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Time to look at my particular solution for managing multiple iTunes libraries across many Macs.

My own issue was all to do with syncing my podcasts whilst out on the road. Yes, you can download individual podcasts wirelessly to your iPhone or iPod touch, but I'd much rather have the podcasts pushed to my local device via subscriptions.

So the only option was to start syncing my iPhone with my laptop rather than my desktop Mac. That way, I could always have up to the date podcasts ready to sync no matter where I was. The only problem then is how to manage multiple iTunes libraries.

What if I ripped some music on my laptop, how to get that across to the desktop? What if I bought some tunes from Amazon on my desktop but I wanted them on my iPhone? What about all my playcounts and ratings, how to synchronise them between multiple machines. Well in this show, I demonstrate how to accomplish all this and more using a third party application called SuperSync.

As an added bonus, you can also use Supersync to set up a web server to access all your music via a web browser or your iPhone either locally or via the Internet. Know you will have to set up ""Port Forwarding"" on your local network to get this to work, but I also demonstrate how to set that up in the show too!

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