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Tip - Books on macOS & iOS 12

Date: 9th October 2018

Duration: 09:44

Show ref: SCOM0776

iBooks is now Books and has had a complete revamp.

The changes are more pronounced on iOS 12 with new "Reading Now" and "Want to Read" sections.

This week I take you on a tour of Books on both macOS and iOS.

This tutorial has been archived

Pages for Mac - Part 1

Date: 7th December 2013

Duration: 31:12

Show ref: SCOM0429

Pages is Apple's latest word processing application and has been completely re-written from scratch.

The re-write brings basic feature parity and a unified file format across the three primary platforms supported by Apple - The Mac, iOS and the Web via iCloud.

Whilst some of the more advanced features of the previous version of Pages have been removed to accommodate the new cross platform support, Pages is still a useful tool for a large percentage of basic word processing needs and it's now free!

In this week's show, I start my coverage of the entire suite of updated iWork and iLife suites, by taking an initial look at some of the basics of Pages for the Mac.

No previous knowledge of Pages is assumed and I start from first principles.