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One of the joys of having a Mac is having access to tools that allow you to automate common tasks which increase your productivity. BetterTouchTool is a unique twist on automating your Mac as it does so using various input devices that are connected to your Mac such as the Magic Trackpad, Mouse, Keyboard, and even your iOS device. Each of these devices can be set up using BetterTouchTool to run automations with the click of a mouse, taps on a trackpad or even by drawing gestures on your trackpad.

In this screencast we will walk through how to set these automations up on various devices. We will also show practical ways to set up your automations based on global settings or even on an app by app basis. So if you have ever wanted to run automations with minimal effort, then BetterTouchTool may be for you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation and Set Up
  • Interface Overview
  • Setting Up a Gesture
  • Stacking Actions with One Gesture
  • App-specific Gestures
  • Drawings Tab
  • Keyboard Tab
  • Normal Mice Tab
  • TouchBar Tab
  • Other Tab
  • The BTT Remote iOS App
  • Customizing BTT Remote
  • Connecting Your Siri Remote
  • Using Siri Remote to Control Your Mac
  • The Clipboard Manager
  • Window Snapping
  • Advanced Settings Overview

App Store Links:

BTT Remote Control - iOS App Store

Show Links:

BetterTouchTool - SetApp

BetterTouchTool - WebSite

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(2 comments posted)

Adrian Joss

I have been waiting for this tutorial for some time, Thank you Todd/Don great one.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks so much for the comment Adrian! Glad you liked the tutorial and found it helpful. Have a great week!

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