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This tutorial has been archived

Ember & Pixa - Organise Your Images

Date: 8th August 2014

Duration: 27:11

Show ref: SCOM0464

Two applications in this week's show - Ember and Pixa

Ember is a beautiful application for creating and organising an image library. With iCloud (Mac App Store version only) and Dropbox syncing built in, it will sync your image library between other Macs and iOS devices. Full image annotation support as well as a unique subscription module that allows you to subscribe to the images in your favourite RSS services.

Pixa is another image library manager with a slightly different focus. Auto tagging will sort your images by size and colour. No library sync, but Pixa has Live folders that allow you to catalogue and update folders of images on your Mac direct from Pixa. With support for many third party graphics application file formats and robust, customisable export features, Pixa may just find a place in your graphics toolbox.

This tutorial has been archived

Ember for iOS

Date: 8th August 2014

Duration: 13:48

Show ref: SCOI0175

Ember is a graphics and image organiser from RealMac Software. Following on from this week's Mac show where I take a look at the Mac version of Ember, this show covers the iOS version.

Ember allows you to sync your Ember library via iCloud or Dropbox, and lets you carry your inspiration images with you. You can also capture images from your iPad and iPhone and they will sync back to your Mac. With the addition of some in-app purchases, you can auto-import screenshots or annotate your images on the go.

This tutorial has been archived

Accessibility in iOS7

Date: 18th July 2014

Duration: 17:42

Show ref: SCOI0172

Apple have always gone the extra mile as far as accessibility support in both iOS and OSX.

In this tutorial, I take a look at some of the accessibility features in iOS7.

You may be surprised at how many accessibility features can actually be useful for able bodied individuals.

This tutorial has been archived

Incredible Apps for iPhone & iPad - Live!

Date: 28th June 2014

Duration: 20:17

Show ref: SCOI0169

Another live episode of ScreenCastsOnline! This time, fresh from MacMania17, where I cover a number of Apps that I've never covered before on ScreenCastsOnline. In this session, I set out to explore some incredible apps for the iPhone and iPad. I've edited the session to remove the apps I've covered before on the show, but we're left with some awesome apps.

Check out the video page for links to all the apps.

This tutorial has been archived

Keyboard Shortcuts, XtraFinder & OmniFocus Tweaks

Date: 14th June 2014

Duration: 29:20

Show ref: SCOM0456

A Mac Montage show this week, where I take a look at hints, tips or Apps that don't warrant a show on their own.

This week I cover:

Keyboard Shortcuts - A selection of keyboard shortcuts and workflows I use every day.

XtraFinder - A free Finder plugin that boosts your productivity using the Finder, with one extra special feature I can't do without.

OmniFocus 2 Tweaks - Following on from the OmniFocus 2 launch, the Clip-O-Tron is back, I take a look at some hidden settings plus point you in the direction of some free icons to use with Perspectives.

This tutorial has been archived

OSX Mavericks Server Update

Date: 21st December 2013

Duration: 34:41

Show ref: SCOM0431

OSX Mavericks also brought with it a new version of OSX Server.

We've covered OSX Server extensively in the past, but I thought it would be a good idea if Todd Olthoff brought us up to speed with any changes or enhancements.

If you have a number of Macs and iOS devices in your home network, you may find the improvements to the Caching service interesting... I know I did!

This tutorial has been archived

OS X Mavericks Wrap Up

Date: 30th November 2013

Duration: 27:10

Show ref: SCOM0428

The final dedicated Mac show on OS X Mavericks.

This week I take a look at some of the new power management and power efficiency features in the new OS, the new support for Multiple Displays, along with the new Enhanced Dictation feature and some other useful hints and tips for using OS X Mavericks.

This tutorial has been archived

iOS7 - Part 7 - Calendar & more

Date: 30th November 2013

Duration: 17.10

Show ref: SCOI0139

The final iOS7 tutorial - for now!

In this week's show I take a look at the hugely improved Calendar app on the iPhone - it's actually usable now.

In addition, I sweep up some of the latest minor tweaks Apple have included in iOS7 since the original version was released. Plus a couple of tips I missed the first time round.

This tutorial has been archived

OS X Mavericks - Calendar, Safari 7 & Notifications

Date: 23rd November 2013

Duration: 28:56

Show ref: SCOM0427

This week, it's time to take a look at some of the new features bolted on to existing apps by OS X Mavericks.

Calendar: Begone leather header and torn paper! OK, so they've cleaned up Calendar and given it a smart new fresh look, but the changes go considerably beyond that. New integration with Maps, as well as a clever way of dealing with travel time between appointments.

Safari 7: New Top Sites and a new Sidebar are just two of the cosmetic changes, along with some performance boosts under the hood. This segment also take a look at the changes to way Plug-ins are handled as well as the brand new website notifications.

Notifications Center: OS X Mavericks brings "Do Not Disturb" to the Mac as well as some other welcome tweaks. Reply to messages directly from an Alert and answer or delete emails too!

This tutorial has been archived

Shared Photo Streams - Update

Date: 23rd November 2013

Duration: 16:09

Show ref: SCOI0138

This week's show turns up some unexpected good news about the Shared Photo Stream feature, included as part of your iCloud account.

Shared Photo Streams are a brilliant idea, but most people feel nervous due to the highly publicised limits for Photo Streams - only the last 30 days and a maximum of 1000 photos.

Did you realise that these limits are only for your Personal Photo Stream?

The limits for Shared Photos Streams are significantly higher... incredibly higher in fact!

