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This week I cover three separate hints and tips to get the most out of your Mac:

Secrets: A very smart preference pane that gives you access to a database of hidden settings for both OSX and many popular OSX Applications. No need to chant incantations or type long and unwieldy commands in terminal, Secrets gives you a simple GUI to access the settings and also buttons to restart Applications and services. I examine just a fraction of the hidden settings available including resetting and changing the appearance of the Dock, plus an exceptionally handy tip for iTunes.

Fiwi: Ever wished that Finder had two panes by default. Ever so handy when comparing folder contents or dragging and dropping. Well, Fiwi is a simple utility that allows you to fire up two finder windows with one click and have them align and resize next to each other automatically, either in row or column configuration. You can even set a specific window configuration if you'd like. Very handy!Links: Fiwi

Smart Playlists: Still using the Podcast section in iTunes to sync and manage your podcasts on your iPod or iPhone? In this section, I show you how I manage my podcasts using smart playlists to create sorted playlists which manage themselves.

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