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Without being overly dramatic, recent events have shown that your private data may not be as private as you think. Storing any unencrypted data or emails on remote services may eventually be accessed and read by official and unofficial prying eyes.

This week's IOS tutorial takes you through the simple process of using iPGMail, an inexpensive iPad and iPhone app that allows you to digitally sign and encrypt email before sending via the iOS Mail App. It also allows you to check the authenticity of received mail and decode any encrypted mail sent to you.

As seen in this week's Mac show (SCOM0422), it's really simple to generate a private and public key using the GPGTools and in the iOS show, I show you how to import the keys into iPGMail via Dropbox and then use those keys to sign and encrypt your emails.

I also take a looks at encrypting files in your DropBox account using your private key.

The full tutorial covers:

  • iPGMail

    • Introduction
    • Importing Keys
    • Sending A Signed & Encrypted Email
    • Searching For Public Keys
    • Encrypting Files in Dropbox
  • ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine

    • New iPhone Version
    • Migrating iPad Subscription to iPhone
    • Entering Your Account Code
    • New Features

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