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Apple have released Mountain Lion Server as a simple add on to Mountain Lion, for the incredible price of just $19.99. But is it of any use to home users?

In this week's show, Todd Olthoff continues his exploration of some of the typical features uses that home users might benefit from.

In episode SCOM0375, Todd looked at setting up Mountain Lion server as a private home network server. This week he takes a look at setting up Calendars, Contacts and Messaging.

It should be noted that this configuration of Mountain Lion server is aimed at a private home network. The services set up in this episode cannot be accessed outside of the private network. Todd will take a look at accessing services externally in a future show.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Calendar Service Set Up
  • Adding the Calendar Service to Your Mac
  • Creating Calendar Events on the Server
  • Calendar Appointment Syncing
  • Contact Server Set Up
  • Adding the Contacts Service to Your Mac
  • Shared Contacts & Calendars
  • Messages Service Set Up
  • Setting Up Messages On Your Mac
  • Viewing & Communicating With Other Users

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Simon Browne

Hi Todd,
nice job. A couple of questions. Can I forward mail to my mail server instead of pinging my ISP constantly? My ISP does NOT allow servers to be run by its customers.

AND - I've looked at some of your YouTube videos and they seem very similar to your ScreenCastsOnLine Tutorials - are they the same or is one more complete than the other?


Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the feedback. The tutorials cover the same types of things just from a different angle so the one's here on SCO are complete. As far as using your own mail server, yes you can and should do that. That should work perfectly. If you are running the mail server through the server app you should have no problems as all of that happens internally. I hope that helps.

Colin Dick

A really excellent series so far. I'd been considering OS X Server for a while as my son now runs his own business from home in an outbuilding, whilst we have 2 other Macs in the house. This has definitely inspired me that it's the way to go. We already have a domain, so looking forward to future episodes where external access and mail is discussed!

Todd Olthoff

Thanks for the comments Colin! Glad to hear the tutorials have inspired you:).

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