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Although the support for Markdown on the iPad is pretty mature and there are lots of applications with Markdown support built in, the same can't be said of the Mac. With it's origins of being a formatting tool for the web, it's only recently started to be adopted by editing programs meant for long form writing, not just code editors. In the first part of the show, I mention a number of Text editors that don't quite meet my requirements and explain why.

I then show ByWord, a relatively new word processor for the Mac, Byword is great in that it has been designed to allow for long form writing, it's beautiful in its appearance, and has full support for Markdown formatting. As well as showing you ByWord and how you can use it it, I also show you how to export your formatted documents from the application.

I demonstrate how to convert Markdown documents into RTF using TextEdit, and also by the use of a simple Automator workflow, how you can create beautifully formatted e-mails.

There are also some tips about using TextExpander snippets within your MarkDown documents in ByWord. In the second part of the show, I explain how I handle the deluge of information I seem to come across every day. During the day, it's very rare that I will actually read something on the web, preferring always to send it to InstaPaper for later perusal. InstaPaper on the iPad is a great reading environment, but once I've read something, there are usually several options that I need to consider. Do I delete it, send it to Evernote for archiving and later retrieval, or do I need to send it to OmniFocus to create a task to act on the information. This section of the show shows you exactly how I achieved this workflow, as it is now possible to integrate all these different applications not only the Mac, but also on the iPad.

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