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New Mac for Christmas?

Friends or relatives with new Macs needing a basic understanding of what the Mac is all about and how to learn the basics.

This weeks free show is the result of many requests from new Mac users asking for a single consolidated episode that will teach them the basics, and give them a forward plan in getting to grips with the Mac.

Especially designed with switchers (or sliders) from the Windows environment, this free episode will give them enough information to quickly get to grips with the Mac and master some of the subtle and not so subtle differences between OSX and Windows.

This week's episode covers:

  • Accessing System Preferences
  • Configuring Magic Mouse
  • Configuring Your TrackPad
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Keyboard Viewer Utility
  • OSX Desktop
  • Menu Bar
  • Menu Bar Icons
  • Spotlight
  • OSX Dock
  • Stacks
  • OSX Window Management
  • Using Removable Media
  • Installing & Un-Installing Applications
  • Moving

As this is a free show, please feel free to distribute this episode to anyone you feel may benefit from it.

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