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This week, a whole folder of utilities! Yes, and all free!

Following on from a request for suggestions for topics for the Mac Montage shows, Steve Housley, a regular ScreenCastsOnline viewer, came up with a brilliant idea.

""How about starting at the top of the Utilities folder?""

Brilliant! Hidden away within the Mac OS X Applications folder is a folder called ""Utilities"", installed as part of a standard 10.5 installation. In this folder are 24 free utilities covering many different aspects of using your Mac. So this week, I'll be covering the first 12 utilities, with the final 12 in next weeks show. This first part covers:

  • Activity Monitor
  • Bluetooth File Exchange
  • Boot Camp Assistant
  • ColorSync Utility
  • Console
  • DigitalColor Meter
  • Directory Utility
  • Directory
  • Disk Utility
  • Grab

Now some of the utilities I've covered before, and some, both you and I will never use. Where I have covered them before, I've included references to the other shows, and where the utilities are fairly obscure, at least you'll learn what they are all about and their intended usage!

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