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We've spent enough time preparing for and installing OSX Mavericks, this is the first of a multi part series looking at some of the new features of the recently released OS X Mavericks.

As usual, rather than starting from scratch, I'll mainly focus on the differences between OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks - pointing out the new and enhanced features. Some obvious and some not so obvious.

In this first segment, I take a look at the iCloud Keychain and Finder Tabs.

iCloud Keychain is an enhanced version of the standard keychain integrated into Safari (and Mobile Safari on iOS7 v7.0.3 and above). It allows you to set up Safari to autofill usernames, passwords and credit card information, right in the browser. The clever part is that it will sync this information between your Macs and your iOS devices using iCloud. The tutorial takes you through setting up and using iCloud Keychain. As a bonus, I also take a look at how iCloud Keychain works in conjunction with 1Password. 1Password still has a place on my Mac and iOS devices, and I explain why.

Finder Tabs are now included in the Finder - at last! If you're familiar with using Tabs in Safari, you'll be find using Finder Tabs. There are some nuances however, and I explain all in this section.

I finish off with just two minor changes to the Finder.

The full tutorial covers:

  • UI Changes
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Finder Tabs
  • Minor Finder Changes

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Alan Smith

What a great show! Your demonstration of using 1Password and iCloud Keychain together was worth the subscription alone; it will save me countless frustrating moments. And Finder tabs! I'd been struggling to discover how they worked, and you set it all out with great clarity.

As you say at the end, in-depth coverage is what we want. I look forward - impatiently! - for more on Mavericks.

Thanks, Don.


Olen Lacy

Cmd-Opt-W closes all finder tabs at once

Jim Bakker

Only the primary iCloud account can use Keychain. My wife and I share the primary iCloud account. Will Keychain be able to maintain discrete signon data for those sites for which we each have a signon id?

Mike Grace

Just upgraded to Mavericks and am finding these brilliant help - I echo the comment on 1Password and KeyChain together.

My question - can you save a group of tabs in Finder so when you open it again you can re-open the whole group - like you can in Path Finder?

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