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Synology NAS - Part 3

Date: 14th April 2017

Duration: 48:32

Show ref: SCOM0621

The third and final part of the current series on setting up and using a Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

Once you've started to store lots of important data on your NAS, you'll want to be sure that your data is safely secured with an offsite backup.

Synology Cloud Station ShareSync allows you to sync your important files with another Synology NAS, or you can use Cloud Sync to backup your files to a third-party cloud service like DropBox, BackBlaze, Google Drive, Box and many other services. In this episode, we demonstrate setting up and using both of these important packages.

If your primary reason for wanting a NAS is for it to act as a media server, we also demonstrate the initial setup, configuration and ongoing maintenance of Plex Media Server - installed directly on your Synology NAS.

Finally, we take a look at the surprisingly powerful Synology Surveillance Station, a free suite of utilities that turn your Synology NAS into a video recording hub for home or business security.

We hope you've found these Synology NAS tutorials useful and we'll revisit the topic in the future. If you have any specific areas of configuring or using a Synology NAS you would like us to cover in future shows, please let us know.

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Plex Media Server & Apple TV and iOS Apps

Date: 20th November 2015

Duration: 46:12

Show ref: SCOM0531

With the advent of the Plex Apple TV app, Plex has suddenly become hugely popular with the Mac community.

Use Plex to organise, play and share your local media library.

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Plex Media Server Part 2 & PlexConnect

Date: 31st August 2013

Duration: 42:59

Show ref: SCOM0415

Plex is a complete solution for local and online media.

In this show I take you through some of the more advanced configuration options of the Plex Media Server as well as looking at the optional PlexConnect installation on your Mac. PlexConnect allows you to access your Plex Media Server from your Apple TV , without jailbraking your Apple TV.