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AppleTV - ATVFlash Update

Date: 7th May 2009

Duration: 39:20

Show ref: SCOM0199

As promised, this week I take a look at the machine Apple has designed to be the ultimate media center for your HDTV, and that's the Apple TV. The only thing is, some people find the limitations of the Apple TV to be severely restrictive.

These limitations extend to its tight integration with the iTunes ecosystem, its inability to playback any form of media other than Quicktime encoded videos and the somewhat frustrating decision by Apple to limit its extendability by disabling the onboard USB port.

This tutorial has been archived

Apple TV Take 2

Date: 7th March 2008

Duration: 25:29

Show ref: SCOM0139

One of my favourite devices revisited this week - the Apple TV.

Now revitalised with a brand new software update, this is the Apple TV Take 2.