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Tip - Scanning with Office Lens

Date: 11th September 2018

Duration: 07:51

Show ref: SCOM0768

Apple Notes is great but is sorely missing Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, for scanned documents. This enables you to search for words inside scanned documents. Perhaps we'll see that in a future release.

In the meanwhile, using Office Lens, you can scan documents, whiteboards, and business cards today on your iPhone or iPad and make them fully searchable. Unfortunately, you can't bring the searchable documents into Apple Notes, but if you use an application like Microsoft OneNote, you can search the entire contents of your scanned items - it can even search your handwritten notes.

In this tip, I show you the basics of using Office Lens and OneNote.


Date: 24th November 2017

Duration: 34:15

Show ref: SCOM0685

Cardhop by Flexibits is a new way to access and update your iCloud contacts.

Beautifully designed with a powerful built-in parsing engine, it's never been easier to create, search for, or update contacts information.

Your contacts are now just a keystroke away and Cardhop allows for all sorts of interactions and actions with your contact data.

Because the application uses your iCloud contacts database, any changes, deletions or additions you make are synchronised with your other devices via iCloud.

Interact - iOS Contact Management

Date: 19th February 2016

Duration: 16:26

Show ref: SCOI0249

One of the failings of the standard iOS Contacts app is the lack of control over groups. In fact, you can’t organise or add to existing groups from the Contacts app at all!

Interact gives you that feature, and much more.

Using the same contacts information as managed by iOS and synced via iCloud, Interact allows you to create, update and delete groups of contacts, all from your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, Interact allows you to send messages or emails with attachments to multiple members within groups and, using iOS Share extensions, from virtually any app.

BusyContacts - Part 2

Date: 17th April 2015

Duration: 23:36

Show ref: SCOM0499

BusyContacts is a great new contacts management application that integrates with most of the popular online address book systems.

With customisable views, rich support for customisation plus integration with Mail, Messaging and Social Media, BusyContacts is well placed to be a flexible and easy to use CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) suitable for both business and personal use.

BusyContacts - Part 1

Date: 10th April 2015

Duration: 26:24

Show ref: SCOM0498

The Contacts application (or Address Book as previous known) is fairly basic in OS X, with limited functionality and integration. BusyMac have tackled these limitations with the release of BusyContacts, a great new contacts management application that is able to replace Contacts, as well as integrate with most of the popular online address book systems.