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Linea & Plotagraph+

Date: 19th January 2018

Duration: 28:30

Show ref: SCOM0701

This week I take a look at two stunning iOS Apps: Linea and Plotagraph+ Photo Animator

Linea is a simple but powerful sketching package for the iPad. There's no need to learn lots of controls or gestures; just fire it up and start sketching. I also show you Linea Link for the Mac, a companion app that gives you access to your iPad sketches on your Mac and export them in different formats or handoff to more complex apps.

Plotagraph+ Photo Animator is a unique application for the iPad and iPhone that allows you to animate static images. Create amazing effects and add life and dimension to your still photos. You can animate any image in seconds to produce some really spectacular results. Once animated, Plotagraph+ allows you to export your masterpiece in up to 8 different formats.

Although both apps are optimised for use with the Apple Pencil on the iPad, your can use both apps with touch only.

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Paper by 53 - Update

Date: 22nd May 2015

Duration: 17:38

Show ref: SCOI0218

Paper is a fantastic drawing application for the iPad that allows anyone to create beautiful, stylistic images for presentations and illustrations.

I've covered Paper by 53 before, but the application has been steadily improved and enhanced over time. The current release now includes Smart Shapes, making it even easier to draw business diagrams and much more - no artistic skills required!

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Adobe Slate - Part 2

Date: 17th April 2015

Duration: 12:50

Show ref: SCOI0213

Adobe Slate is a great way to create stunning stories using words and images, directly from your iPad.

In this second of a two part series, I take a look at using themes and publishing your “slates†to various services.

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Adobe Slate - Part 1

Date: 10th April 2015

Duration: 16:39

Show ref: SCOI0212

Adobe Slate is a great way to create stunning stories using words and images, directly from your iPad.

Think of it as your own personal designer, guiding you to create beautiful and responsive articles for sharing on any device or on the web.

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Art Text 2

Date: 19th December 2014

Duration: 27:28

Show ref: SCOM0482

Feeling graphically challenged? Art Text 2 comes to the rescue allowing you to create artwork from text automagically.

As well as stylised and textured text objects, Art Text 2 allows you to create shapes, buttons and many different sorts of objects that can be transformed with just a few simple clicks.