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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a software package called Remote Buddy which allows you to use your Apple Remote to do all sorts of clever things with your Intel Mac.

Included in the package is a very clever piece of software which is basically a fully featured Ajax web server that allows you full control over iTunes from a browser. Add in an Airport Express to allow you to transmit your music from your Mac to a remote set of powered speakers or a HiFi over Wifi and you have an incredible system for creating multi room audio throughout the house.

But it gets even better when you add in an iPhone or iPod Touch which allows you to access the Remote Buddy Ajax Web server and control your audio system via WiFi. Not just control the playback, but control the volume, search your iTunes library, select your Airport Express and even view the album art of the currently selected track on your iPhone.

This weeks show covers all these elements in 20 minute including:

  • Installing and Configuring the Airport Express
  • Configuring iTunes
  • Installing and Configuring Remote Buddy
  • Using the Remote Buddy Ajax Web Server
  • Controlling iTunes via your iPhone/iPod Touch

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