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With the forthcoming release of macOS Mojave, there is some essential preparation you need to do in advance to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly, and to make sure you can recover in case of problems.

This tip video gives you some pointers on cleaning your Mac and making a bootable backup to an external drive with SuperDuper.

The full tutorial covers:

  • System Cleanout
  • Backup Your Mac

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Clean My Mac


Video Tutorial Comments

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James S

re. using "Clean My Mac".

I'd suggest users be *very* careful about using this app to remove so-called 'junk'. That doesn't mean don't use it, but please at the very least REVIEW all individual files in ALL/MOST sections the app thinks are junk, *before* simply giving it the go-ahead to do so. As what it thinks are junk, may well be false positives.

However, beyond that point, it's good how the app links the Library support files to the actual app removal process. As simply deleting an app inside the Applications folder normally doesn't remove those cruft Library files. Of course my understanding is that's by design, as MacOS/iOS leave them there so users can (in theory at least) uninstall/reinstall apps at will, without the user losing their own settings/info in the process. But that means the opposite is also true when full removal is desired, hence the use of apps like CMM to achieve fully uninstalled apps.

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