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Have you ever wished you could do more with the built-in Apple Mail app on your Mac? Well with MailSuite, you can. MailSuite combines four powerful email tools in a single Apple Mail plugin, giving you the power and flexibility you need to crank through mountains of email effortlessly and still keep it all neatly organized.

This week, Mike explains how to take your email game to the next level using the different tools included in MailSuite. You'll learn how to apply rules to emails using keystrokes, apply tags and keywords to messages, set up custom perspectives when working on a big project, and how to set up signatures that you can use across email accounts.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation
  • Mail Act-On
  • MailTags
  • Mail Perspectives
  • SigPro

Show Links:

MailSuite homepage - MailSuite

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John North

I absolutely love this software. I used it enthusiastically, especially the tags, and found it hugely useful. Then MacOS updated and they weren't ready for months with an update that worked with the new OS. All my hard work down the drain. You can't make use of tags when there are massive gaps in your tagged emails. I didn't use it again.

Love the software, but they let me down big time with updates.

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