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DEVONthink is one of the most powerful database applications made for the Mac. In fact, some people have said this one application makes it worth getting a Mac just to run it!

In this introductory episode, Todd Olthoff takes us through all of the core features of DEVONthink Pro Office.

In this first of three screencasts, Todd will look at the initial set up, explore the user interface, and show the many types of files DEVONthink works with and the various ways to get your information into DEVONthink.

Although this tutorial features DEVONthink Pro Office, many of the features are also included in the other version of DEVONthink.

The other screencasts in the DEVONthink series will be published in December and January.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Installation & Set Up
  • Creating a Database File
  • DEVONthink Interface
  • Import & Indexing Files
  • Import by Drag & Drop
  • Import to System Wide Global Inbox
  • Import by Share Extension & Services Menu
  • Import with the Sorter
  • Import Using Groups & Tags Panel
  • Importing Contacts
  • Import Web Content
  • Import Email
  • Import Evernote Files
  • Import Using a Scanner
  • Conclusion

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DEVONthink Website - Link

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Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

David Embleton

Great show and perfect timing as I am rekindling my interest in DevonThink. The sooner the better for the follow up shows please.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comment David! Hopefully part 2 was helpful with part 3 coming soon:).

Omar Ruvalcaba

Thanks! This was really helpful. Looking forward to follow-up video.



Todd Olthoff

Thanks so much for comment Omar! I'm so glad the tutorial was helpful! Hopefully part 2 and upcoming part 3 will help you get the most out of Devonthink!


Todd Olthoff

Thanks so much for comment Omar! I'm so glad the tutorial was helpful! Hopefully part 2 and upcoming part 3 will help you get the most out of Devonthink!

Cristian Testa

I think watching this before starting using DT was extremely useful...! Cannot wait to start watching next part. Thanks Todd!

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