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This tutorial has been archived

Two Factor Authentication

Date: 14th September 2013

Duration: 32:30

Show ref: SCOM0417

So you’ve secured your access to your online services with a strong password, but is that enough?

Some services are so important that it may be time to consider an extra level of security - two factor authentication or verification.

In this tutorial, I take a look at five popular services that now allow you to switch on this higher level of security, and use your phone to confirm your identity - Apple ID, Google, DropBox, Evernote & Twitter

This tutorial has been archived

Google Search Pt2 - Voice & Goggles

Date: 11th May 2013

Duration: 14:20

Show ref: SCOI0110

Following on from the previous episode, I take a look at Voice search, accessing Google Apps from the Google Search app, as well as using Google Goggles on the iPhone or iPod touch.