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There are a plethora of cloud-based services available, but most are expensive and hosted on corporate infrastructure. Synology have introduced Synology Drive, a potential replacement for many cloud-based services, all hosted on your personal Network-attached Storage (NAS)device.

Sync files between your Mac, backup data to your NAS and access files from your mobile devices. Free yourself from ongoing monthly costs and rest easy knowing that your files and folders are stored on your own personal hardware.

Accessible from your local network or via the internet using Synology's web apps, as well as desktop and mobile apps.In this first of two parts, Don takes you through the basic setting up Synology Drive and demonstrates how to sync using the Synology Drive Client on the Mac.

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Kurt Werstein

Don - Would like to see how you are using Synology NAS with your home security system. I also wish to see more on Synology Moments. If it would be best to capture this request more formally, please advise the best route to do so.

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