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Following on from last week, I take a further look at some of the new features in iOS 7.

As well as the cosmetic changes, a lot has changed "under the hood" and I set out to expose some of the new configuration settings. iOS 7 relies more heavily on gestures than previous versions, but some of the gestures aren't so obvious. So in the second segment of the show, I take a look at some hidden gestures in some of the standard iOS apps, as well as giving you a few pointers on some inconsistencies.

Finally I take a look at how AirDrop works between iOS devices when sharing Photos, Safari Links and Contacts - providing you have a compatible iOS device. One thing to point out that I don't cover in the show is that you do need an iCloud account for AirDrop to work. Suprisingly, AirDrop will not function between devices logged into iCloud with the same account - so if you have a personal iPhone and a personal iPad, AirDrop won't work between them if they both use the same iCloud account. A very strange state of affairs! But still, it's great for sharing files and more with friends, family and colleagues.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Configuration Settings
  • iOS7 Gestures
  • AirDrop

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Gill Vardy

Hi Don!
can you please make the show as little longer it feels so short...


Gill, make sure you have the full members version which is 20 minutes long. There was a technical hitch which resulted in some members only accessing a shortened 11 minute version.

Maureen Jobson

In Reminders app, in any list, you can tap on card pile at bottom to go back.

Neil Christie

Can the 'history of app updates' feature be turned off, or the number shown reduced? Come to that, how many will it show?

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