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Twitter usage seems to be growing exponentially and is now considered a crucial form of communication by many individuals and organisations. Until recently, the main focus of the Twitter developers has been to scale the service and make it more reliable. Based on Twitters current performance, they seem to have cracked these particular issues.

So now, the focus has shifted to increasing functionality with the recent addition of two significant changes to the Twitter platform, Twitter Lists and a new ReTweet Mechanism. In order to take advantage of this new functionality, most third party developers are in catch up mode to re-code and release new versions of Twitter client applications.

One of the recent releases to fully take advantage, is Tweetie 2.1 from Atebits.com If you're new to Twitter, you might want to checkout the previous Twitter shows I did to grasp some of the basics - SCO0163 - Twitter.

This week's show is in two parts:

The first part explores and explains the new Twitter features using the hugely improved Twitter Web interface.

The second part features the latest version of the best iPhone Twitter client available (well, in my humble opinion) and that's Tweetie 2.1.

Tweetie 2.1 for the iPhone has been re-written to take advantage of the new Twitter features and the show exposes and explains how to access and make the best use of them.

In detail, the show covers:

  • Twitter Lists
  • New Retweet Mechanism
  • Tweetie 2.1
  • Setting up your Twitter account
  • Timeline Screen Icons
  • Reading & Responding
  • HashTag Support
  • Translation Support
  • Replying & Managing
  • Sending from Multiple Accounts
  • ReTweeting
  • Gap Indicator Zone
  • Creating and Sending Tweets
  • Sending Attachments
  • Creating Hashtags & Links
  • Settings, Profiles & Lists
  • Accessing Your Profile
  • Accessing & Managing Your Lists
  • Accessing Favourites

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