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Hold the press!

I abandoned my current plans for this weeks show the second I laid my eyes on a significant new application release this week.

Panic Inc. launched a new version of Transmit - the premier Mac OSX File Transfer application, now released as version 4. Transmit 3 was released in 2005 and although Panic have kept updating the application with minor new features and bug fixes, Transmit 4 brings the application completely up to date with a virtual re-write of the application and a gorgeous new User Interface.

With support for iDisk, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and WebDav, Transmit 4 allows you to seamlessly connect to the multitude of storage solutions on the web. One of the core new features of Transmit 4 is the incorporation of MacFuse technology allowing you to connect to and mount any of these external remote file systems right into the Finder, allowing you to treat them just like local drives. Drag and drop files from your desktop straight onto Amazon S3 or your FTP server, straight from the Finder.

The show covers most of the new features, including some you may never had thought you needed!

The full members show covers:

  • Installation of Transmit (incl MacFuse)
  • Transmit & File Transfer Overview
  • Using The Local Browser Pane
  • Places Grid
  • Setting View Options
  • Setting Up Remote Services
  • Setting up an FTP Service
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Setting up Favorites
  • Mounting Remote File Systems as a Disk
  • Organising Favorites
  • Creating & Using Droplets
  • Using Sync
  • Using DockSend
  • Using Transmit with Bonjour
  • Link Folder Navigation

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