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So it looks like Apple won't be replacing iWeb anytime soon! I've already covered moving your iWeb hosting from MobileMe to another service provider SCOM0345 but you may want to consider migrating from iWeb to a new application or service.

In this week's show, Todd Olthoff takes a look at some of the alternatives to iWeb, and gives some pointers on what steps may be required to move.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet and migrating from iWeb will take some effort, regardless of which route you take. The show covers three of the most popular web creation tools and services available, one of which may provide you with a solution.




This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Migrating to Sandvox
  • Sandvox Extraction Tool
  • Customizing Your Sandvox Website
  • Migrating to RapidWeaver
  • Adding Pages to Your Rapidweaver Website
  • Migrating to Squarespace
  • Adding Pages to Your Squarespace Website

Video Tutorial Comments

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Charles Minear

Thanks for the overview. It seems Sandvox is the most "iWeb Like" If I am publishing a podcast and want to avoid Wordpress, which one is the best for handling that? Also, have you used Freeway and how would that compare to the three you taught about in this episode?


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comment. As far as which one to use for podcasts, I would say they all should work for that assuming you are just looking at uploading audio in a list for people to download with RSS for the feed, etc. Do a search for podcasting and the app and each has a tutorial on how to do that so you could choose the one that looks best for your workflow. As far as Freeway goes, I haven't had a chance to play with it much but from what I can see it is more of a freeform web tool which means you lay things out on the page yourself as opposed to having more of a template based system like the three I covered in this show. Hope that helps:).

John Entwistle

Thanks for the overview, Todd. I've found MacFlux converts all of my iWeb pages with no editing. MacFlux a pretty full-featured site creator and not that difficult to work with, although not nearly as easy as iWeb. The downside is the price ~ $138 but it's frequently sold at a discounted price as a component in a Mac Bundle and is frequently discounted through the developer's website. I believe there's a demo version so you can give it a test drive before committing.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the suggestion John! I'll have to check it out.

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