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Introduction to Daylite

Date: 25th May 2013

Duration: 30:38

Show ref: SCOM0401

Manage your business and your team.

By popular request, this week covers one of the premier business applications for the Mac - Daylite by Marketcircle.

I tend not to cover business applications on ScreenCastsOnline, but I've had many requests to do so over the past couple of years. So rather than learn it from scratch, I've asked Tim Stringer, a Daylite expert to take us through the application.

This tutorial has been archived

Evernote for iOS

Date: 28th December 2012

Duration: 16:42

Show ref: SCOI0091

Time to revisit an old favourite of ScreenCastsOnline, and that's Evernote.

Not just a quick revisit, Evernote have pulled all the stops out and completely redesigned both the Mac and iOS client applications. The redesigns aren't just cosmetic either, they've added a lot of new functionality to Evernote, and in doing so have changed the way you may interact with the application.

This week is the first in a two series looking at the new features of Evernote for iOS.

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PopClip & iCloud Web Apps

Date: 16th November 2012

Duration: 26:35

Show ref: SCOM0374

Two parts to this week's tutorial - PopClip and iCloud Web Apps.

PopClip is a brilliant utility that mimics the popup that appears when you select text in iOS, but on your Mac. As well as allowing you to copy and paste, it now also allows you to install extension to do all sorts of things with the selected text.

iCloud Web Apps are just like the standard apps you find on your Mac and iOS device - but on the web!

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Housekeeping with Hazel v3

Date: 20th July 2012

Duration: 34:56

Show ref: SCOM0356

Revisiting an old favourite this week, and that's Hazel v3.

Hazel is your own personal housekeeper, constantly monitoring the files and folder you instruct. Set up some simple (or complex) rules on how you want your files and folder organised, and Hazel will do it for you.

As well as the powerful yet flexible file and folder management, Hazel will also monitor your Trash, keeping it within preset limits and assist you in deleting supporting files when uninstalling applications.

This tutorial has been archived

Concentrate & Keyboard Maestro

Date: 3rd June 2011

Duration: 44:58

Show ref: SCOM0299

Two applications to cover this week in an extended tutorial:

Concentrate - A brilliant way to help you focus on the task in hand. Concentrate allows you to remove all distractions and will even open the required apps to enable you to get on with the job - automatically!

Keyboard Maestro - If you ever find yourself doing simple tasks over and over again, Keyboard Maestro gives you the ability to create powerful macros to take away the pain

This tutorial has been archived

Evernote v2

Date: 31st December 2010

Duration: 01:00:05

Show ref: SCOM0282

A firm favourite of ScreenCastsOnline, Evernote has seen some incremental changes since I last covered it in Episodes 151 and 152. However, with the release of Evernote for Mac v2, it’s time to consolidate all the changes and some of the new features into a brand new show. Consequently, this week’s show brings you fully up to date with all the goodness that is Evernote v2. There are two versions of the show, a full members version and a shorter free version.