400] we'll get a log of
[00:43:29.430] all of the different sync events.
[00:43:31.550] Next, we've got a list of our registered devices,
[00:43:34.230] so it'll show all of the devices
[00:43:35.382] that are registered with this OmniFocus account.
[00:43:38.110] You can see if there's anything
[00:43:39.140] you don't recognise in that list,
[00:43:40.590] you can turn it off.
[00:43:42.330] Next is the colour section,
[00:43:43.580] which allows us to switch to the dark mode
[00:43:46.700] in OmniFocus for iOS.
[00:43:48.770] So, if I toggle the dark pallette,
[00:43:50.310] you can see what the dark mode looks like
[00:43:52.420] and we can toggle it on to switch automatically
[00:43:54.620] based on the time of day if we want as well.
[00:43:57.040] I'm going to leave this off
[00:43:58.680] because I think it looks a little bit better
[00:44:00.150] for our screencasting purposes.
[00:44:02.440] Next, we've got an organisation option
[00:44:04.420] of when we want OmniFocus to clean things up.
[00:44:07.330] So, first we can choose which information
[00:44:09.010] we want OmniFocus to look for
[00:44:10.700] before it considers something in our Inbox to be complete.
[00:44:13.790] We can select A Project, A Tag,
[00:44:15.729] Either a Project or a Tag,
[00:44:17.630] or Both a Project and a Tag,
[00:44:19.470] which is the one
[00:44:20.303] that I'm gonna recommend that you use.
[00:44:22.020] That's gonna make sure
[00:44:22.853] that you apply both of those things
[00:44:24.270] before it's removed from your Inbox.
[00:44:26.830] Next, we can clean up completed items immediately,
[00:44:29.560] so if we had that setting checked,
[00:44:31.560] as soon as we applied
[00:44:32.610] both a project and a tag,
[00:44:33.936] the item would disappear instantly
[00:44:36.190] from our Inbox.
[00:44:37.500] But I want to set it,
[00:44:38.333] so it's When Changing Views
[00:44:40.010] that allows me to go back
[00:44:41.300] and change things if I make a mistake.
[00:44:43.730] Going back to Settings,
[00:44:44.768] the next option here is for due dates.
[00:44:48.270] Here we can change
[00:44:49.400] what OmniFocus considers Due Soon.
[00:44:52.051] So, by default, it's gonna have Today,
[00:44:54.470] but we could select 24 Hours,
[00:44:56.190] we could select two days, three days,
[00:44:57.730] four days, five days,
[00:44:58.670] or even one week if we wanted it
[00:45:00.560] to notify us in one week
[00:45:02.250] that something is going to be due soon.
[00:45:04.100] I'll toggle something different here,
[00:45:05.290] I'll just select two days.
[00:45:07.610] Next, we can control the Sounds and Alerts
[00:45:09.930] that we receive in OmniFocus Three.
[00:45:12.330] So, by default, we've got Sounds,
[00:45:13.590] which are going to notify us on this iPad.
[00:45:16.390] We can choose what things
[00:45:18.250] we get notifications for,
[00:45:19.830] so we've got notifications for Deferred,
[00:45:22.260] Latest Start, and things that are due.
[00:45:24.750] By default, we're gonna have Deferred and Due
[00:45:26.920] and those are the ones
[00:45:27.753] that I'm gonna want to leave right now.
[00:45:29.530] We can also choose whether to receive location-based
[00:45:31.970] notifications on this device,
[00:45:33.359] so if you don't want to get notifications
[00:45:35.490] on your iPad when you drive by the store,
[00:45:37.260] maybe you want to turn that off.
[00:45:39.840] Next, we've got our Badges
[00:45:40.894] and the badges we can choose
[00:45:42.710] what information appears inside of the red badge
[00:45:45.199] in the icon on our iOS device.
[00:45:48.260] So, right now I've got selected
[00:45:50.140] Overdue, Due Soon, and Flagged
[00:45:53.500] and I want all three of those,
[00:45:54.650] but if you wanted to toggle one of those off,
[00:45:56.500] you could do that as well.
[00:45:58.090] I'm gonna leave Show Explanation in the Today Widget.
[00:46:01.050] I'll show you what that looks like.
[00:46:02.300] Let's actually leave OmniFocus now.
[00:46:04.170] Go look at the widget.
[00:46:05.151] Okay, we can see we've got one item due today,
[00:46:07.630] but it's gonna show us
[00:46:08.463] that the three in the badge
[00:46:09.870] on the OmniFocus icon means
[00:46:11.210] that we've got one that's due soon
[00:46:12.560] and two other items that are flagged.
[00:46:16.180] If you didn't want to see that explanation,
[00:46:17.830] you could just toggle that setting off.
[00:46:19.750] I find it useful,
[00:46:20.630] so I'm gonna leave that.
[00:46:22.160] Alright, let's go back to OmniFocus,
[00:46:23.463] go back to our Settings,
[00:46:25.112] and look at the Today notifications.
[00:46:28.040] So, Today is gonna show us
[00:46:29.175] the things that are due today,
[00:46:31.140] but if we wanted to include things
[00:46:32.560] that were Overdue, Due Soon,
[00:46:34.240] Deferred Until Today, Flagged,
[00:46:36.140] or included the items that were in our Inbox,
[00:46:38.170] we could just check the appropriate items
[00:46:39.770] and that's going to update
[00:46:41.330] that Today widget that we just saw.
[00:46:43.200] We could also choose to Show a Custom perspective
[00:46:45.700] instead of all of these items.