This special episode brings you up to date with the current limits surrounding Shared Photo Streams - I guarantee you'll be amazed!

This tutorial has been archived

OS X Mavericks - iBooks & Maps

Date: 16th November 2013

Duration: 25:12

Show ref: SCOM0426

Continuing on with our OS X Mavericks coverage, two brand new Apps for the mac:

iBooks - You can now read your iBooks, iBooks Author and ePub books directly on your Mac, and have all your settings, bookmarks, notes and reading position sync'd using iCloud

Maps - Full access to Apples latest mapping data with standard, hybrid and satellite views, along with traffic information, walking and driving instructions and full Yelp integration. You can even view selected cities in full 3D Flyover mode. Use Maps to plot a route and send to your iOS device with a single click.

Evernote Essentials [Aff Link]

This tutorial has been archived

OS X Mavericks - Tags & Tagging

Date: 9th November 2013

Duration: 32:33

Show ref: SCOM0425

Following on from looking at the new Tabs in the Finder last week, this week we take a look at another new feature in the Finder - Tags.

Previously only available via third party applications, OS X Mavericks now has Tags support built right into the Finder. Even better, all the tags you might have created using third party apps using the Open Meta standard should also be available and accessible via the Finder.

In this segment, Todd Olthoff takes a look at why Tags are so useful, demonstrates how they have been implemented in OS X Mavericks and reviews the updated tags support in some of the more popular third party apps.

This tutorial has been archived

iOS7 - Part 6 - Music App, Siri and more

Date: 9th November 2013

Duration: 20:45

Show ref: SCOI0136

A final look at some of the new features in iOS7.

I take a look at the revisions to the Music App and Todd takes a look at iTunes Radio. Finishing off with changes to the App Store, Siri, Downloadable Dictionaries and some new accessibility features.

This tutorial has been archived

OS X Mavericks - iCloud Keychain & Finder Tabs

Date: 2nd November 2013

Duration: 26:19

Show ref: SCOM0424

We've spent enough time preparing for and installing OSX Mavericks, this is the first of a multi part series looking at some of the new features of the recently released OS X Mavericks.

As usual, rather than starting from scratch, I'll mainly focus on the differences between OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks - pointing out the new and enhanced features. Some obvious and some not so obvious.

In this first segment, I take a look at the iCloud Keychain and Finder Tabs.

This tutorial has been archived

iOS7 - Part 5 - Camera & Photos App

Date: 26th October 2013

Duration: 22:52

Show ref: SCOI0134

Continuing with our coverage of iOS, it's time to take a look at the Camera and Photos App.

The Camera app in iOS7 will function slightly differently based on the hardware capabilities of your iOS device. In this section, I take a look at the standard features across all iOS7 devices as well as taking a look at the iPhone 5s specific features of slo-mo and burst mode.

The Photos app is hugely improved in iOS7 with some great new features. In this section, I take a look at all the new features of the app including my favourite, the very useful "Shared Streams" function which makes sharing photos a breeze with friends and family, even if they don't have an iOS device or iOS7.

This tutorial has been archived

Installing OS X Mavericks

Date: 22nd October 2013

Duration: 22:57

Show ref: SCOM0423

OS X Mavericks was released immediately following the Apple event on the 22nd October 2013. The big surprise was that it's a free download and available to download to an Mac that can access the Mac App Store.

Although it should be a relatively simple and painless process for most people, it might be worth reviewing the tutorial to familiarise yourself with the steps involved.

If you want to do anything over and above the standard upgrade install, the tutorial gives you some hints and tips on doing a fresh install and creating a bootable install disk.

This tutorial has been archived

Getting Ready For OSX Mavericks

Date: 19th October 2013

Duration: 25:55

Show ref: SCOM0422

OSX Mavericks is nearly here!

So perhaps it's time to start thinking about getting your Mac ready for the new OS. This tutorial takes you through what is required in advance of the big day.

This tutorial has been archived

iOS7 - Part 4 - Mail, Messages & FaceTime Audio

Date: 19th October 2013

Duration: 19:34

Show ref: SCOI0133

More iOS7 goodness this week!

One of the most heavily utilised applications in iOS7 is the standard Mail application. Apple have enhanced Mail with new gestures and even more customisation of your Mailbox views. You can now configure Mail to expose your most used mailboxes, regardless of where they are in your mail folder hierarchy, or in which account. Search has been improved too.

I also take a look at some changes to the Messages App, as well as a peek at the new FaceTime Audio feature - no longer does FaceTime mean just video!

This tutorial has been archived

1Password 4 for Mac

Date: 12th October 2013

Duration: 35:48

Show ref: SCOM0421

A brand new version of 1Password is now available for the Mac - 1Password 4

Acknowledged as one of (if not the) leading password managers, 1Password 4 is a complete re-imagining of the popular Password Manager. 1Password makes it simple to create and manage secure, unique passwords for all your apps and webservices, yet access them all via a single, strong, secure master password.

As well as improvements and enhancements to the standard features, the latest version includes some brand new features such as a new 1Password mini app, sharable 1Password Vaults and iCloud syncing.

This tutorial has been archived

iOS7 Part 3 - Mobile Safari

Date: 12th October 2013

Duration: 19:08

Show ref: SCOI0132

Continuing on with our indepth look at iOS 7, we turn our attention to the applications supplied with iOS 7.

All have been enhanced but none more so than Mobile Safari.

Mobile Safari has a slew of brand new features, in particular, the iPhone and iPod touch version which has been re-engineered to take advantage of the smaller screen.

This tutorial takes you through all of the new features of Mobile Safari.