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This tutorial covers the final aspect of migrating away from MobileMe before it's closed down on June 30th, and that's MobileMe galleries.

MobileMe galleries are a great way of sharing your photos and videos, but alas, will be no more as of June 30th, 2012. The week's tutorial takes a look at the current MobileMe gallery functionality and suggests some possible alternatives.

In this first of a two part series, I take a look at ZangZing Update: Unfortunately, since the show was recorded, ZangZing have announced that the service will be closed down as from 31st August 2012. A pity as it was a great service.

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Robert Herwick

After using MobileMe Gallery, Smugmug and Flicker I have settled on DPhoto as my favorite site to upload photos and share. Doesn't quite have the social media features of ZangZing, nor the capability of selling photos like Smugmug, but it has a beautiful neat clean interface and addins for Aperture and iPhoto. Suggest your subscribers check it out.

oscar mejia

Any ideas about the videos in Mobileme?
Is there a service that can host both?
Thanks for the great podcasts
Oscar M

Can you tell us how to delete the ZangZing Favorites album that they put on there? It doesn't have the "i" button at the bottom to choose delete.

Merri Jones

it seem like zangzing is closing its doors.

Michael Kummer

ZangZing will be closing on August 31st.
This message is on the main page. Perhaps this could be mentioned in the show info?

Michael Kummer

Who reads is clearly in the better position: sorry just noticed: it is mentioned there. Sorry for this. MK

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