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Initially this started out as a standard macMontage show, but ended up covering a lot of the recent Alfred update.

The first part is a look at the new features introduced in Alfred 1.2, a fairly major update with some great integration with 1Password, and now support for large type.

I also include a peek behind the curtain to show you how I've configured my new Thunderbolt drive into multiple partitions, as well as the reasons why I did it, and how I manage them.

Finishing off with looking at running some AppleScripts in various ways to unmount partitions. This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Alfred v1.2 Update
    • 1Password Integration
    • Smarter File Finds
    • Large Type
    • Clipboard Merge
    • Accessing Change Log
  • ThunderBolt Drives & Stuff
    • My Drive Partitions
  • Unmounting Partitions via OSX
  • Unmounting via AppleScript
  • Running An AppleScript via Alfred
  • Run AppleScript via Alfred Global Hot key
  • "Creating an ""EjectAll"" AppleScript"
  • FastScripts Mention

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