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If you need or want to connect into other Macs or PCs in your home or business via your Mac or your iPad, you'll want to take a look at Jump Desktop. This remote desktop application supports standard protocols like RDP (to connect to Windows Server and Windows Professional machines) and VNC, but those protocols require advanced networking knowledge to use outside of a local network.

Jump Desktop includes its own remote desktop protocol called Fluid which allows you to connect from anywhere in the world with no network configuration at all.

In this week's show, Allison walks through how to install a free application called Jump Desktop Connect on the machines you want to control. She'll also show how to connect from an iPad and introduce the features that allow you to easily control a desktop interface using a touch interface.

The full tutorial covers

  • VNC Unencrypted Connection
  • End of Preview
  • Fluid Encrypted Connection
  • Options on iOS
  • Gesture Profiles
  • Standard Profile
  • Zoom on iOS
  • Locked Screen Profile
  • Pen Profile
  • Trackpad Gesture
  • View Only
  • Mouse options
  • Keyboard Layouts
  • Right (Control) Click
  • iPad Settings
  • Installing on Mac from Setapp
  • Connect into Mac
  • Live Previews
  • Adding Tags
  • Shared Clipboard
  • Automatic Profiles
  • Preferences
  • General Prefs Full Screen
  • Syncing Options
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Panning
  • Folder Sharing (RDP only)
  • View Options
  • New Connections
  • Windows Fluid Connection

App Store Links:

Jump Desktop in Mac App Store

Jump Desktop for iOS

Jump Desktop in Google Play Store

Show Links:

Jump Desktop in SetApp

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

William Buchanan

If I have a Mac at work, a Mac at home, my wife's MacBook, my MacBook, and a Windows PC laptop. I would like to be able to initiate a Jump connection to any one of those from whichever one that I'm sitting in front of at the time. I might be at work and need to connect to my home Mac or even into my Windows laptop which means any one of those might be the "initiating" computer. Do I have to install the main application on all five of those computers?



Allison Sheridan

Yes, William. The interface through which you connect to the client computer is the JD software. JD Connect needs to be on every client. Does that make sense.

Glenn Clark

I think you just need to download and install jump desktop connect application on each machine you need to get access to. You just need the main application on the machine you are initiating a connection from.


Allison Sheridan

Glenn - William said he wanted to get to every machine from every machine. That’s why he would need to install JD on every machine.

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