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One thing we're not short of is note taking apps for the Mac or iOS.

Agenda approaches note taking in a new and unique way. With close integration with your calendars, you can now organise and access your notes based on events. With a beautiful user interface and a full-featured editing environment, Agenda can adapt to many different functions to boost your productivity and make you more organised.

Available for both macOS and iOS, Agenda utilises iCloud for seamless syncing between all of your devices and recently was awarded an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2018.

Agenda is free (and will remain so) but has a unique business model to ensure the app is continually developed and supported: An in-app purchase option unlocks current premium features, and any new ones that are added in the twelve-month period following the purchase. Agenda does not have a subscription model.

In this week's full tutorial, Don shows you Agenda in great detail on the Mac, including its current premium features. He also goes over the app on iPad, showing some of the main features so you can see how they translate to iOS.

The full tutorial covers

  • Introduction
  • Exploring the UI
  • Creating Notes
  • Overview Section
  • Assigning Dates
  • Linking to Calendar Events
  • Adding People & Tags
  • Searching
  • Premium Features
  • Sharing
  • Agenda on iOS
  • iOS - Linking to Events
  • iOS - Editing Notes
  • iOS - Tags & People

App Store Links:

Agenda Mac App Store

Agenda iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Sven Kielhorn

Love this app, I just learned it and I already made the decision to replace Bear with this app to help me with my workflow for my video production business. I really find the use of tags for names and contacts very helpful. I also like the fact that it allows you to divide my tasks into projects and categories, and linking my task to dates is very innovative, I can see the date and event features becoming very useful in the weeks and months to come. And it’s just a beautiful app. Thanks for this course. Best, Sven Kielhorn, Creative at www.etownvideos.com


Don McAllister

Thanks for the feedback Sven, glad you found the tutorial useful. It is a great app.

Bartholomew Hamilton

any idea if a note can have an email linked to it from apple mail?


Don McAllister

Hi Bartholomew,

If you drag the email into the body of the note, it creates a link back to the email - I've just tried it and it works great!

Doug Frye

Do you have a video that is more recent? July of 2018 isn't what I was thinking when I subscribed. Not your issue, but it is amazing to me that I can't find a recent video tutorial on Agenda. Let me know if you have any ideas, thanks.


Don McAllister

Hi Doug, There is a more recent video covering some of the changes since the original video: https://screencastsonline.com/search/?s=agenda As you might imagine, it's impossible to keep current on every app, but more often than not, the original videos will give you 90% of the core features, even when things change.

Doug Frye

Thank you for getting back to me, and yes I understand that you have lots to do in order to stay current. I did see the other video, so thanks. The big issue that I am having is in your video it appears that you have the ability to create a date for a project. On my app it only gives me an option to assign a date. Maybe the app doesn't do this, but can I choose a date for the project to show up in my apple calendar in the future, or only on the calendar in the app. Thanks again for any help!


Don McAllister

Hi Doug, I suggest a call into the developers might be the best way to get that resolved or clarified.

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