[00:46:47.570] We toggle that on,
[00:46:48.403] we just select the perspective that we want to use.
[00:46:50.321] In this case, we've got four different
[00:46:51.980] perspectives to choose from.
[00:46:53.220] Right now, it's selecting the Change perspective.
[00:46:54.959] I don't really want to use that,
[00:46:56.590] so I'll toggle that back off.
[00:46:58.480] Next, we've got the Reminders Capture.
[00:47:00.730] Now this is disabled by default,
[00:47:02.760] but I'm going to turn this on.
[00:47:03.769] So, I'm going to allow OmniFocus
[00:47:05.770] access to my Reminders.
[00:47:07.380] I'm gonna tap OK on the dialogue that appears.
[00:47:10.350] Then, I'm gonna toggle on Reminders Capture.
[00:47:13.440] From here, I can choose
[00:47:15.060] which list I want Siri to save things to.
[00:47:19.690] I've got a couple different lists here.
[00:47:21.020] It's gonna select the Reminders list by default
[00:47:23.697] and now when I trigger Siri,
[00:47:26.190] I can add things to my Reminders list
[00:47:28.930] and OmniFocus will import them automatically.
[00:47:32.200] Let me give you an example.
[00:47:37.070] Remind me to put dinner
[00:47:38.330] in the oven tonight at five p.m.
[00:47:42.450] - [Siri] Okay, I'll remind you.
[00:47:45.710] - [Mike] Okay, so now let's go back to OmniFocus.
[00:47:48.380] Let's tap the Settings button
[00:47:50.010] and tap Done to go back
[00:47:51.860] to our OmniFocus view and look at our Inbox,
[00:47:54.400] and we can see there is the task
[00:47:56.100] that I just captured using Siri
[00:47:58.276] and it's even got the due date
[00:48:00.170] associated with it.
[00:48:02.030] Let's go back to our Settings.
[00:48:03.280] Scroll down to the bottom.
[00:48:04.590] OmniFocus actually integrates with TextExpander,
[00:48:07.380] so if you have TextExpander
[00:48:08.733] and you wanted to use your snippets inside of OmniFocus,
[00:48:11.480] you can do that.
[00:48:12.390] There's a button here to update your snippets,
[00:48:14.230] just tap on that
[00:48:15.063] and TextExpander will open
[00:48:16.393] and it will make sure
[00:48:17.690] that the latest version of your snippets database
[00:48:19.969] is associated with OmniFocus,
[00:48:22.360] so you're not missing anything.
[00:48:24.430] There's also an App Lock for privacy.
[00:48:26.180] So, if you wanted to lock the application
[00:48:28.140] so no one could get in
[00:48:29.070] to your OmniFocus database,
[00:48:30.440] you can do this.
[00:48:31.630] I'll toggle the App Lock on.
[00:48:33.140] It's gonna ask me for a password.
[00:48:35.260] I'll pick a password,
[00:48:36.240] I'll confirm it,
[00:48:38.380] and then it's gonna give me the option
[00:48:39.740] to use Touch ID,
[00:48:40.630] which I'm going to toggle on.
[00:48:43.460] Now, I'm going to quit OmniFocus all together
[00:48:48.760] and when I open it again,
[00:48:50.551] you're gonna see it's gonna give me
[00:48:52.120] an Unlock OmniFocus screen.
[00:48:53.710] It's gonna ask me for my password
[00:48:54.990] or I can use Touch ID.
[00:48:56.407] Once I've verified that I am who I say I am,
[00:48:59.560] it's gonna take me into my OmniFocus database.
[00:49:02.638] Couple other last options here,
[00:49:04.500] we can send anonymous data if we want to,
[00:49:06.820] so that will help the developers
[00:49:08.370] to identify what bugs we encounter.
[00:49:10.810] There's also some database options,
[00:49:12.280] so we can choose from attachments
[00:49:13.940] that we've uploaded to our database.
[00:49:15.300] These are a couple of custom perspective icons
[00:49:17.550] that I've used in the past.
[00:49:19.070] We can access our backups,
[00:49:20.920] so OmniFocus is set up to backup automatically.
[00:49:23.620] It's gonna make a full copy
[00:49:24.820] of my database every 24 hours.
[00:49:27.040] I can also manually backup now
[00:49:28.860] if I wanted to do that.
[00:49:30.487] I can replace the sync database
[00:49:32.630] with the current database on my iPad
[00:49:35.590] if they happen to be different
[00:49:36.757] and I can export everything,
[00:49:38.780] all 15 projects, 169 actions,
[00:49:41.047] and 67 zip files to a CSV file if I wanted to do that.
[00:49:45.238] And then the last option is to reset
[00:49:47.650] my OmniFocus database all together,
[00:49:49.360] which would bring me back to the original state,
[00:49:51.252] give me a clean slate to work off of.
[00:49:53.630] Obviously, you want to be
[00:49:54.463] a little bit careful with that setting.
[00:49:57.796] (music)
[00:50:01.819] - That'll do it for this tutorial
[00:50:03.930] on OmniFocus Three for iOS.
[00:50:06.470] As of this recording,
[00:50:07.380] the Mac version of OmniFocus Three isn't out yet,
[00:50:09.780] so we'll cover that in a future video,
[00:50:12.485] but that's it for now.
[00:50:14.160] We'll be back next week
[00:50:15.580] with another edition
[00:50:16.880] of ScreenCastsOnline.
[00:50:18.600] See you soon.
[00:50:20.286] (music)