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Allison introduced you to Synium Software's Screenium 3 as an excellent app for screencasting in a previous show (SCOM1029) and showed you some basic functionality.

In this advanced tutorial, you learn many useful techniques and tools to take your screencast to the next level. These include recording Apple TV's user interface, multi-language generated speech and subtitles, animating shapes, text, and other objects, as well as more advanced configurations for the keyboard, desktop, and mouse clicks.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Recording Area Settings
  • Recording tvOS
  • Demo Apple TV Recordings
  • Desktop & Mouse Configurations
  • Keyboard & Timer Configurations
  • Still Frame and Voice Over
  • Smart Zoom
  • Animations
  • Animation Templates
  • Generated Speech
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Effects

App Store Links: Screenium 3 - Mac App Store

Show Links: Screenium 3 - Web

Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Ian Townsend

Thank you. Very clear instructions. I learnt about features of which I was not aware and which will prove very helpful.

Allison Sheridan

So glad you liked it, Ian. It was a lot of fun to create.

Clare Mckensey

Thank you for the excellent Screenium Screen Casts Online Allison. I've bought and tried the software but am at a loss re saving the composition in a format that Quicktime or other video player can read. Is there a way to save it as an MP4 for example or do I have to get a video converter to be able to watch videos (I don't want to use Screenium for that). If I need a video converter would you be able to recommend one for Big Sur please?

Allison Sheridan

Clare - In the far upper right is an export button which has options for creating video formats that will work with QuickTime and others.


Clare Mckensey

Thanks Allison, I had tried saving but only at the full resolution and 60 fps (which only saved in "composition" format). I hadn't realised you had to drop the frame rate and/or resolution in order to change the format. All good now, thank you.

Allison Sheridan

I demonstrate exporting and opening in QuickTime at 26:42 into the video.

Allison Sheridan

Clare - I think something else changed to fix this for you. I just exported the same French-language composition at full resolution and 60fps and it is also an M4V openable in QuickTime. I think you might be mixing up saving and exporting. Saving will save as a composition, Exporting will allow you to define the format.

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