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Apple have released Mountain Lion Server as a simple add on to Mountain Lion, for the incredible price of just $19.99. But is it of any use to home users?

Can Mountain Lion Server be used as a replacement for some iCloud features?

In this week's show, Todd Olthoff continues his exploration of some of the typical features uses that home users might benefit from, this time taking a look at some of the steps required to configure your server, gives some guidance on setting up a Mail service and remotely accessing your home network from the Internet via VPN.

These tasks are not to be taken lightly and do required some skills and background knowledge of some fairly technical subjects, and as such they are not aimed at inexperienced Mac users. In addition, everyones setup may be slightly different and it's impossible for us to give specific guidance on your own particular setup. However, even if you have no wish to setup your own server, I'm sure you'll find the screencast interesting and it's fascinating to see the inner workings of OSX server.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Registering & Setting Up a Public Domain Name
  • Setting Up the Mail Service
  • Setting Up MX Records
  • Setting Up Mail on Your Client Computers
  • Setting Up VPN
  • Connecting to VPN
  • Sharing Your Server's Screen Remotely

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

S. B.

Great show, very informative to a minimal extent on the home business side. Mountain lion server shows one and two were fantastic for the basic home user. This episode began to scratch the surface of the home business user, in and of itself was very useful information. However, in my opinion, I look forward to a part 4 to delve even deeper into the business side of setting up the mountain lion server for home businesses. If episodes 1-4 were to come out as a standalone tutorial Application in and of itself would be well worth the money for both home use and home business use. I would certainly pay at least $9.99 for the standalone tutorial, provided greater detail was given to all points of OS X mountain lion server from the business side of things. Certainly all three episodes are truly great and all go hand-in-hand with functionality and set up.

As always, another truly fantastic screen cast provided by Don and screencastsonline.

I have been a subscriber for many years, I have never been disappointed in an episode and have always learned a great deal from each and every episode. I have never found anyone who takes the care and time that Don does in the great details of teaching slowly step-by-step, to ensure everyone learns from his tutorials, it is the in-depth details, care, time and attention that Don takes in each and every screen cast that truly is unsurpassed from anything I have ever seen, and everyone walks away with a true learning experience.

Great work Don!, Kudos to screen cast online in my opinion #1

A very satisfied subscriber!


Todd Olthoff

Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions S.B.! Glad to hear the server tutorials have been helpful and hopefully the future ones will continue that trend:). I also have to say I agree with everything you wrote about SCO. I have been a subscriber for a long time too and Don inspired me in making screencasts myself:).

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