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Parallels Access is a unique solution to the problems of remotely accessing your Mac from your iPad or iPhone.

There are plenty of remote access solutions out there (we've covered quite a few on ScreenCastsOnline) but there has never been a solution that solves the issue of trying to access a large, high resolution display from a device with a smaller screen. Most remote access apps will allow you to scale the desktop to full size, but then everything is too small to either see or control. Otherwise, you can zoom the screen up to full size on your iPad or iPhone, and then end up scrolling everywhere.

Parallels Access gets around both these problems by allowing your Mac apps to appear just like iPad or iPhone apps, each app taking up the full iPad or iPhone screen. You really need to see it in action to see how different (and how effective) this is, compared to other remote access applications.

As an aside, Parallels Access is a completely separate product from Parallels Desktop - you don't need both!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Intro & Setup
  • Using Parallels Access
  • Settings
  • File Management
  • Adding Apps

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